MARCH FOR FREEDOM -The Struggle to Restore Equal Justice in Ontario, Canada (38 mins) is now available: HIGH SPEED   DIAL-UP

MARCH FOR FREEDOM answers the question as to why an average, overweight, middle-aged Canadian guy got off the couch to join the fight against two-tiered justice in Ontario. Here’s why I decided to make it…

caledonia_cdn-flag.jpegOn October 5th, I went to Brantford, Ontario to listen to Gary McHale, founder of talk about the reasons he organized a ‘March for Freedom’ scheduled to take place in Caledonia, Ontario on October 15th.

I brought my video camera, and managed to record much more than I expected. McHale was subjected to rude and disgusting personal attacks by sympathizers of a gang of native criminals who stole an entire subdivision in Caledonia in support of a land claim. He was called a racist; an anti-feminist; a white supremacist; a disease; a joke; Hitler; the list went on.

I didn’t know Gary McHale until I discovered his website several months back. I’ve now listened to him speak in public twice, and I’ve watched him interact privately with his supporters for hours at a time. I never once witnessed any statements from him or those around him that could even remotely be construed as racist. McHale simply believes – as do I – that all citizens should be treated equally under the law, and that they should settle their disputes in the courts, not with violence and intimidation.

After witnessing McHale being continually interrupted with boorish and vulgar comments by hecklers with a violent agenda I knew that I was seeing what I call in the movie, the “underbelly of a dangerous movement that now feels untouchable thanks to a police force that has abandoned its responsibility of providing law and order in favour of appeasement.”

McHale’s march is not to protest the validity of anyone’s claim to the Douglas Creek Estates, but to create awareness of the Two-Tier justice system being perpetrated by the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario’s politicians due to their refusal to enforce the law against criminals who have, among other things: blockaded 2 main roads in the town after taking possession, by force, of an entire subdivision of homes; assaulted OPP officers and a U.S. ATF officer; terrorized local residents who live beside the land; swarmed an elderly couple who pulled into the wrong parking lot; assaulted a TV crew, and the list goes on. Gang sympathizers are also suspected in the burning of a bridge, and the destruction of a hydro substation that left Caledonia’s residents in the dark for several days.

All of these incidents and many more are described in detail on McHale’s website, but the site didn’t have an organized collection that would explain to ordinary citizens why they should participate – as outsiders – in a march for Caledonia. When I got home from Brantford after watching the obnoxious attacks on McHale’s character and views, I decided to turn my videotape into a movie that would address the most common question asked of McHale – why is an ‘outsider’ so concerned about what is happening in Caledonia?

If you’re a politician or an OPP officer in Caledonia, you’re not going to enjoy this film. If, however, you’re an average citizen wondering why you should get involved, you just might find your answer. MARCH FOR FREEDOM – I hope you like it! More importantly, I do hope you’ll join us in Caledonia on Sunday, October 15th at 1pm. Check out for details.

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  1. I wanted to show the movie clip to my husband but it will no long show is this my computer fault or are you updateing

    found it very interesting. Keep up the information for us. thank you C Burd

  2. Dear C Burd,

    a. Thanks ever so much for letting me know that the video wasn’t working; it was fine last night, so I really appreciate your mail. Not sure yet what’s going on, but you’re right, I did update the video and send Gary a new version for upload, so it may have something to do with that.

    b. Thanks for the compliment! I passed it on to Gary McHale a few minutes ago when I told him about the video not working. This issue is like an onion; you just keep peeling off the layers as you learn more and more about what these criminals are doing.

    c. Gary’s going to fix it in between more TV and radio interviews – FYI he just finished a 1 hour interview with Jamie West on CHML radio – the same guy I posted about that called the march a ‘non-sensical, non-event’ He is also being bombarded for requests for interviews by major newspapers and TV stations, so many so that they’re now having to schedule them for Saturday.

    d. Imagine – one guy and his wife armed only with a computer and a vision are about to change history! It sends shivers up and down my spine.

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  7. I watched the first five minutes. I found the video upsetting. I found the video lacks neutrality and therefore lacks journalistic integrity. That makes it propaganda.

    This blog seems poorly named to me,

    VOC REPLY: Thanks for the comments, Lloyd.

    I’ve been noticing a pattern to critics of McHale, the March for Freedom, and my own writing – the critics never address the actual facts, they always speak in vague generalities. Let’s be specific, please. Are you saying that DCE was not taken illegally by force? Are you saying they didn’t assault some old people and the police and a camera crew. Are you saying that the bridge didn’t get burned down, and the hydro station wasn’t destroyed? Are you saying that the local residents are lying about being terrorized by the occupiers? Please – get specific about the “first five minutes” of the movie.  

    As for the blog being “poorly named” I could make the same claim about the so-called “reclamation” site, a euphemism for “theft” if ever I heard one.

    Thanks for the comment, though. I appreciated it. Mark

  8. All those things may be true, but the language and presentation makes it appear you are fanatic in your beliefs. Without empathy in your presentation, how can I have empathy for you?

    Reporting does not require completeness, but it does require a balanced view (more than just one side).

    The inclusion of the bit on the War Measures act is sensationalism.

    “poorly named”: we learn as children that someone else’s wrong does not justify our own choices.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the followup post. As for my inclusion of the War Measures Act speech by Pierre Trudeau in MARCH FOR FREEDOM being “sensationalism,” it wasn’t me that stole a subdivision by force; it wasn’t me that blockaded a road; it wasn’t me that assaulted old people and police and the camera crew; it wasn’t me that said someone should put a bullet in Gary McHale’s head. Any ‘sensationalism’ in this issue was and is being created by the criminals at Douglas Creek Estates.

    You’re still offering vague generalities because – I suspect – you can’t bring yourself to just come out and say that you believe that it’s OK to use violence, destruction, vandalism, theft, intimidation and threats to get what you want. Is that what you honestly believe? Then come out and say it – stop dancing around, OK?

    You implied that I was “without empathy.” Did you get to hear Mary-Lou’ LePratte and AnneMarie VanSickle’s speeches? What about empathy for the terror that they and their families are enduring? Why aren’t you talking about that? Do I have empathy for native peoples? Of course – that’s why I talk about ‘criminals’ instead of ‘natives’ in MARCH FOR FREEDOM, so I can try, in my own feeble way, to differentiate between organized gangsters and the average, law abiding, hard-working native peoples who reject the use of violence as a way to settle issues.

    As for your argument about the my choice of the name, ‘Voice of Canada’, it’s noted. Now, why not focus some of your time on the actions of the masked gangsters in Caledonia who have hijacked the legitimate grievances of native peoples and brought disrepute on their cause?  Thanks for writing. Mark 

  9. It is absurd of you to accuse me that I believe that it’s OK to use violent means to achieve one’s goals. Nothing is farther from the truth. I do think if you reflect, there is a violence in your own presentation.

    VoC REPLY: OK, ‘foolswisdom,’ I’ve given you 3 opportunities to make your point – any point. Since you say you’re against using violence to achieve one’s goals, let me repeat my earlier suggestion that you invest your time in arguing against the criminals who actually have used violence instead of trying to put words in my mouth with vague, specious arguments. Sorry, but I’m not going to go round in circles with you; my readers and I have better things to do.  Mark

  10. nativeandproud

    All i know is before my people did any violent acts everything was great for caledonia or all non-natives no one had to address any native issues. They ignored us for a long time if they seen or heard anything that they knew was wrong or against a natives persons civil rights they didn’t stand up and say hey thats not right, they ignored it they looked the other way why because they didn’t care, it wasn’t happening to them they were not native.

    Now they care because something is happening to them. The two courageous ladies I bet you never had anyone stop you from being you, tell you your languages can’t be spoken anymore, torture your kids in residential schools, treat your culture like its dead put all your shit in museums. Heres a really good one in my culture we follow the woman. So if my mother is mohawk i should be mohawk even if my dad is oneida. Not in the eyes of the government we follow the father why it says so on my status card … its colonialism ( ) hey look it up if you want to know what it is. Its done to confuse and mix up the native man. To me that sounds like genocide ( ) is that not a crime? its pretty close to what happened to the jews only difference is it was the british/french and not the germans and they didn’t kill us they just stripped us of our culture our pride, land and blah blah. wow one or two crimes a whole sub division taken over that seems alot worse too me. But wait how can you take over a sub division you own and if you own the roads can’t you block them.

    Heres something funny gary mchale and his followers chant oh canada and wave there flags. I don’t even think they know that six nations help the british in the war of 1812 keep the united states back which helped canada form. If it wasn’t for six nations and there role there wouldn’t be a canada it would be the united states. The DCE land is a small piece of a greater piece of land that was given to six nations from that war and later stolen. But who cares remember its native issues keep looking the other way but wait you can’t now because six nations yelled loud enough for everyone to hear with your so called crimes and occupation.

    The only crime here is you are not educating yourself with the real truth. I dare you to try and find the real truth and print it. lets see how courageous you are.

    VoC REPLY: So, you’re saying it’s OK to blockade roads; burn bridges and a power station; assault old people and police and a camera crew; take $20M worth of land by force; terrorize residents? Let’s begin our search for the truth there. Thanks for the comment. Mark  

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  12. “So, you’re saying it’s OK to blockade roads; burn bridges and a power station; assault old people and police and a camera crew; take $20M worth of land by force; terrorize residents?”

    First of all, let’s clarify: They are not taking $20m worth of land, they are reclaiming the entire Haldimand Tract, which is worth much more than that. They are reclaiming it by legally asserting aboriginal rights, in accord with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution.

    The violence of the OPP on April 20 was met with resistance. After retaking the land, Six Nations people secured themselves from further attack behind barricades. When the local mob built up to a dangerous frenzy, the power went out. No on knows to this day who did that.

    They are unarmed. They do not go looking for trouble, but the elderly couple who tried to run one of them down were not innocent. The cameraman’s assault on a Six Nations youth started that melee.

    There are no criminals there. There are people legally asserting their aboriginal rights. You are just another racist troublemaker, Mark Vandermaas.

    VoC REPLY: So, let me see if I understand…the elderly couple tried to run down a poor innocent native person that was just standing there doing nothing. Uh huh. And, you’re saying the hydro station just ‘went out’ because ‘the local mob built up to a dangerous frenzy.’ And it was the TV camera crew that attacked another poor innocent native, not the other way around. And, I’m a racist because…why, exactly? Because I believe that all people should be equal before the law? Are you kidding me? Do you really believe the stuff you write? You can’t be serious!?!

    Sure, and maybe some Caledonia residents got together, dressed up like natives with masks and then blockaded the highway, destroyed the power station, burned down the bridge, assaulted the camera crew, assaulted the police who came to enforce a court order, threw rocks at a 91-year old man’s home, and on Dec 17/06, invaded & destroyed a house wherein they wrote, “RACIST GO HOME” on the walls. And they did all this just to make a group of innocent, downtrodden, misunderstood native people look bad. OK, I get it now. Thanks for clearing all that up for me. Got any theories on the Kennedy assassination?

    This post is one of four that you’ve sent me, and it will be the first and last that gets published. Here’s why: A. I don’t publish garbage from ‘historical revisionists’ who have no respect for the truth. B. I don’t publish hateful, libellous rants that try to intimidate people with undeserved names such as, “racist troublemaker” and “town drunks.” If you want to actually make a specific argument instead of calling people names, I’ll be happy to reconsider.Mark

    P.S. The Toronto Star and St. Catharines Standard both say the rule of law should be restored in Caledonia – just like Gary McHale and I have been saying all along – I guess they’re racist, too?

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