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voc_award.jpegThis story is an absolute pleasure to write because I get to tell you about an amazing company called that sets a whole new standard in customer service. They actually inspired me to create the VoC Business Service Award to recognize businesses who rise above the mediocrity that pervades the marketplace. They are the first recipients of the award, and I congratulate them.  Here’s why…

I used to have all my domains registered with Canadian Registry Services Inc. Not only did they charge $29.99 plus tax per year per domain (including $5 for redirection services), but they contracted out the redirection services to a another company called has a nasty habit of redirecting domains they don’t even own to what I call ‘pirate’ pages with ‘link farms’ on them. Just in case you’re new to the concept, link farms contain hundreds of ads on them – every time you click on one, gets paid a small amount of money, just like with Google ads.

You know, it’s one thing to put ads on a domain you own, but on mine??? I don’t think so. I decided to look for another registrar, and was most fortunate to discover I was so blown away by their service that I sent the letter below to their CEO: 

130-8191 Westminster Highway,
Box 276, Richmond BC, Canada V6X 1A7

Dear CEO

Re: Support Ticket # 790241760 

It’s not often that I get to write a letter like this one, but I would be doing you, your staff and your company a dis-service by not doing so. 

On October 6th, I opened a support ticket in order to ask for assistance with a security issue that I should make clear had nothing whatsoever to do with your registration services. Over the next few days I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with your support staff regularly via your fabulous support ticket system. I have tested many online service providers in various fields in support of my own business, and I can tell you that your system and your people are the absolute best that I have ever experienced. I do not say that lightly. Here’s what made the difference for me: 

1. They grasped the problem immediately and offered a solution while explaining the risks. 

2. Their replies were personal, detailed with step-by-step instructions, and most-importantly – on point; you could tell that they actually read my request and grasped the subtleties.  I can’t tell you how many times that I have received nonsensical replies from ‘support’ people who, quite obviously, couldn’t have even read my message to them; or the number of times that I have replied to their nonsense in an attempt to clarify my question, and not even received a response.  

3. Your staff were prepared to do what was necessary to provide a solution. Contrast this with many online ‘support’ operators who just want to close the ticket so they can meet their quota.  

4. Your support infrastructure continually awed me with how well it was integrated into the ecommerce functions. Each time I had to pay for a transfer or necessary upgrade, the support ticket had the link with the purchase information pre-populated. 

5. Time was of the essence for my request although I never specifically mentioned this to your staff; actually I didn’t have to. It was as if they were all sitting around waiting to help me with the next step, even throughout the weekend and the Thanksgiving holiday. I often sat at my computer with my mouth open, astonished at the efficiency of your operation.  

Now, let me compliment you on your web system compared with my old registrar: 

1. You have a completely integrated system that allows me to manage all my domains and users from one dashboard. My old registrar required me to log into a third party who actually hijacked my unused domains without my permission in order to place links on them. 

2. You provide an actual email address. My old registrar contracted this out, and only offered redirection services that cost an extra $5.00 per domain per year. 

3. You have an Affiliate program should I choose to use it. My old registrar did not. 

4. I saved the best for last; not only is your service almost supernaturally good, your domains cost $13.65 with tax. My old registrar charges $31.79 per domain per year! 

I was describing your service to a friend who needed to register some domains. He said it sounded like your service was “excellent.” I replied that the word ‘excellent’ does not even begin to describe how well your system and people work together. You have set the bar high, and I congratulate you.

Please feel free to use my name, company and comments in your advertising if you wish. 



UPDATE: Since sending the above letter to their CEO I’ve been corresponding with the support people re my ‘hijacked’ domain. They continue to amaze me with their ‘above the call of duty’ personal service by actually testing my domain through various computers in North America. They also went out of their way to provide additional info that greatly eased my mind as to how many people were actually going to see the link farm.

These people actually care! I don’t believe it…and, for the sake of a $12.88 domain. God, I can spend $5,000 a year at a big box store and not even get a “please” and “thank you” when they take my money.

“You don’t want to be the best at what you do; you want to be the ONLY one doing what you do.”   Tom Peters, quoting Jerry Garcia in his great book, ‘Circle of Innovation’

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