Mr. Ramsay – why would my life be in danger in Caledonia?

The Caledonia criminals & Ontario’s Liberal Government have one thing in common: they both want to stop the March for Freedom scheduled to take place in Caledonia, Ontario on Sunday, October 15. Listen to this incredible statement about the march by David Ramsay, Ontario’s minister for aboriginal affairs quoted by Antonella Artuso on behalf of the Queen’s Park Bureau:

In fact, by coming out you potentially put your own life in danger, so it’s better if people just stay home.”

David Ramsay, Ontario Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

question-mark_cartoon.jpegMr. Ramsay, please tell us this: why would my life be in danger? Who is going to harm me? The law abiding citizens who want only that you restore law and order, or the violent, organized criminals who have stolen an entire subdivision under the noses of the OPP and committed numerous acts of terrorism?  Come on, Mr. Minister – who is the government really afraid of? Who is the OPP afraid of?  Please…let us hear you name the group that’s threatening violence next Sunday. I dare you to say it.

I will be in Caledonia on October 15th to help Gary McHale defend democracy against criminals and government inaction. If you’d like to know why YOU should be there, please take a few minutes to watch ‘MARCH FOR FREEDOM: the struggle to restore equal justice in Ontario, Canada.‘

P.S. If both the criminals and the government don’t want us in Caledonia next Sunday, that’s a good indication of how badly we need to be there.

2 responses to “Mr. Ramsay – why would my life be in danger in Caledonia?

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    (Edited for brevity by VoC) 

    Forgive my jaded response but are we really surprised at this type of demented reasoning in police political bulletins? Ramsy is not a cop….he’s a political officer in the comstitutionally dyslexic McGuity regime.

    Seeing the OPP willingly comply in this suspension of the equitable rule of law in Caledonia and refuse to execute court injunctions and bench warrants proves my point….they take orders from politicians, not the courts or the justice system.

    When a cop tries to scare you into not exercising your freedom to assembly and speech because your life will be endangered by criminals his political bosses have told him cannot be arrested for assauting you, then anarchy rules and the bizzaro world of inverted reason and justice is the norm.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill! I’m kind of a long-winded writer myself, so I hate to edit your stuff. Unfortunately, the comments section gets a little clogged up with the really long stuff. Maybe you should start your own blog – go to and check it out – it’s free! Can’t get much cheaper than that.

    I feel for the people of Caledonia who must live in this dangerous surreal condition but I mourn for The province and Canada for having the degenerated level of civil dity and political ethics to allow it.

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