Ontario MPP Tim Hudak – a leader emerges to tell the truth about Caledonia and the March for Freedom

tim_hudak_ontario_mpp_erie-lincoln.jpegBased on a Canadian Press article dated October 11, 2006, Conservative MPP, Tim Hudak (Erie-Lincoln) has, to the best of my knowledge, become the first Member of the Ontario Parliament to speak the truth about the government’s hypocrisy over the constant attempts to belittle the upcoming March for Freedom and its organizer, Gary McHale.The CP article says, in part:

“…Conservative Tim Hudak said the government is ignoring the situation and needs to end the ongoing occupation. The rally shows town residents have had enough, he said. “People are not only angry, they’re damn angry,” Hudak said. “It’s an incredible double standard. On the one hand, the premier is against this rally but it’s carte blanche for the occupiers on the occupied site.” The province shouldn’t continue negotiating with Six Nations as long as the protesters remain on the site, Hudak said. “There is no reason for that occupation to continue,” he said.

Well done, Mr. Hudak! Thank you for your leadership. I hope to see you next Sunday in Caledonia.  

I will be in Caledonia on October 15th to help Gary McHale defend democracy against criminals and government inaction. If you’d like to know why YOU should be there, please take a few minutes to watch ‘MARCH FOR FREEDOM: the struggle to restore equal justice in Ontario, Canada.‘  https://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2006/10/11/march-for-freedom-the-movie/.