Why Ontario needs you in Caledonia for the ‘March for Freedom’

justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegIf you are a Canadian citizen who values equal justice and the rule of law,  you need to be in Caledonia, Ontario this Sunday, October 15th at 1:00 p.m. to participate in Gary McHale’s ‘March for Freedom.’ If you’re on the fence or if you don’t quite understand the issues or the enormity of what’s at stake, take a few minutes to watch MARCH FOR FREEDOM, a movie I made to explain why I dragged my butt off the couch to join the fight against Two Tier justice. Very few things – outside of your family – matter more than you joining us just for this one day. Despite overwhelming odds, one man and his wife, armed only with a computer, the truth and a lot of courage are about to make history, and they need our help.



March for Freedom details: http://www.caledoniawakeupcall.com/

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