Caledonia criminals sink to a new low – if that’s possible

UPDATED 0007 EST Jan 17/07: apologizes for inadvertently accusing ‘Ed’ of creating the phoney neo-Nazi site that supporters of the Caledonia criminals tried to link me with prior to the October 15, 2007 March for Freedom. Please see details of my apology below at the bottom of the post. Also, all statements made by me in this post with respect to the outrageous allegations that I have connections to hate groups are as true as they were at the time of the original post.

print10_crw_2453.jpgThose of you who have seen my movie, ‘MARCH FOR FREEDOM: the struggle to restore equal justice in Ontario, Canada’ will recall that I made the point that the violent criminals in Caledonia and their sympathizers will use false allegations of racism and links to white supremacist groups against anyone who speaks out against them.

It didn’t take long for them to get around to me – someone has now posted allegations on a native-run website that I belong to a white supremacist organization. Apparently, portions of MARCH FOR FREEDOM have been placed on a disgusting neo-nazi website created just today, October 14, 2006, just one day before the March for Freedom. 

Let me say the following for the record:

1. I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of any white supremacist organization, nor do I sympathize with their views. My parents suffered under the Nazis in Holland, and so, I believe in standing up against criminals and so-called revolutionaries who would trample the rights of others under their own jackboots.

2. The only place that I have posted MARCH FOR FREEDOM is at I most certainly did not post it or give it to any other person let alone a white supremacist group.  I do not know how it ended up on such a site, although I do have my suspicions.

3. I am a former United Nations peacekeeper and member of the Canadian Forces, and I believe with all my heart that democracy, free speech and our sacred concept of equal justice for all citizens are now under attack by violent thugs who will use any means, including disgusting personal attacks, to silence their critics.

4. I have no opinion on the validity of native land claims, including the land seized in Caledonia because I have not studied the issue. I simply believe that all citizens should be treated equally under the law, and that they should settle their disputes in the courts, and not with violence and intimidation. I do have a connection to Caledonia – I lived in Hamilton for many years and did business in Caledonia.  

5. After witnessing with my own eyes, the intimidation of Gary McHale in Brantford on October 5/06, I decided to try to preserve my privacy by using the pen name of ‘Mark Allan Whitbread’ for my blogs. This is the name I was born with before I was placed in an orphanage at the age of six. When I was adopted, my middle and last name were changed. The ‘Whitbread’ name is a connection to MY heritage and it is important to me.  Unfortunately, the native-run discussion board seems perfectly willing to ridicule my heritage and race – one of their readers posted my picture with a caption, “Here’s Whitebread, looks like the whitebread at the Brantford gate…???” It should be obvious to all right-minded people who the racists in Caledonia really are.

6. I currently hold a Level II (Secret) Security Clearance. Nevertheless, I will gladly submit myself to an official police investigation of my alleged links to white supremacist groups. Gary McHale knows how to contact me, and I have authorized him to pass on my contact information to any force that wishes to conduct such an investigation.

7. Also, for the record: I have never stolen a subdivision of homes; I have never burned down a bridge or a hydro-sub-station; I have never assaulted old people in their cars; I have never attacked a police officer (although I have come to their aid on several occasions); I have never blockaded a road; and I have never attempted to use sleazy tactics to silence another citizen’s right to voice an opinion on an important subject. 

8. To the Caledonia criminals – I will take whatever legal action I have to in order to protect my reputation, and I will NOT be intimidated.

9. I will be in Caledonia tomorrow to support the March for Freedom.

Now, more than ever, you need to see MARCH FOR FREEDOM: the movie

Decide for yourself if my words and motivations are those of a racist, white supremacist or a patriot.


You may also want to see my responses to some comments left by the creator of the discussion group. IMPORTANT: In no way do I think he (‘Phantom’) had anything to do with this outrageous deception and resulting slander, although he does bear ultimate responsibility for removing it since the domain name is registered to him.


Voice of Canada Apology – we were wrong and we’re sorry. |

Mark…. You really should get your facts straight before you post things and end up looking like an ass. You posted, and I quote

“a phoney neo-Nazi site created just one day before the March, and then went into the forums to ‘expose’ me as a racist. Unfortunately for them, they got caught with their pants down when the other members of the forum ran him out of the forum”.

The truth is, I received an e-mail accusing McHale of the association with the racist site. I posted a question and the info about it trying to get clarification as to the legitimacy of that claim and was verbally assaulted by McHale, [xxxxx] and you. I never claimed to know who made the site, I never accused anyone of belonging to it and I sure as hell was not kicked off any boards anywhere because of it. To date, both McHale and [xxxxx]have admitted that I had nothing to do with it. You though seem to think it only furthers your goal by continually posting this but I can tell you right now that the majority of posters, both the 49th parallel group and the reclam group, know I had nothing to do with it.

VoC REPLY: Hi Ed. Thank you for writing and clarifying. I have no desire to do to others what has been so viciously done to us. After discussing your letter at length with Gary McHale, let me address the issues that you raised as well as your own understanding of what happened. If you think I’ve got it wrong, we’ll try again. Here goes:

1. The key issue here is that you are saying that I incorrectly accused you in my original post and in this post as being the one who created the phoney neo-Nazi site and then ‘run out of the site’ by other forum members in disgrace.

You are 100% correct in saying that, after you took a lot of heat on the forum when somone accused you of creating the site, and said that you were quitting the forum, I did believe that it was you that created the site. When I originally created this post I did include a link to the thread which would have, in turn, led people to believe that you created the phoney site when in fact, as I have come to believe only today, that you did not.

2. I would like to sincerely apologize for not being as accurate as I try to be when writing VoiceofCanada, and I am very sorry if my mistake caused you embarassment. 

3. I thank you for bringing my mistake to the attention of me and my readers.

4. I will correct this post and my new post [MarkKKK Vandermaas: VoC slandered again (yipee!)] ASAP and I will post these comments at the bottom of both posts rather than as comments. If you still feel they are not accurate, please contact me and we’ll try again.

In fairness to VoC, I would like to bring the following to your attention:

1. You said you were “verbally assaulted” by McHale, [xxxxx] and me. I have never posted on the 49th Parallel. I did complete a registration form after the neo-Nazi site discussion, but I have never actually posted. In fact, I can’t recall ever having visited the forum even once after registering. This, of course, meant that I was not privy to the subsequent discussions and exchanges that would have revealed that you were not the one who created the site.

In conversation, Gary sometimes mentions what is being discussed on the 49th Parallel as I understand he was very active on the forum prior to being banned for what he says were false allegations that he ‘threatened’ the mayor because he said that he would work against her in the next election. As someone outside the forum I find it hard to keep up with what Gary tells me is going on inside the forum, and it is possible that he did mention it at some point in passing. I hope you can believe that, had I known earlier, I would have corrected my posts. It never occurred to me to return to check back on the 49th to follow the thread because, as I recall, you said you were quitting the forum. 

In summary, I did not verbally attack you on the 49th because I have never posted there.

2. You said that Gary McHale was one of those who ‘verbally assaulted’ you. Gary has advised me that you have admitted that he never accused you of being connected to creation of the phoney neo-Nazi site. He says that it was [xxxxx] and only [xxxxx] who accused you of this. Gary also advises that he has posted on the ‘reclamation’ site that he believes that you had nothing to do with it.

In summary, it is clear to me that Gary McHale does not believe that you had anything to do with creation of the site, and he says that he never accused you of doing so. Do you have any links/posts etc. that would prove otherwise? If you do, I will be happy to review them and question Gary. I must tell you that, in all the time I have known Gary, he has never lied to me or misled me in any way, so – in the absence of evidence to the contrary – I am inclined to take his word.

3. You said, “I sure as hell was not kicked off any boards anywhere because of it [creating the site]” I can understand how you would think that I meant that you had been ‘kicked off’ or ‘banned’ because of my use of the words that you were “ran out of the forum.” My recollection is that you were being accused by other forum members, that you were very angry at the accusations, and that you said you were quitting the forum. This is why I used a phrase like “ran off” rather than ‘kicked out.’ Frankly, I’m not sure the distinction matters – especially to you – since I do now believe that you did not create the phoney site, and you left the forum in justifiable anger at the accusations.

Ed, I hope I have now set the record straight for all to see – that Gary believes as do I that you had no connection to the creation of the phoney neo-nazi site and I hope you will forgive me for getting ‘it’ wrong. I really do try to be as accurate as possible, but I did fall short on this one. It seems that both of us were mixed up on some ‘facts’, but mine was the greater error. Thanks so much for writing. VoiceofCanada is better because you did, and I appreciate it.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

13 responses to “Caledonia criminals sink to a new low – if that’s possible

  1. Why would you want to stand up for a government that treats people the why they do? Why are you having this march? Things of this nature have to be taken into account the why’s not just the doing of things. I don’t know if you quite understand the reasons why we’re doing what where doing. Please take into considerations my thoughts as the person who helped in the creation of:
    [URL deleted by VoC: Sorry Phantom – when you remove the slander against me, let me know and I’ll be happy to put a link to your site in my Blogroll.] That site was to be a informational tool that is for not only Onkwahonwe but to show what we have been through with our struggles with a government that is trying to forget the promises that it made.

    Please take in consideration what I just mentioned.


  2. and please refrain from saying derogatory things like “Caledonia criminals” that is unless you are including the people on both sides of the fence and not just the native side


  3. Hi Phantom,
    Thanks for the comments. Let me respond to them, if I may:

    1. The march is to draw attention to the fact that the law is enforced differently for you and for me.

    2. I use the term “Caledonia criminals” to describe people on the native side who have used violence to achieve political ends. I am doing my best to clearly differentiate between native peoples as a group and the few who are involved in the lawlessness at DCE.

    If you can give me some non-fabricated evidence that non-natives have been involved in burning the bridge and the hydro station, blocking roads, assaulting police, occupying property they don’t legally own, or any other crime against native people, I’ll be the first to post on them.

    3. As I said in the post, I don’t know if your land claims are valid or not because I haven’t studied them. Frankly, until Caledonia, I didn’t really care about them – actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that I was leaning toward the native side given all the terrible things that were done to your people. My point is that the place to settle the issue is in the courts, not by letting some criminals hijack your cause with violence and destruction.

    Let me give you an example…I am consulting to a man who bought a house with hidden damage that the real estate agent knew about and didn’t disclose. The house requires $50-70,000 in repairs. Do you honestly believe that he and his buddies should just go over to the real estate agent’s house and take it, and then blockade the road until he gets what he want? (Believe me, I can understand the temptation!)

    Is the court system frustrating? Yes, it is…but the alternative is too frightening. I don’t want to live in a country, whether it belongs to natives or not, where violence and destruction and lawlessness are used just because some group feels the end justifies the means. That’s called ‘terrorism’ and it’s the ultimate in arrogance.

    And, after speaking with you personally, you don’t strike me as the type of person who would want that either.

    In truth, I’ll be marching for you tomorrow and every other native person who wants to live in a free, democratic, peaceful nation that respects the rights of its citizens to disagree.

    I promise you this, if and/or when the people you are supporting in their occupation of the DCE land finally vacate the property, I’ll want to know more about why you and your people believe you were cheated.

    4. I would be doing readers a dis-service if I didn’t observe that your comments did not address the false allegations on your site that I am/was connected to a white supremacist group or that disgusting neo-nazi website, a site that, according to my sources, was likely created by a sympathizer to the Caledonia gang of thugs in order to discredit Gary McHale, the march, and me.  In no way do I believe that you, personally, had anything to do with it, but it is, after all, your website, and I do think you owe me an apology, especially since the false allegations are still on the site.

    If your intention and that of the people who use the discussion forum is honestly to make people aware of the issues do you really think that making silly and slanderous allegations is the right way to go about it? These criminals are hurting your cause, not helping it. 

    Thanks again for your comments. I really do appreciate them. Please feel free to post again. Mark.

  4. Outstanding points of view, you have hit it right on the head, I agree with almost everything you have stated. I also agree with the popint of the crap that some chose to sling at free will and without any merit.One of the pitfalls of the puter, makes some very brave. I do have one issue with Gary, he seems to attack those who do not agree with his point or who disagree with his agenda, that in itself is not right. He can stand alone without the childish retorts he sometimes falls into. It takes a bigger person to know when to not do this, tough I agree but he should not fall into the tit for tat stuff, that is for kids and criminals.

    great blog, added to my favs.


  5. JRG, thanks for the ‘fav’ rating! I really appreciate it.

    You make some valid points about McHale’s comments, and I have heard them from other, uninvolved persons. I only got to know Gary McHale in the past few months, so let me give you some ‘inside’ information and observations about him based on my experience so far. You can then decide whether to make allowances for his shortcomings:

    1. McHale is a brilliant, self-educated man who did not have the benefit of a university education (Neither have I) and I think that probably drives the media elites and the politicians absolutely nuts. He’s an easy target, especially since he’s not the most attractive guy on the planet, and he can’t spell worth a damn. I’ve given up trying to point out the typos on his site. (Nothing I haven’t said to him myself, by the way!)

    2. McHale has a very well-defined sense of right and wrong, and I think his attacks stem from this and from the frustration of dealing with self-serving, lying, manipulative politicians and the police who constantly provide ammunition for those attacks. Still, I have passed on to Gary the observations from at least one of my friends that it would be better not to call the lying politicians ‘liars,’ especially when the liar happens to be a woman.

    3. I’m amazed at just how thick-skinned and quick-witted McHale actually is. Talking with the media is tough; going toe-to-toe with them is a gift; McHale has that gift. Could he be a little more polished? Absolutely, but until that happens, try to take some pleasure in watching the guy grow. He’ll learn.

    4. Gary McHale is no politician. He says what he thinks, and he is an absolute master at allowing his opponents to shoot themselves in the foot. That’s because he is unintimidatable.

    I remember one night before the march, he had to hang up the phone because the York Regional Police were coming over to talk about security issues for him and his wife.

    Gary can’t be bought or silenced because he believes in what he’s doing. That does tend to make one a little strident. (I suffer from that fault myself.) Still, it is nice to know that there’s at least one honest man out there, isn’t it? Even if he does lash out a little harshly sometimes?

    5. McHale has had no formal training in how to change history; he’s just doing it – warts and all. He’s a quick learner and a master strategizer, and he does appreciate honest suggestions from people who want to help. It’s just that he simply hasn’t had time to implement all the ideas and suggestions he gets. I can tell you from experience that this issue just sucks you in, and consumes your time. Be careful! 🙂

    What’s really amazing is that this unattractive, overweight, high-school-educated guy with no money and no political backing has been able to start a grass-roots movement that causes people like me to get pulled like a magnet away from our own businesses to help him change our country! Wow!

    Thanks for observations, and again for the ‘fav’ rating. Mark

  6. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I want to thank both yourself and Gary for bringing this festering criminal subculture to light. Until, Gary provided the links, I had never bothered reading the things that six nations radicals were saying between themselves. Reading their internal communications and postings I was dumbfounded by the insipit racism and surreal revisionist historic mythologies that permeate the radical militant cults within the six nations community.

    Having their communications opened to me I can now see a extremist fanaticism steeped in racial bigotry in the mindset of the warrior cult and what can only be described as the six nations mafia, that they support.

    Knowing the virulent nature of the ideologies which motivate these renegade actions in disputes like Oka, Ipperwash and now Caledonia, it becomes clear that we (Canadians) are now dealing with another criminal/renegade sub-culture which is far more hateful of our nation, its people and its rule of law than any of the other criminal organizations which plague our society.

    Caledonia takes the formenting of this militant renegade cult mentality and action to an alarming redoubled level where we see the use of anarchy, violence, intimidation, terror threats to the public and police and political blackmail being employed in a massive sophisticated criminal extortion plot….all cloaked in an urbane shroud of 5th column propaganda. This takes money, organization and wider professional participation to carry off. Caledonia, is, in every sense, a criminal conspiracy in a plot to defraud the courts,public and media and blackmail the government for huge public purse payments and crown corporation business concessions. The object is to keep the land clain out of court ( as it is provably fraudulent ) and politically black mail the government in out of court settlements.

    That is a level of criminal sophistication that requires professional planning and execution.

    The Six Nation’s illegal squatter’s disingenuous use of entitlement/victimhood mythology and imagery is used to obscure the underlying vulgar motivations of racial loathing and mercinary materialism in the end plan.

    Six nations radical’s “street politik” and media manipulation is so skilled it would put master propagandists like Lippman, Bernays, Stalin and Goebbels in respectful awe. Their use of transferrance and association to socially stigmatize their political opponents can be seen in everything from the meandering disjointed reasoning of Kahentinetha Horn and Bighetty to the six nations heckler corps making cat calls of “racist” towards anyone disclosing facts on the realities of the breakdown in the rule of law their actions represent. I have heard these propagandist fallible talking points hurled in every public form where six nations actions are questioned.

    Although the old line Italian Mafia is adept at concealing its activities under a professsional PR cloak and the Russian mafia and various other crime orgs like the Triads and Tong, tend to not care about their image as they stay low profile, these six nations mafia renegades appear all too refined in their propaganda skills, and more than willing to openly confront law enforcement in paramilirary actions and brazenly intimidate citizens in their presence.

    I believe it is far past time the federal security agencies and the federal security ministry in both the US and Canada looked into the core actors of this growing criminal insurgency on six nations reserves……and resolve the issue under the authority of re establishment of the rule of law and national security.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the in-depth observations. Like you, I didn’t have a clue about these organized criminals. We all owe Gary McHale, and the people you don’t see in the news behind him a great debt of gratitude. 

    I have said several times that I suspect that honest, law abiding native peoples on and off the Six Nations Reserve are as frightened and angry as we are that a group of criminals have hijacked their cause, and have brought dishonour and unwarranted attacks against native peoples as a group. As I told the creator of a poisonous pro-occupation website, I can’t believe that native people want to live in a nation – whether it is owned by natives or non-natives – that is led by self-serving criminals who use violence, destruction and theft to further their political and/or business goals.  Thanks again for the comments. Mark

  7. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark said: “I have said several times that I suspect that honest, law abiding native peoples on and off the Six Nations Reserve are as frightened and angry as we are that a group of criminals have hijacked their cause”

    I concur….and I have a six nations confederacy friend who confirms your suspicions. I have always thought that the resevation system was a form of official apartheid and cultural ghettoization….a cauldron for isolated loathing, tribalism, corruption and crime. Now under so called self rule and the increased government transfers to reserve political bodies, corruption became rampant and we now see criminal organizations have sprung up due to the isolated unaccountability and the inbred racism of revisionist radicalism.

    Revelations by NY Crimewatch opened my eyes to the danger natives face on these corrupted reserve cultures. It is obvious that people practicing traditionalist, longhouse confederacy idealism have been beaten, murdered and intimidated into a cowering position on the reserves as the result of the renegade mafia take overs of six nations politics and authority bodies. Fast money from contraband and gambling has corrupted the moral fiber of too many young people on the reserves and the militant racism of the warriors has radicalized them to the point they ar incompatable in any civil society. It becomes obvious that there are more six nations victims of warrior mafia power mongering than there is non native. They are a much greater scourge to their own people and they prey on them remorselessly.

    If Gary is successful in getting the federal government to do a substantive investigation into the wanton criminal enterprise and warrior violations on reserves and then act to aid non criminal traditionalist six nations people in ridding themselves of this cultural danger, then all the effort was worth it….if it causes other politicians to loose their fear of the radicals and renegades and challenge both their lawless authority and fallacious claims in court, this would be a side benefit.

    At any rate, Gary has made a lot of Canadians aware that our local politicians and police have become so derelict in their constitutional duty to enforce the rule of law under charter guarantees of equality, that an open lawless insurrection has been officially tolerated in Canada. He has proven to many people that the government can be intimidated by criminal violence into negotiating deals with the criminals instead of apprehending them and challenging their lawlessness and fraudulent claims in the courts….that they prefer quite blackmail to fuctional rule of law…. and that they instruct our police to abandon their duty and ignore open criminal violence and breeches of the peace on a racial basis. At the very least he has gotten these facts out to the public.

    I find it disgusting that the facts he has exposed about this constitutional abomination is met with smug dismissal by our pretentious ethically compromised media and open aggression by our politicians. This worries me more than the threat of renegade mafia violence….it displays that there is little ethical direction in our governing and policing institutions….it betrays a willingness by both police and government to thumb their nose at the proper delegated administration of the rule of law to make unilateral constitutional compromises when it suits their political ends. A government that will do that is debased to the point where their governing authority should be questioned.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks again for another great post. It’s nice to hear some “inside” info as to how law-abiding natives on the Six Nations Reserve feel even if it is ‘second hand’ through your friend. Ask your friend(s) to post their thoughts here; I think the whole country would love to hear them.

    I share your disappointment with the media – why aren’t they doing ‘real’ investigative journalism instead of skimming irrelevant facts off the top? Why aren’t they leading the fight against the assault on our democracy by criminals, politicians and the police? God knows, there’s enough places to pick up a story from. If the Canadian media had been writing about Watergate, they’d have gone out of their way to discredit ‘Deepthroat’ and Nixon would still be president! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smear campaign against anyone in my life.

    One of the great ironies, of course, in how the media has portrayed Gary McHale, the March for Freedom and the people who participated is that we were also marching for those native peoples who can’t speak out against the criminals in their midst for fear of retaliation. But…that’s another story. Regards, Mark

  8. Why do you refer to them all as violent criminals?

    I thought a criminal was a person who has been convicted of a crime. Have they?

    Based on whatever you definition is, would not some Caledonia residents who have set up confrontations be “violent criminals” too?

    VOC REPLY: If I see someone burn down a bridge, or assault some elderly people or blockade a road, or take land by force, I know that I’m looking at a ‘criminal.’ As a purely theoretical exercise, if a Caledonian uses illegal force or initimidation to achieve their political ends they, too, would be criminals.  From a practical perspective, however, I’m pretty sure that the townspeople didn’t burn down their own bridge or hydro station. I think all people should obey the law. The real objective of your question – I suspect – is that you would very much like to deny me a word that would differentiate between native peoples as a whole, and the criminals/gangsters/occupiers who are hijacking their cause. My friend, I learned a lot in Brantford from the gang supporters who tried to intimidate Gary McHale. I saw how they continually tried to twist and turn the meaning of McHale’s words into something they weren’t in a pathetic attempt to paint him as a ‘racist.’ Sorry, but it won’t work on me, either. 

    Thanks for writing. Mark 

  9. WL Mackenzie Redux

    (Edited for brevity by VoC) 

    Mark said: “I share your disappointment with the media – why aren’t they doing ‘real’ investigative journalism instead of skimming irrelevant facts off the top? Why aren’t they leading the fight against the assault on our democracy by criminals, politicians and the police?”

    Quick answer is because they are part of, and reliant upon, that establishment. Just as you have had your small journalistic efforts threatened, the corporate news chains and commercial press are wired into the government regulatory control grid. The modern Canadian commercial media can make it look like there is some semblance of free media expression by attacking small targets ( like Gary) but there is no way they can get away with deeply investigating the ample true political corruption in a standing government…they know they risk all sorts of collusive vindictive reprisals from the ruling regime…tax audits, building inspections, safety inspections, loss of licences and permits, legal threats…any one of a thousand regulatory devices that bureaucratic tyranny can employ to tank a business which does not play a pasive role in the face of official corruption.

    Let’s not be too hard on the media…some do walk the jagged edge trying to give small glimpses of official corruption but they can only go so far…they hint at it but do not investigate further….this type of damage can be managed by the army of PR spin teams which all ruling regimes have. Those that go too far by exposing more than the partisan spin teams can contain with counter spin damage control, are simply intimidated into silence…like CHCH and probably the Spec.

    It seems it is the internet that is providing the real alternative investigative and eye witness journalism…..the so called “pajama media” cannot be intimidated by the ruling powers whose corruption they are exposing….all they have to lose is some computer time, not billion dollar enterprises like the corporate lapdog media…this lack of effective intimidation factor keeps the blogosphere free to expose corruption and spread word of it faster than the political regimes can counter spin.

    Fear the government that fears the freedom of the internet.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks again for the insight, WL. Sorry I had to cut you back there.

  10. Please do not apologise. I was not trying to deny you the use of any words. I was questioning your use of them. You may use any you want and let your readers judge their appropriateness.

    I am not sure why you brought up Brantford but since, you did, from the bit of video I saw I was not impressed by the people who were yelling insults. It may be argued by some that the insults by some of the attendees at last Fridays meeting was just as unimpressive.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Stewart, I may, indeed, owe you an apology. I thought, initially, that your question re my use of the word ‘criminals’ was designed, as some of the comments I receive are, as an attempt to wilfully ignore the reality that one side has overwhelmingly chosen violence as a means of resolving their problem, and to minimize the severity of their actions. I’m glad you didn’t like what you saw in Brantford either. 

    Not sure what you meant about ‘Friday’s meeting.’ I wasn’t there.  There are some hotheads on both sides, and I think you’ll agree that nowhere on this site do I make excuses for the few people on the Caledonia residents’ side who have thrown racial slurs or have attempted to commit acts of violence themselves. Still, I would be less than honest if I ignored the fact that it wasn’t the residents who started this sorry affair, and I can hardly blame them for being frustrated with the actions of the occupiers, their supporters and the police.

    I will condemn resident hotheads, too, but I find it a little distasteful when supporters of the occupiers try to focus attention on every little slight against them while ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room – that they were the ones who engaged first and far more seriously in every sense.

  11. Thank you for your reply. You have now answered my original questions. As to the subject of who started this sorry affair, as you refer to it, I am sure there could be an interesting discussion as to when it exactly did start (and to who is the “800 pound gorilla”. But that is for another day.

    VoC REPLY: I admire your discretion in tabling our ‘gorilla’ discussion, and your late hours – we really do need to get to bed! Let me leave you with this thought – speaking for just me now, OK? The criminals at DCE have made it impossible to have any kind of discussion about gorillas or any other subject so long as they spout off their hateful rhetoric and continue to advocate violence and intimidation as a means to an end.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much self-serving racial hatred directed at me as a non-native person by anyone in my life as I witnessed in Brantford on October 5th. It scared me so much that I was forced to get involved. I can’t believe that anyone – native or non-native – would want to live in a society ruled by these thugs, no matter who owns the land.

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  13. I am looking forward to the nation wide blockade by aboriginal people on June 29th.
    I hope they close highway 401 near Toronto.
    I’m so excited, I can hardly wait.