Voice of Canada #12 on list of WordPress.com ‘Top Blogs’

I am both stunned and pleased to announce that WordPress.com has today ranked VoiceofCanada.ca as #12 on their list of English ‘Top Blogs’ in their ‘Blogs of the Day‘ ratings. There are more than 420,000 blogs on the WordPress system that are ranked each day “…according to a special formula.”

UPDATE: As of 18:42 EST today, VoC has moved up to #8 in the list of ‘Top Blogs.’ 

print5_crw_2440_5by7.jpgTen days ago, I began this blog using the voiceofcanada.ca domain I have owned for several years.  In a week and a half, Voice of Canada has gone from obscurity to being well on its way to becoming a well-read voice for Canadians.

Frankly, much of my traffic has been due to one issue and links from one site: http://www.caledoniawakeupcall.com/. Still, though, other sites are beginning to find and link into VoC. Although the Caledonia/Ipperwash crises have been current topics, readers can also expect a variety of posts in the future such as the awarding of the first ‘Voice of Canada Business Service Award’ to Namespro.ca. If you’re in business, take a break from Caledonia for a moment and read their story – it should both motivate and scare the hell out of you – they’re that good! You’ll see other business-related posts as well – if you think I’m tough on Two-Tier justice, wait until I get started on crummy customer service!

If you’ve been reading VoC for longer than 5 minutes you know that I’m passionate about what I write. As one critic pointed out to me, “Just a hint, don’t dramaticize [sic]your point, it just makes it seem desperate.” If I seem ‘desperate’ it’s because I’m desperate to have you know the truth. No one can accuse me of not caring. Still, I’m never afraid to admit when I could be wrong. 

Thanks for reading Voice of Canada!

Mark Vandermaas

P.S. As many of you know, I decided to use the pen name, ‘Mark Allan Whitbread’ in order to protect my privacy and to forestall any intimidation of the type faced by Gary McHale in attempting to organize the March for Freedom.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-067.jpgAfter watching two women, Mary-Lou LaPratte and AnneMarie VanSickle, stand up in front of the crowd during the March for Freedom on October 15th to tell their stories, I was actually ashamed of my cowardice.  If THEY can look evil in the eye, so can I. From now on, I will be using my real name so I can be worthy of standing beside the bravest human beings I have ever met.



2 responses to “Voice of Canada #12 on list of WordPress.com ‘Top Blogs’

  1. Thank You for your comments regarding the March for Freedom. How frustrating that the press suppressed the number of people actually there and made very little mention of the content of the words addressed to those who gathered. Two issues have come up since the March. Roy Green hosted Dalton McGuinty who blatantly admitted that there is nothing being done on the occupation of the Ipperwash Provincical Park and then Janie Jamieson suggested that since Natives are not Canadians and Not bound by Canadian Law, they don’t need all the money that has been sent to them over the last two hundred years from we the taxpayers. Perhaps this is one request we should honour on behalf of Janie For Janie’s information we could save about $30 billion dollars not funding the natives. I also took offense when McGuinty praised the OPP for the excellent job they have done in Caledonia. I guess being an OPP or a Politician is the only employment where you don’t have to do your job and you can lie about it.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou. I haven’t listened to the McGuinty interview yet, but I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Roy Green with David Ramsay. What planet are these people on?

    I wonder how honest, hardworking, law-abiding native peoples feel about the Caledonia criminals hijacking their cause? Do they really think that their lives are going to be better in the hands of masked gangsters? Do they really want to support a bunch of thugs that could steal and damage THEIR homes?

    Do they think that Canadians will continue to fund programs for people who say they aren’t Canadians? No doubt someone will try to twist my words to say I’m against all native peoples, but the fact is, the longer these Caledonia criminals continue to use violence, destruction and intimidation to achieve their goals, the more Canadians will turn against native people as a group even though it is wrong to do so.  All I can say to the supporters of the Caledonia criminals is ‘Be careful what you wish for. You may not like what you get.’  Thanks for writing. Mark

  2. Two comments: First, well written post and well said. Second, in regards to namespro.ca, they are absolutely great, even though they don’t have telephone technical support, they ALWAYS reply promptly to emails and take their time to explain every question.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing. Nice to know I’m not the only one who’s had great experiences with these Namespro. I can’t stress enough how absolutely amazing their customer service has been. Someone could teach a course based on how this company treats its customers. In fact, THEY should run courses. If I wasn’t so totally immersed in the Caledonia story, I’d consider it myself! I’ve never felt the need to pick up the phone for any of the support I’ve needed because these guys actually take the time to understand what you’re telling them and responding to it. I’ll send a link to this story to them so they can read your comment. Thanks again. They deserve it. Regards, Mark