March for Freedom – “nonsensical non-event” or historical crossroads?

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpgThe very first post at VoC was my response to CHML journalist, Jamie West, who described the March for Freedom as a “nonsensical non-event.” Today, one week and one day later, both the truth and the impact of the March are beginning to make themselves known:

  • March for Freedom – what really happened in Caledonia on Oct 15/06 (VoC, Oct 17/06)
  • Bring RCMP into Caledonia, poll says (Globe and Mail, Oct 20/06)
  • Federal Government should take the lead in Caledonia dispute: Poll ( & Ontario Provincial Police Association)
  • Ontario wants Ottawa to foot bill for costly Caledonia dispute (Canwest News Service, Oct 21/06)
  • Sympathy wears thin (Ottawa Sun, Oct 23/06)
  • Rally draws 2000 (Haldimand Review, Oct 20/06)
  • I think it’s becoming clear that McHale was right all along, and that he has started us down the right road to a better justice system and a stronger democracy.  

    justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegThere is no doubt in my mind that, one day in the future, people will point to October 15, 2006 as the day that an entirely new civil rights movement was born that would eventually shake the halls of political power in Ontario.

    P.S. I looked for Jamie West at the March for Freedom because I so very much wanted to ask him what he thought of McHale’s “non-event.”


    4 responses to “March for Freedom – “nonsensical non-event” or historical crossroads?

    1. WL Mackenzie Redux

      What ever the various partisan interests are nattering about the Caledonia March against 2 tier Justice, one thing is certain. It served to open the eyes of a lot of people who previous believed that native land claims were some romantic search for a resolution to an ancient nebulous “wrong” done their culture.

      We are now aware the Caledonia DCE occupation is a criminal act by a group of organized racketeers and criminals who have become adept at running large blackmail frauds against the public purse and insurrections against public order. It’s obvious to many more of us now, Caledonia is just a vulgar mercenary shake down motivated by avarice, blackmailer antagonism and fanatical vindictiveness and justified with fraudulent historic revisionism.

      Ontario has a political leadership so weak and corrupt that they will “negotiate” with criminals and repress lawful constitutional protest rather than do their elected duty of office. It also served to put the more dissolute elements in the police bureaucracy and ministry departments on notice that the people are on to the scam and POed about the government’s abandonment of the rule of law as well as their acceptance of criminal acts and lawlessness committed by native terrorists.

      The CTV footage of the masked natives and their act of driving pickups through a peaceful protest in attempts to provoke violence…as police stood by ignoring this breech of the peace, was a visual representation of the dystopic race based application of the rule of law that exists under the current government….it is now burned into the public memory.

      The March did all this….and there is now a lot of desperate damage control and ass covering going on in the “McWeenie” government in hopes of staving off the inevitable defeat of this weak do nothing political regime which has burdened the Ontario tax payer with the fall out of doing business with renegade law breakers.

      Maybe the do nothings who have abominated the rule of law (POGG…”Peace,Order and Good Government) in Caledonia will cope with the public embarassment of being slapped with a writ of mandamus demanding they restore order in Caledonia while they prep for 2007 elections? Or Federal involvment in enforcing the writ?

      I can see McGuinty’s butt snorkeling councillors in Calidonia and Haldimand county are nervous about their exposure…their character assasination of Gary and Caledonians who support him is the act of desperation one sees from a cornered rat. I suspect the march will make Caledonians remember them during the municipal elections. Actions like these now seem more viable in the new enlightened public understanding of the dark side of this affair…thanks to Gary and the marchers.

      VoC REPLY: Thanks again, WL. I thought about editing the “butt snorkeling” reference out, but I was laughing too hard to hit the Delete key. I didn’t see the CTV coverage of the dangerous driving; I’ve talked to eye witnesses. You’re saying it was captured on CTV? Mark

    2. WL Mackenzie Redux

      The march has a lot of politicians and DCE blackmailers turning up the damage control PR a notch… and the anti-Gary vitriol from the guilty parties is getting shrill and desparate….indications that they fear the public exposure the March brought to the darker side of this affair.

      In that respect the March accomplished its goal.

    3. WL Mackenzie Redux

      I wouldn’t put much weight in Mr. West’s opining or rants. I believe they are motivated by his political aspirations to be the new McGuinty trained seal for Caledonia Council. As a Fiberal MPP or councillor wannabe he has reconciled to slag Gary’s character and motives, and by default, the motives of the constitutionalsts who followed Gary’s lead to re-establish the rule of law. West has the media soap box to promote Dolton’s brand of dystopian civil ethics and West hopes to be repaid in kind with a Fiberal party candidacy in his Caledonia stomping grounds….this is the genetic imprint of Fiberal partisan/patronage politics.

      I’ve listened to West’s rhetoric become increasingly shrill with Gary as Gary became more effective at getting the real facts out to the wider public. I have also heard not a word from Mr. West regarding the underlying principle at risk in Caledinua….and that is the equitable constitutional enforcement of the rule of law.

      In that regard Gary has been successful in exposing the real constitutional issue at had in the Caledinia insurrection and his exposing the unseemly underbelly of the renegades and the constitutionally compromised politicians and police bureaucrats has opened a lot of eyes to the dark side of another shameful Canadian episode of renegade extortion and rogue governance/policing which government, police and racketeers had hoped to conceal from the public under a smothering cloak of political correctness…..most of it spewed unchallenged in the politically coopted corporate media, such as that which Mr. West partakes in.

      Thanks to Gary I can now talk to a number of people in the Haldimand tract area the renegades are attempting to reclaim who are aware of the fraud the renegades are running and the dangers of having a weak, corrupt premier like McGuinty in office to address it.

      Thanks to Gary’s efforts, I talk to many people daily who new realize the greater evil ( aside from the abomination of suspension of the rule of law in Caledonis) is the fact we have a corrupt Provincial regime who would barter away their tax money and property rights to a fraudulent claim made by criminal extortionists rather than commit to the course of action the law and constitution demand.

      VoC REPLY: Thanks WL. There’s one picture I took at the march that sticks in my mind; it’s of a guy holding a sign that says, “WHEN DID WE BECOME THE ENEMY?” It’s like we’re living in a Bizzaro World where everything is upside down. When a man is ridiculed for standing up to demand equal justice for all citizens, well…I just don’t know what to say to that. It’s like someone telling me the sky is green. What can you say? Mark

    4. Dear Mark,
      I have been greatly offended by the poisonous remarks of Jamie West against Gary McHale and of course, the March for Freedom. Everyone who attended the Freedom Rally should also feel truly offended. It is important who organized the March, but it is even more phenomenal that it actually succeeded. While ranting unceasingly about Gary, it would appear that Jamie West is intent on killing the integrity of the messenger and ignoring the real and true reason for the March.

      The complete loss of the Rule of Law should be the message displayed on our radio shows, our news columns and our televised news programs. At Ipperwash in fifteen years all our exposure to news and radio, television and writing the government was to no avail. The media and the Politicians would not admit the truth of what was happening to innocent residents and visitors to our community. Because of the March For Freedom, I can feel the winds of change. The Canadian sleeping bear conscience is waking up. We will ruin the careers of those who do not listen in the future to the electorate with our vote. We can do it. I have faith in Canadians that they want common sense, integrity, moral fortitude and decency in our political systems and in the institutions of our courts and policing.

      We all deserve to be safe in this Province and Country. We pay dearly in taxes for this very reason. I feel privileged to have been a part of the March for Freedom and being allowed to speak to those present. I thank every one of them for allowing me to stand with them in the pursuit of Justice for All.

      VoC REPLY:  Hi Mary-Lou. There have been many developments since the March and even since I wrote this post that prove what you say is true. It would seem that our Premier McGuinty’s hand has been forced by a ‘whacko’ and a couple of great women working against great odds. I share your view that something great is happening, and I believe that, one day in the future, people – even lazy, arrogant, elitist journalists – will know that Canada turned down a different path on October 15, 2006.

      My wife and I had dinner with Gary and Christine last Sunday, and I shared my feelings that, next to my service with the United Nations, the March for Freedom was the most important thing I have ever done in my life, perhaps even more important. Thanks for writing, M-L. Mark