Supporters of Caledonia criminals rip off VoC for pennies

In the “Here’s me thinking I could leave Caledonia alone for awhile…” Department: thief_hands_up.jpeg

I just discovered a NY Crimewatch ‘spoof’ site with the tag line, “Supporting Caledonians, Six Nations in their resistance to outside interference by outside agendas.” It’s been started in support of the Caledonia criminals, and if  stealing $20,000,000 of land wasn’t enough for them, they’re now ripping off my work, and trying to earn Google ad revenue off it.

I imagine this is the same bunch that tried to link me to a phoney white supremacist website created the day before the March for Freedom; the same group that contacted to try to shut down VoC (that was funny!), and likely the same group that’s been run out of the so-called ‘reclamation’ site (a euphemism for ‘theft’ if ever I heard one).

I was checking my web stats today and noticed this NY Crimewatch ripoff, and decided to check it out. What I found is that these weasels had copied and pasted the last 3 posts from VoC verbatim, complete with links, and had placed a Google Adwords box at the top with a link that says, “Advertise on this site.” Not only are they thieves, they’re LAZY thieves. 

Here’s some free advice to the Caledonia criminals and their supporters: the more you resort to sleazy tactics, the better we like it because it gives us a reason to expose your twisted logic for what it is. 

Hey, at least creating the phoney neo-nazi site took some kind of sick and demented creativity. But, come on…ripping off VoC word-for-word and putting it on a free blog so you can earn a couple of pennies? How low can you go? I’ve got to tell you – I’m amazed at what you’re willing to do to answer that question for me.

P.S. I filed a complaint with Blogger. I expect you’ll be hearing from them. They hate intellectual property thieves, too, I imagine.

The real NY Crimewatch site is

UPDATE: As of Oct 30/06, my stolen material is still on the spoof site. I have decided to remove the link to my material from within this post since I have no wish to give the thieves any additional traffic to their site. I have also received instructions from Blogger with respect to taking action against them for copyright infringement.

UPDATE: As 1412 today (Oct 24/06), VoC is now at #10 on the list of English ‘Top Blogs.’ This rating is automatic and changes constantly according to site traffic. There are over 430,000 blogs on the system. Let me extend my warmest thanks to all of you on the side of the Caledonia criminals for your contribution to the success of VoC. How long do you think it’s going to be before intelligent native people everywhere realize what an embarassment you are to them?


One response to “Supporters of Caledonia criminals rip off VoC for pennies

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Clearly Bolshi “street politik” is first nature to yout detractors. You expect too much if you expect ethics from the moonbat fringe that empathize with the DCE criminals. Clearly DCE supporters have more in common ethically with their criminal role models than they do with principled civil ethics.

    It’s good you are a civil and principled man Mark,…if you had the same ethics as the Six nations criminals and their moonbat support wing, you’d just use some illegal browser bots and “take over” the offending web sites, destroy their content and squat there illegally…. spewing racism and slander at anyone who complains about it…..a sort of electronic cyberspace version of the DCE trespassers.;-)

    VoC REPLY: Don’t give them any ideas, WL!