What really happened in Caledonia on Oct 15/06 – Part II

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-036.jpgI recently received the comment below in response to my post, “What really happened in Caledonia...” and I thought it deserved a post of its own. Before posting, however, I went to Jamie West’s blog to see what he’d written, if anything, about the March for Freedom. I was as disgusted as Mary-Lou was by his slurs against all the good people who came out in defence of justice.

question-mark_cartoon.jpegIn a response to one reader Jamie West said, “I don’t take part in rallies that include red necks and white supremacists.” Ah, so that’s why he didn’t try to support Caledonia on October 15th – he KNEW there were going to be white supremacists there. Wonder why he didn’t say that BEFORE the March?

For the record, Jamie, I was there and I am not a redneck or a white supremacist. I was, however, the victim of an attempted fraud by supporters of the Caledonia criminals who tried – quite unsuccessfully, I must say – to link me to a phoney neo-nazi site. Your slurs against the people who organized and took part in the March for Freedom are putting you in some interesting company.

Also, for the record, as I mentioned in ‘What really happened…,’ I spoke with Neil Dring, reporter for the Grand River Sachem, right after the March who confirmed my own experience that he did not witness a single anti-native racial slur during the entire March for Freedom. Too bad you weren’t there to see for yourself; I was looking for you.

You missed your chance to see true courage in the form of two brave women doing exactly what you claim to want – applying peaceful political pressure on an ineffective government. Here’s what one of them has to say about your own efforts. If I were you, I’d be ashamed of myself:

“Dear Mark,

I have been greatly offended by the poisonous remarks of Jamie West against Gary McHale and of course, the March for Freedom. Everyone who attended the Freedom Rally should also feel truly offended. It is important who organized the March, but it is even more phenomenal that it actually succeeded. While ranting unceasingly about Gary, it would appear that Jamie West is intent on killing the integrity of the messenger and ignoring the real and true reason for the March.

The complete loss of the Rule of Law should be the message displayed on our radio shows, our news columns and our televised news programs. At Ipperwash, in fifteen years, all our exposure to news and radio, television and writing the government was to no avail. The media and the Politicians would not admit the truth of what was happening to innocent residents and visitors to our community.

Because of the March For Freedom, I can feel the winds of change. The Canadian sleeping bear conscience is waking up. We will ruin the careers of those who do not listen in the future to the electorate with our vote. We can do it. I have faith in Canadians that they want common sense, integrity, moral fortitude and decency in our political systems and in the institutions of our courts and policing.

We all deserve to be safe in this Province and Country. We pay dearly in taxes for this very reason. I feel privileged to have been a part of the March for Freedom and being allowed to speak to those present. I thank every one of them for allowing me to stand with them in the pursuit of Justice for All.”

justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegThere have been many developments since the March that prove what Mary-Lou says is true. All one has to do is review the editorials and breaking stories logged at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com since October 15th. It would seem that our Premier McGuinty’s hand has been forced by a ‘publicity-seeking whacko’ and a couple of brave women. I share Mary-Lou’s view that something great is happening and I believe that, one day, even the blindest of journalists will know that Canada turned down a different path on October 15, 2006.

My wife and I had dinner with Gary and Christine last Sunday, and I shared my feeling that, next to my service with the United Nations, the March for Freedom was the most important thing I have ever done in my life, perhaps even more important.

We didn’t march alone, Mary-Lou. Listen to this comment from ‘Christina’ in reply to Jamie West’s October 16th post:

“In my opinion the rally was a huge success. It was great to be able to stand up for what is right and just with hundreds of others who had the guts to show up. I am sorry you missed your opportunity to stand for your country. I walked the streets of Caledonia with pride. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I stood up for justice even if nothing was accomplished, you have the satisfaction of knowing you have done….nothing.” Christina

Whoever you are, ‘Christina,’ I think I can speak for Mary-Lou when I say that we’re proud to have marched with you.

muzzled_man_cartoon.gifVoC NOTE: Readers might enjoy the very first VoC post: “Little ‘Cindy’ says to her grandfather, CHML journalist Jamie West, “Grampa, what did you do during the March for Freedom?” “Nothing, sweetie, but I did watch the people go by while I was reading the sports scores.”

6 responses to “What really happened in Caledonia on Oct 15/06 – Part II

  1. I was at the Caledonia March for Freedom and marched alongside Gary McHale with pride. The March itself was less the important part of the day though. The speeches were riveting with the stories about Two Tier Justice in Ipperwash and Caledonia. To those who cared about Justice in this country it was downright scary.

    After October 15, 2006 I was approached by a resident of 6th Line who asked if I could come and visit them one afternoon. This might seem like nothing except that 6th line is in no-man’s land next to Douglas Creek Estates (DCE). There is no OPP policing on 6th Line. County, Provincial, and Federal officials will not visit these people for fear of their lives. So it was a big step for me to go and visit with these people for an afternoon. The stories I heard are downright scary. One story about natives one night backing a truck onto DCE and unloading a rectangular box with what they thought was Russian writing on it sent chills down my spine. They confirmed all the stories about bright lights at night, ATV’s racing up and down 6th Line, cars speeding up to 120 miles per hour down the road and natives roaming the site at will. When you call 911 you don’t get service for which you have a right to receive but rather eventually the Six Nations Police show up because the OPP have negotiated away your rights.

    When you are in the middle of a potential war zone as these people are you cannot decide wherther you should go to bed at night or stay up for fear of an attack. You keep your suitcase packed in case you have to get out. You don’t know if you will ever recover the money invested in your property and you esssentially are trapped.

    These people live every day with the result of Two Tier Justice. They have no justice. They have no rights. They have no future unless we the people stand up for Justice.

    Gary and Christine thank you for having the courage to press on even when those that would silence you could not. Mary-Lou and AnneMarie thank you for the courage to show us all that at a point in time we must all stand up and say enough is enough to those with the power to make it right but choose to make it wrong.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, Lisa. I was both sad and glad to hear you recount your friends’ experiences – it helps us maintain focus. It is outrageous that any Canadian has to live in such a way while journalists like Jamie West throw unwarranted slurs against people like Gary McHale and those of us who at least tried to make a difference while he – as Christina observed – “did…nothing.”

    You make a good point about the most important part of the day – when the day was over the media focused on the March and completely ignored the most important aspect of the whole event – the words of the speakers. In my whole life, I have never heard anything like it. If you’ve been reading VoC at all you know what an effect it had on me.  

  2. You have shown great courage in stepping out into the light with your website. I salute you for your balanced yet to the point reporting. Keep up the good work.

    As for Jamie West you’ve got me started now…

    Jamie West has no right to call the people at the Rally either “Red Necks” or “White Supremacists”. He wasn’t there and has no idea what people were at the Rally.

    This is a man who embraces the do nothing approach of the CaledoniaCitizensAlliance. These people have had two or three public meetings that did nothing to help the people of Caledonia.

    He is walking a very thin line calling good people bad names. As I said I was at the Rally and I hardly consider myself either a “Red Neck” or a “White Supremacist”.

    Maybe Jamie would like to make a public apology right here on your blog for calling good Caledonians names. Then again hit and run tactics are the trademark of Jamie West and in his own words he wants the people of Caledonia to know he is not on their side in the name of a balanced approach to his talk shows.

    I wonder how long he would be around if one of the masked men of the occupation that he embraces in his balanced approach confronted him on the streets of Caledonia. I suspect he would hightail it to Hamilton with his tail between his legs.

    His kind of journalism is best left in the round bin in the office. Better stick to your consulting business Jamie.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the kind words, Lisa; they mean a lot because I do try hard to make VoC worth reading. I wonder if Jamie West thinks MPP Toby Barrett is a white supremacist, or perhaps, Mary-Lou LaPratte.

    Lisa, I edited out the last paragraph in your comment because, while I have heard similar things said about the person(s) in question by sympathizers of the Caledonia criminals (and got it on tape in Brantford), I don’t know enough about them or the situation. I try to be pretty careful about what I say and allow in VoC, and I may be erring too much on the side of caution, but I hope you’ll forgive me anyway. This isn’t a paid gig for me, and I don’t have the resources of – say – a journalist with CHML. Thanks again for the compliment. Mark  

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Re: Jamie West’s commentary about rascist white supremists…..the final smear when fact escapes your detractors. You win by default when those arguing with you have to call you a racist because they have no factual reasoned arguments left.
    I chuckle at the selective myopia of political spin thingies like West when they call their fellow townsmen “rascists” yet ignore the racial epithets hurled at the residents of Caledonia from the native side of the police barriers….reading the smarmy self centered twaddle that Native radicals like this Horn woman and others on the Native web sites are writing, I can state they do not even attempt to disguise their racist hatred of “the white man” any more….as a matter of fact, this native racism is part of their farcical victimhood caterwalling….to them the world is poplulated with two types of people: the sanctimonious race-centric, color sensitive native “victimhood” clans and “the white man” who is the maker of all evils…”the white devil”….all their rationalizations and ideologies are templated over this racial intolernace….Jamie West and his ilk who can ignore this and slander his townsmen as racists are empty headed fools who are not grounded enough in realities to even offer an intelligent observation on what (to the rest if us who have not had our reason polluted by race politics), is simple self evident facts…..and the fact of the matter is there is more than enough racism permeating radical native politics and beliefs to go around.
    Before Mr. West points a slandering finger at one side of this conflict he had best actually read and hear what the racially bigoted voices occupying the DCE are saying.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks again, WL. As one who was falsely accused of being linked to a phoney neo-nazi site, and having personally seen how easily supporters of the Caledonia criminals throw out the the ‘racism’ allegations (watch my movie, MARCH FOR FREEDOM) to try to intimidate people who disagree with them, I am more than pleased to see supporters of the Caledonia criminals shed their sheep’s clothing to show themselves for what they are. Like you, I find it both curious and disappointing that Canadian journalists have chosen to ignore these blatant messages of hate and violence while casting unwarranted aspersions onto honest, well-intentioned citizens. Mark

  4. I was at the Pot-Luck for Peace gathering and I took a picture of the three page flyer the “White Supremists” handed out at the “March for Freedom”. Some of you may remember me from Gary’s Caledonia meeting. If you would like me to send you the pictures just ask. They are certainly evidence of a Hate Crime. Funny thing is, nobody was arrested, the O.P.P. stood by while these dispicable people spread their hate.

    I warned Gary about this, he ignored my advice. My disabled son Logan was atthe Six Nations Youth Camp the day he passed away. He was only nine years old. Jamie West is a showboat, what did you expect? The media thrives on controversy, McHale gave them what they wanted. Over 23 Natives have been arrested and thrown in Jail, and I know two Aboriginals are in Barton Street Jail. So more natives have been arrested than any other group. Two Tier Justice is the fault of Dalton McGuinty and his Minister of Justice, who like Dalton is missing in action.

    VoC Reply: Sorry to take so long to reply; I’ve been busy with another project. You raise some interesting points:

    1. Given that I don’t know you personally, I don’t know what to say to you about losing your son that would sound sincere. I have felt loss, but not one like that.

    2. If there were scumbags handing out ‘white supremacist’ trash, they were not part of the March for Freedom. Here’s how I know that:

    A. I was present for the speeches and I walked the route. No one – including a reporter I spoke with afterwards – witnessed a single anti-native slur, although many did witness a pickup truck of natives with flags driving dangerously near the crowd just before the speeches began. (I was not there to see it myself.) None of us to this day are aware of any person(s) handing out ‘white supremacist’ garbage during the speeches or at any time during the March.

    B. Given your statement that you were on DCE land during the March these so-called ‘white supremacists’ would have to have been near the DCE property; if you’ve read “What really happened…” you know that the March never got within 1km of DCE land other than when we were in the school yard behind the security fence. Once we left the school yard the March was over. I walked back to the Lions park with Gary and his wife and a few other people. Since the OPP – despite knowing the march route in advance! – chose not to barricade the road leading up to Argyle, the vast majority of marchers chose to exit in that direction – the completely opposite direction that Gary was walking.

    3. One of the problems with believing anything supporters of the Caledonia criminals say about ‘white supremacists’ is that they throw around that term so easily and quickly against anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I witnessed and videotaped this personally and included it in a movie that you may want to watch. Check out ‘ March for Freedom – The Struggle to Restore Equal Justice in Ontario, Canada

    I was a victim of these false allegations myself – supporters of the Caledonia criminals created a phoney neo-nazi site and tried to link me to it! Fortunately, they were exposed for the liars and frauds they are. You can read the story here.

    Unfortunately, given what I’ve witnessed and experienced personally, I would not be surprised to discover that supporters of the DCE criminals created that ‘white supremacist’ material and paid people to hand it out. If you think I’m trying to obfuscate the truth I challenge you to review the posts and video mentioned above. Sorry, but the DCE criminals and their supporters have absolutely zero credibility with me.

    4. You said you “warned Gary about this.” I’m assuming you meant the possibility that white supremacists could appear. Gary McHale has no control over who shows up at an event. Are you suggesting that the March should have been cancelled because some white supremacists might show up at some point during the day?

    6. Forgive me for saying this, but I cannot understand how you could bring your son to sit down at a so-called ‘Potluck for Peace’ with criminals and their supporters who have used violence and intimidation to steal $20 million dollars of land; burn down a bridge; destroy a power station; assault old people; attempt to murder an OPP officer; block highways; pollute the atmosphere with tire fires and terrorize residents on an ongoing basis. Then, you want to complain because a couple of nut-bars handed out so-called ‘white supremacist’ garbage AFTER the March was over. Does the absurdity of your position escape you? I’ve read a bit of your blog – you seem like a well-informed guy and that’s what I find so puzzling; you must have known that you were sitting down with people who believe in using violence and intimidation to get what they want. Why would you do that?

    Yes, Dalton is at fault, but so are you – you allowed yourself to be used as a propaganda tool by those who would destroy our fundamental concepts of equality and rule of law. You chose to support lawlessness and violence instead of marching with honest, law-abiding people. When these criminals come for YOUR house one day, I wonder how you’ll feel if I sit down to share a ‘Potluck for Peace’ meal with them in your dining room. I hope you never have to find out.

    7. No, I don’t want you to send me pictures of the ‘white supremacist’ flyer you received. Why? Because it and the people who gave it to you had nothing to do with the March for Freedom. The March for Freedom was about ‘equality’ not ‘supremacy.’

    8. Sorry, I wasn’t at the Caledonia meeting to hear what you said.

    9. As for natives being arrested; I don’t profess to have personal knowledge as to the exact number and timing of any arrests, but given that the overwhelming majority of violence and property crimes are being committed by the DCE criminals and/or their supporters, and NOT the residents, why would you be surprised that a few natives have been arrested?

    Thanks for writing. Again, I’m sorry it took so long to respond. Mark


    VoC REPLY: Well, ‘Chief,’ you get the award for the shortest, non-profane comment I’ve received so far! I
    appreciate your brevity, but – like most who post negative comments here – you’re a little short on specifics.

    Why am I ‘full of it?’ Are you saying that residents in Ipperwash and Caledonia haven’t been terrorized; that everyone who was there on the day of the March were ‘white supremacists;’ that supporters of the Caledonia criminals didn’t try to link me to a phoney neo-nazi website created by them; that there weren’t good people who stood up for what they believed? What -specifically – do you think I misled readers about?

    While you’re at it, perhaps you can answer a few questions that no one seems willing to answer: 1. Do you agree with using violence to get what you want? 2. If so, why do you feel entitled to use violence? 3. If your ‘leaders’ are justifying the use of violence today what makes you think that the same thugs won’t use violence against YOU in the future? 4. Why would you want to live in any nation – whoever owns the land – where criminals are allowed to use violence and intimidation to get what they want?

    Thanks for writing. Mark

  6. Are you serious? Canada does need a history lesson. I mean you read the sun, the star the globe and mail the local papers… they are all wrong, they say there is no legal documents of the natives owning 6 miles on each side of the grand river, well let me tell you thats baloney.

    They say that they only had an “Occupantcy Permit”. I am not Native nor racist or am i picking sides but i have personally seen the documents, they do own it, so for all you stupid people that moved to caledonia from Hamilton, or Toronto or some other city.. you are ALL WRONG!! THE NATIVES ARE STANDING UP FOR THEIR LAND THAT WEVE BEEN USING, AND MAKING MONEY OFF OF FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS , AND HOW MUCH DO THE NATIVES GET FOR EVERY DOLLER WE GET? Zip!