Hapless Haldimand County – a child could have seen it coming

lookingglass.jpegIn the land through the looking glass that is Haldimand County – wherein the unfortunate people of Caledonia, Ontario reside – up is down; left is right; black is white; right is wrong; police protect criminals; and politicians use taxpayers’ money to wage shock and awe legal battles against trademark trifles while aiding criminals who terrorize citizens and defy the courts.

For some time now, Gary McHale has been providing visitors to his website with election info to help Caledonia residents decide whom to cast their vote for in the upcoming civic election. Along with his links he included a logo that bore more than a passing resemblance to the official Haldimand County logo. After exchanging emails with McHale the County had their lawyer send McHale a threatening email ordering him to take the logo down. This, of course, was just what McHale wanted them to do.

On November 06/06 McHale posted a reader’s letter entitled, ‘Death to Law & Order in Caledonia’ which includes a copy of a Superior Court Ruling given by Mr. Justice B. Matheson on March 03/06.  The first page clearly shows that Henco Industries Limited, owner of the Douglas Creek Estates, stood alone against the following parties:

1. Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council
2. Janie Jamieson
3. Dawn Smith
4. Tom Deer
5. John Doe
6. Jane Doe
7. Other persons unknown
8. The Corporation of Haldimand County

In other words, Haldimand County allied itself with supporters of the Caledonia criminals against the legal owner of the DCE!

In one simple, yet masterful move, Gary McHale has exposed the outrageous hypocrisy of Haldimand County for all to see. Thanks to the amateurs in Cayuga, he now has a large banner at the top of his site that links to a story called, ‘Haldimand County’s Lawyers Threaten Us.‘ Along with a copy of the lawyer’s email on behalf of the County, McHale includes this oh-so-accurate observation about Haldimand’s priorities:

“Your property and personal safety has not been protected by the county’s lawyers, but be assured that the county’s logo is safe.”

baby_thumb_sucking2.jpegInstead of just letting the issue quietly die along with the election Haldimand County exposed its own misplaced loyalties and embarassed itself for all to see. A child could have seen it coming.

🙂 UPDATE: Hapless Haldimand issued a November 06/06 haldimand_news_release.jpegnews release about McHale’s alleged infringement of their logo. It features the official Haldimand logo in full colour right at the top. Naturally, McHale posted it – you guessed it – right beside his Caledonia election info. 


3 responses to “Hapless Haldimand County – a child could have seen it coming

  1. WordyCanadian

    It seems like a make work project for the lawyer. An angry arrogant bureaucrat wanted to throw their weight around and put a scare into Hale. If they played it smart they would ignore Hale and not give him ammo for his web site.
    Apologies if I go a little Biblical and offend 😉 “Pride goes before a fall”
    Look up and see the weather or look down to see what you can trip over.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the the comment, WordyCanadian. Even the most jaded lawyer would have to laugh at how easily Gary McHale manoevred Haldimand into chasing their tail inside a circle that ended with their official logo on his site. I spoke to McHale yesterday; he told me he sent a thank you email to both Haldimand and the lawyer for helping him keep Caledonia in the news. You’re right, of course, Haldimand should have kept quiet. What people don’t understand is that Gary McHale is absolutely unintimidatable, and he thrives on fighting bureaucratic organizations. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Do you ever feel like you are in “Neo’s” shoes when he was disconnected from the “Matrix” and had a stare at reality for the first time….and that reality was a complete reversal of what the “matrix” had told him was reality?

    Seems Gary has taken Morpheus’ role in “unplugging” people outside Caledonia from the matrix.
    As you say, those of us staring at the realities of the Caledonia situation have been told black is white and day is night and the irony of the “Matrix” still spinning an altered reality to people who are now unplugged from the altered reality machine is not wasted on us.

    I particularly enjoyed this latest revelation of Haldimand county being aligned with the renegade trespassers against the legal deed holder of DCE ….but Haldimand county’s politics became even more bizzare when they sent their lawyers after a lone citizen over a copyright property infringement yet they have taken part in the largest property theft crime in the county…….these people truely believe the crap they spew to those still plugged into the matrix.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. You know, I laughed at poor Hapless Haldimand and their antics so hard my chest hurt, but we should all be crying instead at this ‘Bizzaro’ world we’re living in. I fear for my country.Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    You are so right Mark. The inmates are in control of the asylum and the sane are being told they are insane.

    The native spin coming of this situation is nothing short of pure insanity…yet there are sleepwalking dolts who buy into their revisionist mythologies as reality.

    Maybe next they will demand McGuinty put up signs on all entry points to Ontario that reflect this insanity:

    “Welcome to Turtle Island…the Women landlords welcome you…just bring cash”.