VoC needs your ideas & help to organize March for Freedom fundraiser

You are lucky enough to be witnesses and participants in our century’s first and, possibly, most important Canadian civil rights movement, and one day you’ll be proud of the fact that you did what you could to help. Here are two ways you can do that today:

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-059.jpg1. Go to www.caledoniawakeupcall.com right now and send Gary a few bucks using his PayPal donation button – he and Christine really do need it. Please believe me when I say – from personal knowledge – that they are putting EVERYTHING on the line for IpperDonia, and they really need your help. There is nothing else you could do that would help more at this crucial moment. Even if all you can afford is 5 bucks, it matters.

If you already sent Gary some money, send a bit more and ask your friends to do the same. 

party_cartoon.jpg2. I’m asking for someone to volunteer to organize a March for Freedom fundraiser? How about a ‘Buck & Doe’ type party or ??? Be creative, but let’s raise some money to remove some of the serious financial stress that Gary and Christine are feeling right now. My wife and I will come, I promise, and I’m pretty sure Gary and Christine would be honoured to be there, too.

UPDATE (Dec 19/06): Wow! It took all of one day for an ex Fortune 500 project manager to step up to the plate and take charge of organizing a March for Freedom fundraiser to benefit Gary and Christine! Still others have offered some significant help in the entertainment department. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll let you know if we need anything else. For now – see if you can wear out that donation button at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com or buy some March for Freedom products in Gary’s new store. 

9 responses to “VoC needs your ideas & help to organize March for Freedom fundraiser

  1. Just some more information that you can use (if you didn’t know it already). The federal government has given the natives a “having your cake and eating it too” scenerio. Historically the government justified their preferential treatment of the natives under the law by stating their different status. This all changed years ago when natives in Canada were made full Canadian citizens. Yet with this full citizen status, the natives continued to receive special treatment. This is in contravention of every human rights/equality legislation that this country possesses; and thus leads to a strong legal position for anyone willing to oppose the special treatment natives receive.
    Keep up the great work Mark. Hopefully more of the silent majority will start speaking up!!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing. You know, a lot of Gary’s opponents would be surprised to know that he is not opposed to special programs for native peoples. He and I both believe that their history and contributions to Canada are unique and should be appreciated and accommodated wherever possible. They have been badly mistreated in the past and we need to understand that and be sensitive to it. I draw the line, however, when it comes to criminal activity, and the idea that their past mistreatment should allow them to destroy the foundations of democracy with violence. Thanks for writing – you helped me get out a point that I’ve wanted to make for a while. I might even do a separate post on this. Mark

  2. Sad state of affairs that people from outside the Caledonia area are making money on such a tragedy.God is watching Mark and Gary.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Keith, thanks for writing again:

    1. Even the media has stopped questioning Gary’s motives, and the fact that you’re putting forth this oh-so-tired argument tells me you’ve got no legitimate response to his complaints about the Caledonia criminals using violence to achieve political ends while the police allow it to happen. Unfortunately, neither Gary or I have the provincial government picking up the tab for our heat, hydro and water, so we need to raise money. Are you telling me that the criminals on DCE aren’t getting funding from somewhere?

    2. Outsiders, huh? I’d love to know how many natives from outside the immediate Caledonia area have been involved in the occupation since it began. Bet it’s more than 2.

    Nice try, Keith. Regards, Mark

  3. Well if Gary and Christine would mind their own business they would not be in this mess. Karma Mark.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Keith, thanks for writing. The rule of law and the belief in equality before the law is every Canadian’s business. I’m pretty sure that your argument was used by the rednecks in the southern U.S. when the civil rights workers began arriving to de-segregate American society. The argument will fail today as it did then. We are beginning what may prove to be the most important civil rights movement in Canada’s history, and it will be won. Mark

  4. Fundraising for March for Freedom

    I have no idea how to raise money but I can’t believe that there is no one reading this that isn’t a professional fundraiser. If you have ever raised money for sport teams, church, school…. talk to us. I will do whatever I can. Bake. Sell tickets…..we just need the ideas and then can work. Beth

    VoC REPLY: Hi Beth! I’m going to pass your email address on to the people who’ve already stepped up to help us organize the fundraiser. When they let me know exactly what skills and expertise they need, i.e. professional fundraiser, I’ll post it here at VoC. I can tell you – they’re thinking BIG! Thanks so much for stepping up to help. Hope we get to meet one day. Mark

  5. There is DEFINITELY a need to rally and march for those who want to see the law enforced, to break the siege of Caledonia and to speak on behalf of those jailed by tyrants, no matter if it’s on behalf of those who support law and order or those harrassed, jailed, spied upon and targeted by the Canadian government for their political beliefs.
    Until our laws are applied fairly to all, no one, NO ONE in Canada, is free.

    VoC REPLY: Bob, while I agree with your comment, I removed your URL because it goes to a repulsive white supremacist, holocaust denying site. My adoptive parents lived in the Netherlands during WWII and saw what happened. I have spent time in Israel, and respect the Jewish people immensely for creating the only democracy in the Middle East in the face of millions of enemies determined to exterminate them. The movement that Gary McHale (and others before him) have begun is not about supremacy; it is about equality. I support your right to say what you want within the limits of the law, but I don’t want to sully the integrity of what we are doing by being connected to your ‘party.’ Please don’t write anymore, OK? Thanks. Mark

  6. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I promise to give what I can as I have in the past. My new years wish is to donate more than I did last year.

    I’m not much of a project manager but I can give you a suggestion as to what you should spend any excess revenues on…..the fact that Gary is the only Canadian ever arrested and detained without charges or legal advice, amounts to nothing less than a politically motivated kidnapping….there is a high profile lawsuit just waiting to happen….and belive me that will gain you more media coverage when you call these bureaucratic despots and crooked cops to account in a court room than constantly having to stage legal protests and get arrested every month to prove a constitutional point.

    The march for freedom should march towards a court room with its ample proof of systemic politicallly corrupted law enforcement.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks again for writing, WL, and thanks for supporting Gary. Things are happening behind the scenes to organize this movement. My read on it is that people who were reluctant to help in the beginning are rethinking. Also, media are starting to focus on the issues instead of Gary. Gary (and I) do the best we can, but we’re limited by our need to somehow earn a living while fighting this fight. Believe me when I say that we (Gary and I) don’t have ‘excess revenues’ – we barely have enough to pay the mortgage. As I said on AM920, Gary and & Christine are – at any given time – one month away from having Power of Sale proceedings started against their house. We’re not much better off. As for the lawsuit, I’m not sure what Gary’s going to do, but I’m sure he’s considering it.

    Thanks for the support, WL. Mark

  7. Jeff Parkinson

    Hi Mark,

    I am proud to have been involved in the rallies and was very proud (and saddened at the same time) to see the reaction I got from the OPP when I tried to hand them 2 Canadian flags in front of the media. I have seen many pictures of that moment but so far none that capture the look on their faces in which they clearly want to spit on me for such a horrible gesture but know they have to stand there like useless manequins.

    Financially I hope to be able to donate properly to the cause in the new year and any idea’s I get I will certainly forward to yourself or Gary right away.

    I suggested to Gary a few days before the rally that we try to get around the OPP blockade before they got a chance to really get control of us and although he felt that was unlikely to happen (and it was unlikely) I was thrilled to see that with a little ambition, a relatively small group of very motivated people were able to outmsart the OPP and get close enough to DCE to make them sweat. Being one of those few people is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

    I would like very much to be as involved as possible in any future Caledonia Rallies and any kind of fund raiser organized for this cause.

    I am often questioned by friends and family as to why I would want to do this because in their opinion I am messing with the almighty OPP and the oh so scary indians all for a cause that has nothing to do with my town. My reasons are simple.

    This is not the world I remember growing up in. I remember the pride my parents instilled in me for this great country that was completely free! I remember the stories of how in other parts of the world people were ruled over by regimes who had cops that enforced laws that were made up on the fly to suit their agenda. In the name of political correctness and out of fear of offending a minority I now see that same kind of mentality ruling in a community that could just as easily have been my own. A very dangerous precedent is being set in Caledonia now and it makes me sick every day that it continues.

    If you’re a part of any minority and you stand up for civil rights you’re some kind of hero. If you’re white and you do the same you’re automatically a racist. It’s an honor to stand beside great men like yourself and Gary who are fighting to tear down that barrier.

    VoC REPLY: Hey Jeff. Thanks for writing.

    1. I’m going to pass your name/contact info to our organizers. I suspect you’ll get your chance to join us in jail early in the new year (Just kidding – I hope! :-)) but you didn’t hear it from me.

    2. Like you, I believe in a Canada where people are equal. Sitting in the jail cell last Saturday, I knew I was doing the right thing, but at the same time I was beginning to believe that everything I believed about my Canada was a lie. Thankfully, our media proved me wrong just 3 days after giving my ‘speech on the hill’ when first the St. Catharines Standard, and then the Toronto Star stepped up for all citizens in calling for the government to return the rule of law to Ontario.

    3. As I told Inspector McLean of the OPP today, the politically-correct experiment in policing is finished. We just don’t know the date.

    4. Thank you for the very nice compliment, but there were many who kept this fight going that you don’t see. I am so proud to know Gary and Christine, and that they allowed – no – welcomed me to play whatever small part I could to help. Your support means a lot to both Gary and me and our wives. I read your email to him today and he’s asked me to send it to him to post with the others I’ve been getting. You deserve the credit for getting down to that pole – heck, I was just trying to catch up to the crowd! Speaking of which, did you see those 2 little girls ask for my flag so they could embarass the OPP by asking if they could fly it??? Wow, I’d like to meet them again!

    5. Almost forgot – I didn’t think I ‘outsmarted’ any OPP. Man, they must be more clueless than we thought. Actually, Gary noticed the lack of officers present, and figured they were trying to outsmart him by showing a low profile for the media in order to make it look like it was a ‘nothing’ event. Gary figures they outsmarted themselves by allowing you/us to get so close to the DCE. By the way, our sources say that they had 350 officers there that day to guard those telephone poles from Canadian flags.

    6. Please…do your best get everyone you know to show up at the next event; it’ll be even more fun (for us!) now that they know the media is against them!

    7. So far as donations are concerned, please send them to Gary and Christine at CWUC, OK?

    8. If you have any pictures I’d would really love to post them on VoC – with credit to you if you like, especially pictures of the Pole Protectors.

    Thanks again – for writing and for being there that day! Let me leave you some Shakespeare, my brother…

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother;
    Be he ne’er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now abed shall curse themselves that they were not here;
    And hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks that fought with us upon St. Crispins Day.

    Regards, Mark

  8. Re comment: “Well if Gary and Christine would mind their own business they would not be in this mess. Karma Mark.”

    This makes no since Gary and Christine could be quiet any time and be ok! We the people of Caledonia are in the mess!
    I personal FULLY support Gary and Christine and I am going to buy a few items to support them!

    VoC REPLY: Hey Jim! Thanks for supporting Gary and Christine – they really deserve it, and they really appreciate it. Thanks so much for writing. Mark

  9. A joke I made up!

    Premier Dalton McGuinty Christmas Wish!

    Santa: Premier Dalton McGuinty what would
    you like for Christmas?

    Dalton: A million dollars please!

    Santa: You just got a 22,000$ raise; so here is a
    more appropriate gift!

    Dalton: What, Santa?

    Santa: A Spine, you don’t seem to have one!

    Santa: Also I notice GOD forgot to give you
    some BALLS; so I put some balls in your stocking!

    Dalton: What do I do with this stuff, Santa?

    Santa: Your job FOOL! Free Ipperwash &

    VoC REPLY: Hey, Jim. Thanks for the poem. I agree – FREE CALEDONIA AND IPPERWASH! Regards, Mark