Courage in Caledonia has a name: Chris Syrie

IMPORTANT VIDEO UPDATE: 1305 EST, Jan 25/07. See story below for details.
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knight-w-sword.jpgThe words, ‘excited, proud and hopeful’ do not even begin to describe how pleased I am to tell you that courage in Caledonia has a name, and it is ‘Chris Syrie.’

Flags planted on his property by Chris Syrie, Caledonia, Jan 10/07Yesterday (Jan 10/07) Mr. Syrie erected 2 Canadian flags on property he owns bordering the stolen Douglas Creek Estates along with 2 ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs.

During their early evening newscast CHTV showed what happened next [low speed click here].

The late edition included more footage, including a clip of VoC being arrested on Dec 16/06 [low speed click here]. 

IMPORTANT VIDEO UPDATE: 1305 EST, Jan 25/07 – “Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers” (8.15 mins)  HIGH SPEED   DIAL-UP

VoiceofCanada and have each obtained a DVD containing raw footage of the entire Chris Syrie incident from start to finish. Today (Jan 25/07) has released a shorter, edited version from the footage that shows precisely how Two Tier Justice is practiced by the OPP.

Watch as a native thug goes onto Chris Syrie’s land, rips the flag out, throws it on the ground, confronts Chris toe-to-toe, and then stands around as the police make no effort to arrest or even identify him! Eventually, he (and his buddies – not shown in edited version) leave! Now, the OPP say they can’t identify him.

It’s one thing to hear the stories from the people who have experienced Two Tier Justice and it’s another to experience it yourself or to watch it unfold in living colour as it does in the latest Chris Syrie video.

As you will see below, at the time I originally wrote this article I believed that something unusual was happening with respect to the actions of the OPP officers. After seeing the complete video of the incident I now understand that – despite facing away from the residents for the first time – they were following orders as part of a systemic, race-based policing doctrine designed to allow native suspects and criminals to escape from the law.

After watching this video and reading, “OPP & OPPA vs. Supreme Court of Canada and the Charter of Rights & Freedoms“, you’ll understand why the OPP and OPPA are so desperately trying to destroy our credibility and our reputations! There’s only one problem with their plan – the truth eventually rises to the surface. 

ch-news-jan10-07-native-throwing-canadian-flag-on-ground-owned-by-chris-syrie.JPG1. A lone native arrived, pulled the flag out of the ground and threw it on the ground. That’s right – threw it on the ground like it was a piece of garbage.

2. This thug then confronted Syrie toe-to-toe in a scene that immediately brought to mind the famous photo of the soldier – Warrior faceoff in Oka, Quebec. I had shivers running up and down my spine as I watched.


[Caledonia photo taken from CHTV footage, Jan 10/07; OKA photo from  – no credit available]  

3. The OPP arrived and – wonder of wonders – actually turned to face the natives to prevent them from entering Mr. Syrie’s property. I contacted Gary McHale for a reaction; according to him this is the first time since April 2006 that the OPP have faced the natives to protect residents.

Regular readers will know that I have been highly critical of the OPP officers in Caledonia because I believe that all of them must be personally accountable for their actions. Today, however, I must give credit where it is due. I don’t know why these officers suddenly decided to face the real criminals, but I want them to know that I welcome and appreciate it. We are, hopefully, seeing the beginning of the end for politically-correct policing in Ontario.

After the incident, Mr. Syrie told CHTV that he was terrified, but he wanted to send a “wakeup call to the government” that he wasn’t “going to stand idle any longer.” He also said that he had a lot of native friends and clients, and that his business supports native activities on the reserve. His brother is currently serving with the Canadian military.  

Chris Syrie vs. Julian Fantino 

I can’t help but be struck by the contrast between Chris Syrie and the subject of my previous post – Julian Fantino. Chris Syrie stands up for himself, for his property and for Canada while Julian Fantino slanders Gary McHale publicly and tries to foist a spurious – I just want to do my job. It’s the outside ‘mischief makers’ that are the problemPR stinkbomb on a private Rotary club audience that wasn’t buying his lame excuses. [low speed click here.]

So, Commissioner Fantino, is Chris Syrie from Caledonia trying to ‘spew hate’ and ‘make mischief’ and ‘provoke violence?’ I’m looking forward to seeing how your PR department spins this one. I wonder if they’ll have a different perspective now that open resistance to the lawlessness in Caledonia is coming from ‘insiders?’

That tiny bit of light you see at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train coming! 

On Friday, December 22/06, MPP Toby Barrett advised me that, during Question Period in the Ontario Legislature that day, John Tory had quoted a Toronto Star editorial dated Dec 21/06 (originally published by the St. Catharines Standard on Dec 19/06) which said, in part,

“The people of Caledonia – and Six Nations for that matter – have every right to expect to live their daily lives without fear of vandalism, assault or worse. The rule of law is paramount in Canada’s society and must be upheld. “

One of the first people I called was a friend in Ipperwash. I told her that she should remember December 21st because it was the day that the war against politically-correct policing in Ontario was actually won – we just didn’t know the date when the battles would end. 

Today, our victory got a whole lot closer thanks to Chris Syrie. I predict that his quiet, dignified courage and determination will unite Caledonians against the evil that is Two Tier Justice, and hasten the day when all citizens in Ontario will be truly equal before the law.

Thank you Chris Syrie! I’m sure all of Caledonia and every other Canadian who values justice and democracy join with me in wishing that you and your family will be safe tonight.

P.S. Not sure if you realize this, Chris, but you have another brother you didn’t know about. That’s because your brother is a Canadian soldier; I was one. Any time, any place – if you or your family need my help I will come. I promise. Email me at and I will send you my phone number.

UPDATE 1303 EST Jan 12/07: On January 11/07 CHTV provided another take on the Chris Syrie incident [low speed click here] that includes a pathetic clip of Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer complaining about how the ‘negotiatons’ are stalled because of citizens who want to raise flags. Her solution – apparently – is to negotiate between the parties to erect the flags.  See my new post, “Confusion in Caledonia has a name: Marie Trainer.”


[all photos above taken from CHTV news footage, Jan 10/07]

13 responses to “Courage in Caledonia has a name: Chris Syrie

  1. Awesome job Chris! Thanks for sticking up for your rights. Stay safe.

    The $64,000 question is: Was the native arrested for “Breach of the Peace” and put in jail??

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bob. I think you already suspect what the answer to that question is, don’t you? To the best of my knowledge, No. I know, I know, you were getting excited about the prospect that the OPP would enforce the law equally and you allowed your optimism to get away from you for a moment. 🙂 That day is coming my friend, but it ain’t here yet. Thanks for writing – hope to see you on Jan 20th or at the public meeting next Sunday in Caledonia. See for details. Mark

  2. Katrina Forrest


    What can anyone say but, THANK YOU!!! What you did was truly amazing and took a lot of courage. I for one appreciate it greatly.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Katrina. Thanks for your support for Chris Syrie. As you can gather from my post I was very moved myself. For a long time now Gary and I and the people who support us behind the scenes have been waiting for a Caledonia leader to emerge. And boy did he ever! FREE IPPERDONIA! Regards, Mark

  3. Marjorie Schofield

    I commend Mr. Syrie on his courage and exercising his rights. I went to see the Trevor Miller case in the Court House in Cayuga, and was questioned 3 times by the natives as to what I was doing there and who I was. I gave no comment.
    Two weeks ago, I went to a restaurant in Caledonia near my home, as soon as I walked in there were Natives there. They asked me if I was taking care of their land (some know where I live). My reply was blunt and firm to them.
    They informed me it was just a matter of time.

    I am so sick of these confrontations, it’s disturbing. I do not bother with them, mind my own business and it still goes on.They told me they offered Hennings 15 million for the land and he turned them down. I inquired, Ïf you already say you own it, why would you pay for it?” no answer. They said they are getting rich off of our government and laughed.
    So it seems, you cannot even go out to lunch peacefully.

    Also, why is there a moratorium on building when all those new stores went up. I was told this land was owned by Ken Hill (native).

    Do they get special treatment on bulding?

    VoC REPLY: Hi Marjorie. Thanks for writing. What’s really scary about what these thugs are saying to you is that you really don’t know if it can happen. If you asked me 12 months ago if gangsters could show up at my house, throw me out and be protected by the police as they do it, I would have said you’re crazy. Today – I don’t know. If it could happen to Henco it could happen to me or you, and that’s why Gary and I go to Caledonia. I don’t know if natives get special treatment with respect to construction, and I don’t really care if they do just as long as they build on land they actually own as per the deed in Ontario’s Land Registry system. The police and the government have to learn (and we are beginning to teach them!) that you and I are not the enemy. Thanks again for the comment. Mark

  4. Chris Syrie-I have nothing but admiration for you-you certainly do not lack the spine our provincial and federal governments do. I’m all for equality under the law for everyone and will not settle for anything less. Many of my Native friends feel the same way!
    Mary Jane

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary Jane. Really appreciate your good wishes for Chris Syrie. He deserves them! FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  5. Mr Syrie is a Canadian patriot for standing toe to toe with a criminal terrorist bent on property crimes and violating Mr. Syrie’s charter rights, his nation’s fland and its rule of law.

    He stood toe to toe with criminal intimidation and stared it down. There is nothing left for these rengades to do …they were defeated by a man standing firm on his rights….all that is left is the typical cowardly vandalism of his property.

    To the renegade who thinks he can get his way desecrating Canadian law and the national flag and intimidating peaceful citizens…I have to say you just shot yourself in the foot pismire…you just sunk your cause by openly demonstrating the sociopathic contempt for other people and nations that drives the fanaticism behind these vacuous land claims……utter contempt for this nation and its rule of law…yet you expect me to respect yours. Hypocrite, criminal, fool!

    The virulent duplicity of 6 nations fanaticism was openly on display in that video….I see it got nation wide distribution and today the media and blogosphere is abuzz with talk of putting an end to native lawlessness.

    Mark, Gary, that flag stomping thug just won your media war for you…watch the change in media direction now.

    VoC REPLY: Hey WL…you sound just as excited as we all are! First of all, let’s make it clear that you’re not lumping everyone on Six Nations with the gangsters on DCE. I know you’re referring only to the fanatics, but someone else might have got the wrong idea.

    I had a detailed response all done for you, and then the WP system crashed and I lost it. I was up till 5am doing this post, and I’ve been answering email all day, so I don’t have the energy to recreate it. Suffice it to say, that thug did indeed hand us a great victory as you said. I’m going to put a link to The Firebrand in my blogroll for you. Thanks, as always, for writing. Mark FREE IPPERDONIA!

  6. It,s about time that someone took a stand for princples and the rule of law and order in this BEST country in the world — supposedly at least!

    VoC REPLY: Right on Larry! Gary and I and the people who have been helping us have been waiting for a leader to emerge from inside Caledonia. Thanks for writing. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  7. Indeed, this may be the turning point. I am surprised no charges were laid as this was blatant trespassing and damaging property. If I recall the video right, the native also “bumped” Mr. Syrie and that can put added as a minor assault.

    Coupled with his brother in the Forces, now maybe this is the opening to get Mr. Harper to have the Military move in.

    Yes two tier policing exists, but we are seeing how pressure should have been done, by locals. As you said, a local leader.

    Hopefully the OPP are watching Mr. Syrie’s home and business.

    As well I haven’t heard any updates on the house that got trashed, any names or OPP watching the house?

    VoC REPLY: Welcome back tomax7. We and the Caledonia people who help us behind the scenes have been searching without success for someone who was willing to stand up publicly and forcefully. I never heard of Chris Syrie until this incident broke so you never can tell who’s watching and thinking.

    Don’t know if the OPP are doing anything to protect Syrie or the other home that was trashed. As far as the assault(s) go my info is that Syrie is trying to get the police to lay a charge, but I’m not sure if it’s for trespassing or assault. I think there’s more to come on this story.

    With respect to local leadership/involvement – a lot’s changed since Gary and I went to jail. People are using their names publicly. Other people are stepping up in a big way to help us organize. We have word that a large group of residents demanded a meeting with Inspector McLean last night so he could explain why no charges were laid in the Chris Syrie incident. When the Inspector made a derogatory reference to Gary McHale he was told that McHale was the only voice they had. Yes, things are coming together quite nicely.

    FYI, I have a 29-page document in my possession that – when substantiated (and I trust the source implicitly) – will prove quite clearly that the ‘direct action’ approach that Gary McHale and I – as ‘outsiders’ working with locals – have used was and is the only way to effect change in Caledonia against Two Tier Justice. Believe me when I say that this document will not cast the OPP or government representatives at every level in a very positive light. Can’t say more now – research is ongoing.

    I truly hope that the criminals on the Douglas Creek Estates, and those running their crime sprees in Ipperwash have the common sense to wake up, see which way the wind is blowing and start showing some respect for their fellow human beings without having to be confronted by military force. Although I think the time has long since passed for them to be asked to prepare, I would take no joy in Canadian soldiers having to kill or injure any Canadian citizens. Unfortunately, the cost of restoring the rule of law is worth any price that has to be paid.

    P.S. Here’s a reprint of a comment I got from ‘BeothucVSA’ regarding my open letter to Fantino. It arrived just a few minutes before yours. It, and your own concern for Chris Syrie explains why locals did not feel able to apply the pressure themselves before now:

    Thanks Mark, and also to you Gary.

    You guys rock, to stand up for us when no one else will is just great. I can’t even stand up for myself for fear of retaliation against my family. I’m in the unfortunate position of not being home all the time and therefore can’t speak out in opposition of this injustice. Both you and Gary, thank you for standing up to this injustice brought on by the (G)overnment. Sorry Gary, I couldn’t bring myself to capitalize that word properly! This (G)overnment has failed.

    Regards, Mark

  8. VoC said: “Hey WL…you sound just as excited as we all are! First of all, let’s make it clear that you’re not lumping everyone on Six Nations with the gangsters on DCE. I know you’re referring only to the fanatics, but someone else might have got the wrong idea.”

    Yes, You are correct Mark. I in no way want to make it appear that I am painting civil, law abiding natives with the same tar brush I have reserved for “renegades”.

    If I can define what I mean by “renegades” It would be these thugs who run around in cammo making threats or engaging in violence and property destruction waving warrior flags and wearing bandanas over their face to cover their identity and sanctify their crimes in a warped cloak of fraudulent native victimhood justification. These people are criminal in action and intent and use terrorism as a political tool in their criminal extortion schemes….. and thay are a small minority of the aboriginal community…they are equal opportunity terrorists as they terrorize their own people who do not subscribe to their violent and ciminal methods.

    Renegade is an apt term for them and my government does not recognize renegades as a “nation” nor do they “negotiate” with criminals.

    Any presense of this renegade element in a land claim or court action or protest, saps any legitimacy from such actions.

    Criminals do not dictate terms to the law or the law abiding in this nation and that is a lesson they will be learning the hard way when this is over….and it WILL end!

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. Bravo to your last paragraph! I was just interviewed by the London Free Press, and I told them almost exactly the same thing. BTW, Gary was interviewed for 3 hours today by none other than…wait for it…the Globe & Mail – man is he reaching into the halls of power! Are you paying attention, Mr. McGuinty?

    Thanks also for confirming that I understood what you meant. In light of that I edited your last paragraph very slightly.

    You may enjoy my most recent post, “Confusion in Caledonia has a name: Marie Trainer.”

    Thanks for writing, WL. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  9. …i don’t know if it is disinformation coming to light or maybe we’re tooting out horns too quick, but at Gary McHale’s site a media article states Mr. Syrie was protesting not getting fair land price for his music centre or something.

    While I understand fear of retaliation, there must be someone there who thinks stepping up to the plate is worth not losing their children’s future.

    Meaning there has to be a local person for the rest of Canada to identify with. If Mr. Syrie is willing he can become the catalyst in changing the tide in this issue.

    View from the forest.

    VoC REPLY: Hey tomax7, yes I think there is some reference to Chris being annoyed that McGuinty won’t talk to him about compensation for the land he can’t use. I agree with Gary – who cares? What matters is that he stood up in a BIG way. Hopefully, he does want to be the one to ‘unite the clans.’ Time will tell. My info is that it’s not just about the money.

    I’ve been pretty hard on Caledonians in the past for not ‘stepping up’ but when you meet them and live with them and understand what their lives are really like – especially for those who have stepped up in the past – you just have to do what you can to inspire them with your own commitment and gradually take away their fears.

    Now, I really must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. oops. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  10. What’s the update happenings in Caledonia? I check various sites and don’t see much.

    1. Do the Natives still ride around in ATV’s headlights and so on at night?

    2. How’s the school coming now that they have more camera’s, fence, and I think an earthen berm in place?

    3. What’s the update on the house thrashed?

    4. I hear lots of talk of suing the OPP but what is actually happening? Just talk or is something moving?

    5. Should get Mary=Lou to be the spokesperson for Caledonia, she seems to have the, uh, necessary male equipment needed, to stand up for Caledonians if Mr. Syrie gets cold feet. Mary=Lou speaks of her kids, a big, BIG factor needed in changing the pendulum swing.

    6. What do the OPP do all day? Stand in a line? Sit in a car?

    7. CH reporters, get them to post on here.

    This important information is lacking and needed to keep the issue up front.

    VoC REPLY: Whoooooaaah, Tom. Cut us a little slack, here buddy. 🙂 None of us are getting paid for this. Yesterday I got up 4 posts alone, answered a slew of comments, did a newspaper interview and did other related research on a huge potential story, as I already explained to you. I started at 0900 and got to bed at 0330 this morning. And here I am again. While I was trying to keep up at my end, Gary did a 3 hour interview with the Globe and Mail, and then worked on a PowerPoint Presentation until 2330 last night, and HE’S working today. And we’ll both be in Caledonia tomorrow.

    There is no new news to report or we’d have reported it by now. We just don’t have the resources to monitor every little development. As for lawsuits, I’ve already mentioned that in my very last post. When we’re ready to release details, we’ll release them, I promise. Have you not grasped the idea yet that we know what we’re doing? Keep the faith and go with the flow. And don’t believe anything the OPP tell you! 🙂

    Sorry to sound so testy, but I’m sleep deprived, and I’ve got lots to do, OK?

    FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark P.S. re OPP – the local Tim Hortons is going to be one sad dude when law and order is restored to Caledonia.

  11. Hi Mark:

    Just a note to thank you and Gary for caring about the rule of law and justice for the residents of Iperwash and Caledonia.

    I am proud of the stand my son Chris Syrie took in Caledonia against the terrorist thug that threatened his rights to land ownership and personal freedom to errect a Canadian flag on his own land. I was there with him that day and saw first hand what courage it took for him to make that stand.

    I have silently supported the message that you and Gary have been promoting and also feel it is time for all of us closest supporters to step up to the plate. We must give the terrorist native occupiers, the Government agencies and the OPP the message that we will no longer stand for two tier justice in Ontario nor will we tolerate illegal terrorist actions from any one, no matter what race, religious or ethnic background to get special considerations through their criminal acts.

    I also believe in Canada and one law for all Canadians.

    I fully support any proven claims by the First Nations for their land claims but I have trouble offering any support for terrorists, vandals or anyone trying to get a settlement by extortion.

    One last note. I have seen emails from some uninformed people ignorant of the issues trying to malign Chris Syrie by saying this was all orchestrated by him.

    To these people I say try walking a mile in the persons shoes before you criticize him for what he does.

    For the record Chris Syrie did his research, hired professional consultants, paid architecs and engineers and sat down with the appropriate town officials and building departments before purchasing this property. He also had a lawyer do the required title searches etc and was given clear title to the property he purchased.

    After being given the assurances from the town’s agents he was told that after the occupation he could no longer build his music school making the purchased land useless to him.This has been Chris’ dream and it was torn away from him by a bunch of self serving terrorists who are prepared to extort money from the Government at any cost.

    To the person or persons most critical of Chris Syrie I can only say that maybe you would like to purchase the property from him and compensate him for all of the wasted expenses to date and donate this property to the terrorists occupying Douglas Creek. This won’t compensate Chris for all of the lost business to date due to the delayed building start but it will allow him to get on with his life.

    I am tired of sitting idle any longer and I am offering to help both you and Gary in any capacity that I can. We must give this impotent Liberal government and our spinless premier the message that the status quo is not good enough.

    The OPP must also be made to realize that they have failed us miserably and their continued refusal to bring criminals to justice must stop. They must also understand that two tiered justice is not acceptable in Ontario and anyone who breaks the law must be held accountable.

    I also feel it only fair to extend the same offer to our Native friends on the Six Nations Ohseweken. I am prepared to offer any help I can give to support any legal claims they have against our Government as long as they do it legally without threats or intimidation. I feel that extortion is only something that terrorists use.

    Chris and I would gladly work together to bring both sides together and once again unite the two communities of Ohsewken and Caledonia so we can again walk and talk as friends.

    Again Mark thanks for caring and giving up your time to make a difference.

    Feel free to contact me

    Jim Anderson

    VoC REPLY: Dear Jim.

    Thank you for this amazing letter. I have received others in a similar vein, and I will be publishing a new post on VoC, a post that I have dreamt that I’d one day be able to write. I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

    Something truly remarkable is happening – residents are reaching out to their friends in the native community and extending hands of forgiveness along with heartfelt offers to join the fight against the true oppressors. We saw that last night. That you can do so after a native thug desecrated your Canadian flag and assaulted you shows that your ‘fight’ is not with natives, but with criminals and gangsters. I am so moved, I can’t tell you. I have shed tears of joy today today my friend as I read another letter to Gary that I received from a resident who had a swastika painted on his house, and wrote a most remarkable letter to the Turtle Island News. I am overwhelmed.

    A friend in Caledonia told me that Chris also had another dream – to have a music school where underprivileged children could come and learn and play music without charge. If this is true, then the criminals have stolen even more than land and one man’s dream – they have stolen hope and opportunity from many others who might otherwise have had none.

    I promise you, Jim and Chris – and I think I can speak for Gary McHale – that when the rule of law returns to Caledonia, I/we will do everything we can to ‘persuade’ the authorities in Haldimand and the provincial government that Caledonia and Ontario needs Chris’s school.

    Thank you for coming out to stand with us in the light where evil cannot exist (not forever, anyway!)

    I’m going to use your letter in my next post. Regards, Mark

  12. I have been active since this began but Chris Syrie is the bravest so far I have seen!
    Cheers to Chris Syrie, may he inspire more people to stand up for their rights!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I don’t think anyone will forget Chris Syrie for a while. Thanks for everything, Jim. Mark

  13. Good luck Caledonia and Ipperwash. You will need it. The asylum is being run by the inmates,the warden doesn’t want to get this shoes dirty so look at what is happening in northern Mexico for some idea of the long term development of this paradigm.

    I feel sorry for the good citizens of the 6 nations,they are also being terrorized by a small subset of what are essentially hired thugs. Bullies get their courage in a vacuum only, Oka was a big mistake,we should have taken them down right then and there. ( I know how that sounds but really,a sovereign government allowing it’s troops to be shown up like that is ridiculous and empowering to the other side).

    Keep US mohawks out of Canada!