Confusion in Caledonia has a name: Marie Trainer

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ch-news-jan10-07-native-throwing-canadian-flag-on-ground-owned-by-chris-syrie.JPGOn January 10, 2007 people across Canada got to watch as thuggery and disrespect for the Canadian flag met its match in the person of one Chris Syrie when he went toe-to-toe with a native bully who tried to intimidate him after throwing Syrie’s Canadian flag on the ground. I’m pleased to report that his bravery and the interest it sparked caused my post, “Courage in Caledonia has a name: Chris Syrie” to go all the way to #10 on the list of Top Posts for Jan 11/07.

Chris Syrie’s stand has – apparently – caused the Mayor of Haldimand to become a little confused as to whether the DCE criminals and their supporters are peaceful, tolerant, reasonable people that can be rationally negotiated with or volatile, dangerous, well armed gangsters who would wreak havoc on Caledonia if anyone tried to erect a Canadian flag across from the occupied land.

haldimand-mayor-marie-trainer.gifOn January 11/07 CHTV provided another take on the Chris Syrie incident [low speed click here] that includes a clip of Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer complaining about how the ‘negotiatons’ are stalled because of citizens who want to raise Canadian flags. According to CHTV’s understanding of their conversation with her, the Mayor’s solution is to negotiate between the parties to erect the flags.

[I know that the media doesn’t always get things straight, so Mayor, if you’ve been misquoted about your intent to erect Canadian flags, email me through the comment form below and I’ll correct this post ASAP. ]

Why does anyone have to ‘negotiate’ in order to exercise their constitutional rights? I don’t need the Mayor’s ‘approval’ or the approval of native criminals in order to peacefully protest and put up a Canadian flag. As I said in my open letter to Julian Fantino entitled, “Dear Commissioner Fantino: Sir, you owe Canadians an apology“:

“I will not give up my rights simply because you refuse to defend them, or because you are unable or unwilling to protect me from those who would harm me as I exercise them.”

This is the same mayor who has been running around like Chicken Little saying there was going to be violence if ‘outsiders’ came to protest or tried to raise a Canadian flag across from DCE. OPP Commissioner Fantino has repeatedly said outsiders were ‘stirring things up’ by trying to put up a flag. Fantino even compared our efforts in Caledonia to trying to find a gas leak with a match. Now, however, the Mayor wants to put up flags on the same poles that Gary, Bo Chausse and I were arrested at.

question-mark_cartoon.jpegI’d be very appreciative if the Mayor and the Commissioner would please get their stories straight – are the DCE occupiers too violent and well-armed to allow Canadian flags across from DCE or having you been misleading the public all this time with your constant accusations about ‘outsiders’ coming in to ‘provoke violence?’ Which is it?

applause.jpgNow, you must be thinking by now that Gary and I are angry with Mayor Trainer, but you’d be dead wrong. In fact, we want to wish the mayor well in her efforts to have Canadian flags erected across from DCE. If she’s successful, it could be a great aid to our lawsuits against the OPP for the false arrests they made during OUR attempts to do so. If the mayor can do it, obviously it’s not illegal, ergo why was the OPP arresting us?

(We already know it’s legal to place stuff on utility poles: the Mayor and OPP Commissioner might want to review the Supreme Court decision with respect to the case of Ramsden v. Peterborough (City), [1993] )

By the way, Mayor, with respect to us bringing a halt to the negotiations – you couldn’t have said anything that would make me prouder. HELLO MAYOR! WHY ARE YOU NEGOTIATING WITH – OR ON BEHALF OF – CRIMINALS? When the lawlessness ends, and the criminals are caught, then and only then will it be time to negotiate with law abiding native people.

Let me close with a quote from the letter that Martin Luther King Jr. wrote from a Birmingham jail on April 16, 1963 to explain why he came to Birmingham. This is for you, Mayor Trainer:

“I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

Readers can view the full text of Dr. King’s letter and a paraphrased version adapted by Gary McHale to explain why we have gone, and will continue to go to Caledonia until Two Tier Justice is only a memory.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


8 responses to “Confusion in Caledonia has a name: Marie Trainer

  1. Caledonia Resident

    I was confused by the mayors statement on TV, I thought she was behind the Caledonia people. We voted her in and now look. Someone has to do something about this as people are sick in Caledonia, some have lost weight, nerves are bad ,can’t sleep because night is when all the action happens. The residents are fed up but they are scared at the same time as no one knows what these people are capable of.

    I think it is time all Canadians stand together on the 2oth of January at 11:30 in order to show the police and all politicians we are not going to take anymore. If all Canadian don’t think this affects them, just wait until your taxes go up as more and more and more land is taken over by the Natives. This is not going to stop unless we stand together and get the government to settle it once and for all. Most of us know that the OPP in Caledonia are just taking orders and most people feel bad for them but everyone wants equal rights, that is all we ask for.

    VoC REPLY: Hi ‘Caledonia Resident’ and thanks for writing. I think the mayor’s more confused than you are. 🙂 At least you know what you want and you’re on the right side of a very clear-cut issue. As for the OPP taking orders, I’m going to do a post on that from a soldier’s perspective – a soldier who was taught he had an obligation to disobey an illegal order. If you haven’t already done so, you might want to check out the movie I made called, MARCH FOR FREEDOM. I address the issue of OPP officers ‘just obeying orders’ in it.

    Keep your chin up. Good things are happening, really good things. Make sure you come out to the Lion’s Hall on Sunday at 1pm for our public meeting. Also, check out my post, “Canadian flag victorious over OPP Two Tier Justice.” I promise you that we are not in this fight to lose. Losing is not an option. The fact that Trainer and Fantino can’t tell who the good guys are doesn’t matter. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  2. Dear Mark,

    Other than Marie , the Mayor, asking the OPP to arrest Gary McHale for trying to hang a flag in Caledonia, and falling into the trap of possible violence erupting should someone take a peaceful rally to her Town, I feel that she has the best interests of her constituents at heart.

    Everyone in authority has rammed down her throat that negotiation is the way to go irregardless of whether McHale or anyone else in Caledonia is right about two tier policing. If the police had done the job in the first place of dealing with criminal activity under the criminal code, none of this would be happening.

    The recent comments of Fantino to Council made me sick. He wants the OPP to be supported and appreciated by the residents of Caledonia and at the end of the day put the blame where it belongs.

    The innuendo to Gary McHale is horrendous. Gary and company did not get involved until 6 mos. after the occupation and did not do the March for Freedom until Oct. 15th in the ninth month of occupation. The flagraising is now admitted by Fantino to be a legal endeavour. No violence occurred in Caledonia as a result of a visit by McHale and company. Please explain to me why Fantino is not man enough to stand and say that all the fall-out is directly due to the lack of appropriate policing, and that the current policy in native land disputes is detrimental to innocent people caught in the middle. It takes a big man to tell the truth. It is a very small man that seizes the moment and tries to blame everyone else. Who is to blame for the first nine months of chaos????

    Marie only needs to be true to herself and represent her public in the way she wishes to be treated. There is no reason for her not to stand up and be counted and demand the proper help from authorities for her people. At the end of the day no one in government gives two hoots about Marie Traynor, but her public is counting on her. She is a relative, friend, and neighbour. Time to act like one. It should not be politically incorrect to demand safety, fairness and equality for the quality of life in her town.

    Someone give Fantino a teddy bear and send him to his room. He sounds like a five year old throwing a tantrum. Marie, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go get them girl. Justice is the prize.

    Mary-Lou LaPratte

    VoC Reply: As usual, you are right on, Mary-Lou. I’m going to quote your last paragraph in “CHTV TIGERS CHEW UP FANTINO!” Thanks again. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  3. …did I hear the CH report right? The OPP asked Mr Syrie to come into their shop and prove he owned the land and why he wanted to press charges against the native protesters?

    I’m confused.

    VoC REPLY: Hey tomax7. You heard right! You’re confused? You and a certain mayor and a police commissioner and the rest of us trying to figure out why the OPP just doesn’t admit that it is out of control and needs a major overhaul. Wait till you hear Fantino on CHTV – see my post, “CHTV TIGERS CHEW UP FANTINO!” Must sleep now; bye. Thanks for writing. Mark

  4. The raising of a Canadian flag requires the permission of no one. Not Julian Fantino, not Mayor Trainor and certainly not a group of terrorist thugs. Perhaps those of us who respect law and order and democracy should pool our resources and purchase Mr Syrie’s property from him and turn it into a center of resistance against domestic terrorism.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bryan, thanks for echoing my VERY strong feelings on this one. We got some terrific news today, though! Make sure you see my latest post, though: “Canadian flag victorious over OPP Two Tier Justice!” Re: the Caledonia Resistance Centre for Domestic Terrorism. I like the way you think, Bryan. Hope to see you next Sunday and/or on the 20th. Thanks again for writing. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  5. Beth Hutchinson

    Dear Mayor Trainer:

    I do not envy you your very difficult job. After Ipperwash, there was no User Manual produced for holders of Municipal Office to follow when their community is invaded by criminals and the local police force incorporates racial profiling and two tiered justice. I understand that this is truly a case of “on the job training”.

    Your recent comments concerning the raising of our Canadian Flag, which has become a symbol for our loss of Rights under the Charter, again shows that you have not grasped the ramifications of this issue.

    Let me first address you comment, often made, that the flag issue causes the Negotiating Team to come to a grinding halt. The citizens of Caladonia, Canadians and you have no control over the ineptness and inability of these over-paid bureaucrats to stay focused and on track. If I were being paid $1300 daily, I expect I wouldn’t be in a great hurry to complete the task set before me.

    May I suggest that if the negotiators can not stay on track and focused on the task before them, that they be sequestered. They should not be allowed any outside contact whatsoever. No phone. No radio. No Internet. No T.V. No newspaper. No contact with friends or family. They will be picked up at the end of the day and taken to an undisclosed hotel where they will be guarded until the morning. Again they will be bused to the location of the negotiations. Lunch will be brought to them.

    Mayor, I implore you to separate the two. Citizens can exercising their right to Freedom of Expression as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and upheld in the 1998 Ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada in Ramsden .v Peterborough. It is each and every Canadians right to place objects on hydro poles regardless of municipal fears for safety, traffic flow and other considerations.. Once again the OPP have decided not to uphold the laws of this country, court rulings and their Oath of Office to administer The Rule of Law.

    I believe you are bound by law, your office and your conscience to start supporting our rights as Canadians or history will surely record you as one who did not fight for democracy but as one who chose to appease criminals and the inception of a Police State.

    With deepest respect for your office, your leadership and friendship, I remain yours. Beth Hutchison

    VoC REPLY: Well said, Beth! I can’t add anything to that. Thanks for letting me run this. Mark

  6. People need to remember she get’s threats from the natives; some times physical! Like when they block her from getting out of her car! She is wide open for criticism from all side and has NO real power!

    She does her best but has to try and please every body! Do not think for one moment she is NOT being pressured by our Governments too!

    Every thing she says may not be how she really feels but must be politically correct so not to upset the natives for the negotiations!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim! Thanks for pointing out the other side of Marie Trainer’s life. I agree with everything you said, except:

    1. She didn’t have to run for Mayor. Once she did and won, she has a responsibility to the truth, not political correctness.

    2. No one should be negotiating with or on behalf of sociopathic thugs. You may want to see my recent post called, “Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.” As I said in the post, if our activities are bringing those ‘negotiations’ to a halt, I couldn’t be happier. Let’s negotiate with people of good will, not gangsters.

    3. In fairness to the Mayor, I’ve never met her personally, but I’ve been less than impressed at how quickly she changes her story to suit the circumstances. In one interview it’s the bickering native side that’s the problem. In the next she’s saying she’s against Two Tier Justice, but the world will end because a couple of ‘outsiders’ are coming to march peacefully and put up some flags. In the next interview, she’s saying she’s going to negotiate with ‘both sides’ to put up Canadian flags before we come on the 20th, and then she’s accusing honest citizens of ‘provoking violence.’ She spins faster than my washing machine.

    4. I’ve been told that Marie Trainer is a very nice lady, and that she’s not afraid to come out to a resident’s home in the middle of the night to watch the OPP watch the criminals throw rocks at some old man’s house. I’ll give you that she’s a nice lady. Unfortunately, Caledonia doesn’t need a ‘nice lady’ right now – you need a strong leader who will tell you the truth and stick to it. You need a leader who’s going to publicly welcome Gary McHale and any one else into your town who wants to end Two Tier Justice as allies, not enemies.

    Thanks for writing, Jim. I appreciate it. FREE IPPERDONIA! Regards, Mark

  7. Mark said: “This is the same mayor who has been running around like Chicken Little saying there was going to be violence if ‘outsiders’ came to protest or tried to raise a Canadian flag across from DCE. OPP Commissioner Fantino has repeatedly said outsiders were ’stirring things up’ by trying to put up a flag.”

    Man…see a recurring theme here Mark? 😉

    Oldest political trick in the book….sidestep issues and responsibility by blame shifting.

    Is there anyone left in our over politicized public service who has been trained to take reponsibility for their fauilures???

    Dolton’s coddling of insurrectionsts has failed, Fantino’s 2 tiered justice for renegades has failed, the mayors of the invaded towns have failed their communities with their pointless hand wringing, navel gazing and finger pointing….but they all seem to be on the same page when it comes to blame shifting…..very telling that commentary from the 3 has the same scripted talking points: “outsiders”, “trouble makers”, “Gary McHale”…these are the neboulous boogymen responsible for making the paid and elected professionals remiss in their duty to uphold the law and provide community security.

    Virtually everything is to blame except the renegades who illegally invaded DCE and criminally occupy it with threats of violence against the residents of Calidonia.

    Strange isn’t it that when the “outsiders” are gone the threat to the community remains…..I guess in the twisted thinking of these 3 political poltroons, if its not in the news its not a problem…IOW “peace order and good government” is a matter of keeping our failures out of the public eye….what the suckers don’t know can’t harm them. And this alone is the reason Caledonia has lasted so long….politicians avoiding the truth and their responsibility to the electorate.

    Amazing…. why pay taxes if no one is responsible for their paid civic duty? Any preschooler can blame shift….why pay millions for it?

    Pinkslips anyone?

    VoC REPLY: Why, indeed, WL? Why, indeed. Yes to pink slips. These politicians need to learn how to identify their friends from their enemies. I’m reminded of a sign I saw during the orginal March for Freedom on October 15/06 that said, “HOW DID WE BECOME THE ENEMY?” FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  8. Put a cop at the side of the road where there is a smoke SHACK and when a person buys smokes and crossing onto our roads, make them pay the taxes for the cigs. You will see that they will stop buying at any native SHACK.