Canadian flag victorious over OPP Two Tier Justice!

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picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpgI got a call this evening from Gary McHale who asked me if I had any champagne to pop the cork on. I don’t drink (and NO, I’m not a former alcoholic) but I told him that I’d sure consider taking a good slug from the bottle after he shared the news that…get ready for it…Canadian flags are legal in Caledonia!

OPP Commissioner Fantino has been been quoted in The Sachem (a Grand River area newspaper) as saying the following:

When it comes to raising flags, Fantino says it is legal to put up a flag on public property. “From what I was told the Supreme Court says it is legal.”

[photo by Jeff Parkinson: “Picture Worth a Thousand Words” – VoC is at lower left with Canadian flag just prior to my arrest] 

Hmmm, I wonder who told the Commissioner about that decision. Could it be Gary McHale at Could it have been VoC’s post, “Dear Commissioner Fantino: Sir, you owe Canadians an apology“? After posting, I emailed the commissioner personally to let him know that I was waiting for my apology. Maybe, one of his handlers decided to read something other than their own PR propaganda. 

Of course, this begs a couple of questions: if the commissioner didn’t know about the decision, WHY didn’t he, given that his officers were arresting law abiding citizens? And, if he did know what we were doing was legal, why did he avoid the media and Gary McHale’s request for an explanation as to why it was legal to fly native flags and not the Canadian? 

In any event the commissioner’s better-late-than-never education at the hands of ‘juvenile outsider whacko trouble makers’ is going to make it a whole lot easier for our pending ‘false arrest’ lawsuits. Here’s a hint, sir – settle…because we’d love to subpoena you and all of the other 350 officers who were there on December 16/06 so they can testify as to what their orders were.

Now, will someone tell me where the champagne is? I think I want to get drunk for the first time in 29 years!!!

P.S. Check out my other new post, “CHTV TIGERS CHEW UP FANTINO!  champagne.jpg



6 responses to “Canadian flag victorious over OPP Two Tier Justice!

  1. Jeff Parkinson

    This is the biggest Caledonia related news since the first March for Freedom for sure but save some room for victory drinks when this ends. The day is coming very soon sir but we have a couple of obstacles to go.

    In the CH interview Fantino also tried to explain the 2 tiered justice as “officer discretion to not escalate a situation” and made it clear that he still considers the Flag raising rally coming next week to be an attempt to “stir things up” to which he says the OPP will “prevent this breach of peace at any cost”.

    His response to the simple question of why are native flags legal and Canadian flags not legal was a gem ” The circumstances are vastly different, uh it’s not about raising flags it’s about provocation.” Good save there big boy.

    He further states ” we’ll continue doing what we have to do to keep the peace. ” Asked again about the flags he says ” I don’t think you’re in a position to be judging jury and executioner with the actions of taken what the police are doing here ” (I think I see beads of sweat forming and vocabulary dropping) ” This whole busness of peace and tranquility in a community is a shared responsibility and it’s not just up to the OPP only and soely to preserve the peace.” ” I think you’re missing the boat here, my concern is those who are coming here (us) to cause trouble unnecessarily so”

    He goes on to state about 10 times in a short time that the OPP will keep the peace at “any cost” which no doubt means they will be all set to arrest more of us come the 20th.

    This is the worst attempt at an interview by any politician (let’s face it that’s what he is) that I have ever witnessed and in the end he still makes it clear that we will face opposition if we try to stand up for our civil rights.

    All in all it’s an absoloutely phenomenal development in this fight and very strong proof that we can and WILL win!

    I for one would love to see a big bash when this is all over for everyone on our side to celebrate the most unlilkely and monumental victory for Civil rights in my lifetime if not ever in Canada.

    Massive thanks to the people at CH who did not let him ignore this very important topic any longer in a public forum!

    This week definitely marks a huge shift in the balance of power in this fight and unless we retreat now which is not going to happen there can be no mistake who is going to prevail.

    I shall leave you with perhaps my favorite quote from that interview. ” Aside from and out and out war in Caledonia, what is it that the people would expect the OPP to do?

    Jeff Parkinson

    VoC REPLY: Hey Jeff! Thanks for writing and for the partial transcript. First off, I took the liberty of copying your comment onto the latest VoC post, “CHTV TIGERS CHEW UP FANTINO!” Hope you don’t mind since it was very relevant to that post as well as this one.

    It’s so funny listening to the commissioner blame everyone except the criminals who have been terrorizing Caledonia! I’m past getting mad – I’m actually quite amused because I know he’s not going to get away with it much longer. Even the CH reporter shut him up when he tried to blame McHale.

    If the OPP try to stop us from putting up flags on the 20th (assuming there’s room for them on the poles!) they’re asking for serious legal trouble and even more bad will from Caledonians. Imagine them arresting 50 people illegally and then facing 50 lawsuits because that’s what’s going to happen. We have already had ‘supporters/organizers’ contact the civilian police review agency to find out how to work with them on a very related project.

    What do we expect the OPP to do? Is he kidding? Are we sure he was actually a cop? Come on…really?

    I definitely KNOW I’m seeing you on the 20th and on Sunday – see you there. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  2. It seems a tad servile that a Canadian should have to to get police permission to raise a Canadian flag on Public property….That seems to be the drift of Fantino’s message….That the police are afraid a charter/court protected act of patriotism may “provoke” a violent terrorist act so they will suppress these acts of charter protected patriotism and save the criminal terrorist element the pain of “provocation”….or is it the OPP who are being “provocated? 😉

    Anyway, at least the head tuna acknowledges your flag raising act is protected by the charter and confirmed by supreme court decisions.I think Fantino was shamed into admitting it by your public demonstrations and statements.

    The big question now is will this constitutionally dyslexic keystone cop outfit PROTECT your supreme court affirmed right to raise our nation’s flag on public property come Jan. 20?

    Fantino has admitted you have a constitutional right to do so and that right overrides any “police descretion” jibberish he may hide behind. Perhaps Fantino has the megalomania to think he can “interpreted” the SCC ruling to mean only public property he has not been told to protect from Canadian flag raisers by his political bosses….but hey small vicrories in a province with a dysfunctional police force and constitutional dyslexia.

    Seems 2 things are now apparent.

    1) Fantino and the Keystones are crapping their pants over the prospect of having to confront native terrorists and law breakers in the course of upholding the law….this is why they willingly abandon their oath to follow diddling Dolton’s hands off orders. Give the whole force state- issued pampers.

    2) He will make any civilly depraved public remark and engage in any unconstitutional act of police state goonery of the peaceful citizenry to avoid that duty.

    Jan, 20 should bring enough civil charges against this provincial comedy troupe to put the fear of the charter back in their bosses.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. The ‘Gary and Mark are going to destroy Caledonia’ argument is getting a bit thin, isn’t it. Ah, yes…will they actually PROTECT our rights? Well, we’ll keep filing lawsuits until they do. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  3. …i wouldn’t be popping the champagne just yet. Overconfidence is a dangerous thing.

    OPP top Cop just mentioned it is legal to put the flags up, but also I’m sure there is a law about abusing the flag which could be used to counter any arguments in using it or a lawsuit.

    Why not use the Ontario flag? H. County? Caledonia town flag?

    Even if there isn’t a law, there is a by-law that can be used about distractions and so on, like those crosses along highways indicating a death.

    Maybe buy the champagne, but I wouldn’t be opening it just yet.

    VoC REPLY: Maybe we could use the Elmer the Safety Elephant flag. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  4. I keep hearing “breach the peace” as the polices’ excuse to arresting those who are doing nothing more than exercising their rights to protest. Am I the only one confused??? Isn’t breach the peace intended to give someone a “cool down period” because they are likely to commit a criminal act. Near as I can see, it was the protesters who were likely to commit an offence if flags were raised, not Gary or Mark. At no time can I see that either of you planned or indicated you would commit such an act. If the police arrested the native protesters, that would be breach of peace. Gary and Mark had no intent.

    Arresting for “breach of peace” is being abused in caledonia.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. You’re going to love the video of our last town hall meeting in Caledonia that took place yesterday (Jan 14/07)! Your logic is the same as Gary McHale’s and it is flawless reasoning. To show you how ridiculous the OPP is in Caledonia, they arrested 3 of us for an act that was perfectly legal (see Supreme Court decision, Ramsden v. Peterborough (City) and NOT a potential ‘Breach’ but they didn’t arrest the native thug who threw Chris Syrie’s flag on the ground which WAS an actual ‘Breach of the Peace.’ You should be a lawyer. Maybe you could work for the OPP and explain basic logic to them. Thanks for writing again. Mark

  5. In response to tomax7 concern about abusing the Canadian flag. What could be more patriotic than standing up for our civil rights. I don’t see how using the flag to say “I am a Canadian. I believe in justice” could be abusing the flag. Those who are not citizens of Canada have abused the flag. I wonder how they would have roads, phone, tv, electricity, and the list goes on, if they are not Canadian. I pay bills and taxes for this. If they don’t pay taxes, who pays for their kids education. If they don’t want to be Canadian, maybe we should give them their wish. A bill at the hospital after receiving treatment at a Canadian hospital.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. Your mom and dad had great taste in names! By the way, I read somewhere that Mark means ‘Warrior’ in another language, but I can’t remember which one. Good research project when I don’t have anything to do. Yeah.

    I agree – obviously – with you re the flag. You have to understand that the so-called ‘native spokespersons’ who talk about ‘genocide’ and how Canada ‘isn’t a country’ don’t really speak for native peoples as a whole, I believe. They speak for the criminals whose violence they support with their hateful words.

    The reason it seems that they have support is because a lot of native people feel that we’re not listening to them. Allow me to suggest that you read the exchanges I had with an Iroquois man named Terry Jamieson Jr. in my post called, “Negotiation & mediation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.” You may find it quite interesting how our interaction began, and how it ended. It’s amazing what can happen if you just listen and show that you care. I strongly urge ALL readers to read this post.


  6. O.P.P. commissioner* Fantino has been a major disappointment to the topic of ‘law and order’ since he took over the helm of this once respected organization now reduced to an imitation of a stereotyped corrupt ‘southern U.S. style’ police department.

    It appears a little ‘backroom chicanery’ must have been hammered out before Fantino was allowed to don his braided uniform and take command. A deal would have to imply that a political agenda would take precedence over any notion of old-fashioned law and order which I had assumed Fantino stood for in his previous posts.

    When a state of lawlessness and disorder prevail, it usually indicates a government policy failure that can only be rectified by a government correction and that doesn’t appear to be happening.

    Also this term describing yourself and Gary McHale as ‘outside agitators’ by Ontario politicians and instantly parroted by the media is truly annoying. Juxtapose that absurd expression with a recent story about a couple of gun-carrying Somalians holding Canadian passports in their own strife-torn country and the MSM stresses ad nausem…..Oh, they’re “Canadians” !

    P.S. — I’d like to reprint excerpts of your letter to Fantino in my blog, if you have no objections.

    *small ‘c’

    VoC REPLY: Hello Elliot Lake News! Any snow up that way? I hear they’re getting hammered in Hamilton & Toronto. Thanks for writing and for asking permission to reprint. You can use anything you like as long as you don’t alter the context and you provide a link/credit to

    You’re right, of course, about the lawlessness being indicative of a failure at the top. I studied ISO9000 quality systems and I know that the vast majority of quality problems are the fault of management, not workers. Our leaders at every level have let us down.

    Actually, the ‘outsiders’ label was not much more than a minor annoyance, even an amusement to us because of the feebleness of the argument. In fact, I was saying to Gary tonight that we really have to thank our ‘leaders’ for the label because it allowed us to get our message out even more effectively had they not resorted to name calling. For example, David Peterson did the whole movement a huge favour by calling us ‘Whackos.’ The OPP, being no slouches in the name calling department have called us everything from “mischief makers to interlopers (that was in yesterday’s London Free Press in a front page story about me) to using a match to find a gas leak – the ‘gas leak’ of course is Caledonia. Every time that our opponents resort to name calling instead of making a logical argument they damage their own credibility. At some point, they’re going to run out of names, and be forced to account for their actions.

    Beside, ELN, I just got an offer of free room and board from a Caledonian who feels the same way as you do; you don’t want to squirrel that offer for me, do you? My free digs would come to a screeching halt if the Commissioner and Mayor stop talking about ‘outsiders.’ 🙂

    Thanks for the sentiments, and for writing. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark