13 Reasons why you need to be in Caledonia, Ontario on January 20/07

On January 20, 2007 you, your friends, your co-workers, and your relatives need to be in Caledonia, Ontario at 1130 in the morning. Here’s why: 

picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpg#1: Show Caledonians and the people of Ipperwash that you care about destroying the Two Tier Justice system they are forced to live with. Come and lend them your voice – they need and deserve your support.

#2: Defend our flag and the values it represents – the Ontario Provincial Police stand guard for violent criminals who put up the Warriors’ flags, yet arrest law-abiding citizens who want to put up a Canadian flag on the same pole.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that we have a constitutional right to put items on public utility poles, so it’s the OPP who are breaking the law, not us. 

[That’s Voice of Canada on the left with the large Canadian flag a few minutes before my arrest. The flag is hung upside down as a distress signal in response to the attack by government and the OPP against our values of Rule of Law, Freedom of Expression, Equality Before the Law.]

warrior2.jpg#3: Show Ontario Premier McGuinty that you stand with the Toronto Star, the St. Catharines Standard, and MPP Ted Chudleigh (Halton) in demanding one set of laws for all citizens, and a return to the rule of law in Caledonia and Ipperwash.

#4: You don’t believe that any Canadian citizen should have to instruct his children that, in event of an emergency, they are to dial 911, wait for the operator to answer, but not to talk to the operator because the police will take their time coming, or might not come at all if they find out a native is involved. A Caledonia resident told me this following my release from jail on Dec 16/06.

#5: You don’t believe that any Canadian citizen should be asked the race of a home invasion perpetrator during a 911 call. Sad, but true story from Ipperwash!

blockade_april20-06.jpeg#6: You don’t think that criminals should be allowed to block roads or dig them up while the OPP stand by and allow it to continue. 

garbag11.jpe[Click on the photo to the immediate right to enlarge it. You can see what appears to be an OPP car at the end of the bridge.]

opp.jpg[Just a guess, but I’m pretty sure that – somewhere – there’s an OPP officer watching these guys dig up the main road. Maybe they’re in the nearby Tim Hortons? Someone should go tell them.]

#7: You don’t believe that the OPP should be able to hold an innocent man overnight even though they knew they weren’t going to charge him.

(See also, item #17 under HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED in VoC post, “Canadian flag ripped from my hands by OPP – VoC goes to jail! for more info about Gary McHale’s ‘political’ arrest & court appearance.”)

caledonia-palestinian-flag.jpeg#8: You don’t believe that criminals should be able to show up at your house, take it from you by force, and then find yourself arrested and/or ridiculed by the OPP when you or your friends protest.

#9: You don’t believe that any Canadian citizen should have to say they don’t have any policing at all where they live. The poor woman shown in the last segment of this 2:02 minute CHTV video seems resigned to the reality of having no police protection. Is this the Canada you thought you lived in? No? Then, help us do something about it.

#10: You don’t think your government should be ‘negotiating’ with violent criminals who try to intimidate their opponents into silence using their supremacist ideology.

#11: Help stand vigil with my wife and Gary McHale’s wife after we get arrested – again.

#12: Good karma; after all, YOU might need people to come to your town one day to help you fight against Two Tier Justice. If the police and the government are going to allow violent criminals to seize deeded property in Caledonia, who says your property won’t be next?

#13: When history judges all of us by how we acted or failed to act on behalf of our fellow citizens you want to be proud to say that you stood up for Justice, Equality and the Rule of Law when it mattered most. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, but as yesterday’s events have shown, one honest man can change history.

I do very much hope that you will join us in Caledonia on January 20, 2007 at 1130 for the 3rd March for Freedom event. We’re not asking you to do anything to get arrested, but we are asking you to at least show up to support those of us who are prepared to risk our freedom so your kids can grow up in a province where all citizens are equal before the law.

If you do decide to come, make sure you bring a Canadian flag!  

For more info, visit www.caledoniawakeupcall.com.

lady_justice-350px.jpgMark Vandermaas, Editor
Voice of Canada

caledonia_cdn-flag.jpegIf you’re new to the Caledonia crisis and how it is eating at the very foundation of our democracy, or you just want to know why an average, overweight, middle-aged guy dragged his butt off the couch to – willingly and proudly – end up in a Cayuga jail cell, check out MARCH FOR FREEDOM – The Struggle to Restore Equal Justice in Ontario, Canada.


2 responses to “13 Reasons why you need to be in Caledonia, Ontario on January 20/07

  1. It is truly unfortunate that much of the media is hiding the true situation in Caledonia, at the direction of politicians. I would love to see some of our older veterans carry flags on January 20th in Caledonia. If the OPP ripped flags from the hands of those honorable civilians, it would expose to the world how disgraceful that police force has truly become.
    I will do my best to be there on January 20th, and hopefully bring a few friends with me.

    VoC REPLY: Hey John! Thanks for the thoughts and for coming to support Caledonia. I look forward to seeing you and your friends there. We’re in the process of getting the word out to the legions. As for the media, they are starting to turn thanks to Gary McHale’s ability to stay ‘on message’ and the criminals’ inability to justify their actions. The media is getting tired of hearing that we are ‘racists’ and ‘troublemakers’ and ‘whackos’ etc., etc. It is becoming clear who the real victims in Caledonia and Ipperwash are – and it’s not those using terror and crime to get what they want.

    If you have any doubts that the media is ‘getting it,’ take a few minutes to read the Toronto Star, St. Catharines Standard and Ted Chudleigh MPP editorials using the links in Reason #3 in this post. Good things are starting to happen thanks to your support! Keep it coming. We need you and appreciate you.Mark

  2. http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/riel/rielaccount.html

    From the famous trials website Louis Riel trial and analysis. Kind of interesting reading and history of a remotely similar conflict.

    Seems like the media is begining to take you a lot more seriously in my opinion, for now. Reasons: #1 Persistance, you are not going away, and it looks like you are in it for the long haul. #2 Controversy sells, and it keeps people tuning in. #3 Politicians are either ducking and running for cover or jumping on board. #4 More people are becoming aware of the dithering, buck passing and excuse making plus the provincial election is looming. #5 It’s getting more and more interesting because you are keeping it in the news, and it seems like you are winning the hearts and minds of the average Joe who is fed up with the BS. #6 Focus: The presentation is looking more professional and organized, and you are consistantly staying on your key message, two tier justice, which bugs the people who pay their taxes and behave themselves. #7 Credibilty You are not responding to insults by returning the same in kind, and you are doing a much better job of dispelling the acusations of racism and having a sinister hidden agenda. Just remember your credibility is still constantly under attack, don’t let your guard down, and keep your wits about you at all times.

    My friendly advice for what it’s worth, and with people like me sort of sitting on the fence and starting to lean is : keep up the struggle, you’ve got the major players on the run, just be careful not to walk into any traps or setups because you know the media will turn on you on a dime if it suits them to do so. This is kind of a cryptic message I know but it’s a bit of a reality check too. Be careful not to get too excited; you are trending in the right direction, but you have a lot of bends in the road to steer through yet. I still have an open mind to this all. Have fun.

    VoC REPLY: Mike, thank you so very much for the sentiments. As I promised, I want to answer the very great questions you posed on VoC what seems to be a lifetime ago. As I told you privately (I think I did! Finally got some sleep last night after almost 40 hrs +/-awake, so I can’t be sure) my next post was to be called, “Hope in Caledonia.” Now that the debate about us being “unhelpful, racist, mischief making, violence provoking, unhelpful, outsider interlopers coming in to stir things up, spew hate and commit offences in the shroud of the Canadian flag” [for the record, Julian Fantino didn’t call us racists.] is over, maybe – just maybe – I can get to it before Saturday.

    Don’t you think it’s pretty bad when our society regards citizens who stand up for the Rule of Law and equality before that law are considered ‘controversial’? For the past 4 months I’ve sometimes felt that I was living in the ‘bizzaro’ world of opposites that Jerry Seinfeld talked out in an episode.

    Got to go. Yes, let’s not get too excited. You can count on Gary to keep us on the right track. Thanks again for writing, Mike. Really appreciate your sentiments. Mark