MPP Toby Barrett ends the debate: VoC & CWUC are ‘OUTSIDERS’ no more!

UPDATED 1157 EST Jan 17/07

locomotive.jpgI could have called this post, “Way to go, Toby! Drive that train.”

That’s because MPP Toby Barrett (photo in right sidebar, top) has just stepped up to fill the leadership vacuum in Caledonia in a big way by telling local politicians to stop putting obstacles in front of the Gary McHale train because it’s pulling out of the station, and if they don’t jump on board and do something to help they’re going to be left standing like lost tourists at the Ipperwashville train station. learned late yesterday afternoon that Toby had spoken to Gary McHale from his car as he authorized McHale to issue a special announcement on his behalf that said, in part…

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-015.jpg“You [Gary McHale] are the easy way out for many people and it is incumbent on other leaders in the community to step forward. It is time for a few others to shoulder this. I feel very strongly about the right to speak out in a democracy. Unfortunately for you, you play another role, and that is that everyone always wants a whipping boy or a scape goat and you have become that. If it wasn’t you then it would be someone else.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpgwarrior3.jpgHe also joined the Toronto Star, the St. Catharines Standard, John Tory and Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh in calling for a return of the Rule of Law for his constituents, and rejecting completely the approaches taken by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the McGuinty government in dealing with both Caledonia and Ipperwash.

“Heaven forbid that we continue on for 10-11 years toward Ipperwash. That would be downright dangerous and outright irresponsible.”

garbag1.jpeToby stood shoulder-to-shoulder today with Gary McHale against the ‘Chamberlain Effect‘ a term coined by a Caledonia resident to describe a politician or police officer “who engages in non-intervention, negotiation and passive support for illegal activities that further the political and economic ambitions of any group or individual while allowing ‘Two Tier Justice’ and ‘Racial Profiling’ in the name of maintaining the peace.” Haldimand’s very own MPP vindicates the very message that McHale has trying to get across for many months now…

“When I hear the Chief of Police [Fantino] say there is ‘provocation’…this occupation is a provocation…the attempted murder of a police, that is provocation. That stirs things up.”

Toby also wondered as to why Gary wasn’t getting more help from our elected officials with respect to informing Caledonia’s residents…

gary-2.JPG“We have to have more community forums. Why is it Gary McHale that is discussing this issue continuously, why isn’t the Attorney General not invited down to Caledonia to discuss the issue?”

He praised McHale’s oft-criticized website, his key weapon in the fight against Two Tier Justice in Ontario…

caledonialogo.jpeg“The important thing for the community is the freedom to access information, to communicate. Your web site provides a very important service for the people of Haldimand County. The site pulls so much information together and it has always been that way. The most important thing for Caledonia is the sharing of information.”

Although Toby Barrett didn’t mention VoiceofCanada by name, Gary McHale made it clear to me yesterday that Toby appreciates all those who come to help their fellow Canadians restore the rule of law in Caledonia no matter where they’re from.

Ding dong – the wicked witch is dead! Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas and every other Canadian who journeys to Haldimand County in defence of democracy will wear the label of ‘OUTSIDERS’ no longer. On behalf of all those who go to aid their neighbours in a time of need VoiceofCanada thanks you – MPP Toby Barrett – from the bottom of my heart for ending that silly debate once and for all.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-029.jpgmarch_for_freedom_oct15-06-054.jpgI’m proud to remind you that, at a time when every level of government in Ontario was cowardly crying that the world would end if Caledonians marched with Gary McHale on October 15, 2006, Toby Barrett spoke on the hill that day and marched through the streets of Caledonia with his people – 2,000 citizens of Ontario who answered McHale’s call to join what will likely prove to be one of the most important civil rights movement in Canada’s history. They came out to walk in a peaceful yet defiant stand against a government and a police force that both seemed intent on following the Ipperwash doctrine of appeasing criminals instead of arresting them.

“In spite of a lot of angry phone calls and emails regarding the October 15th rally, I did speak at the March for Freedom, at the rally. I just feel that it is very important. I am an MP and this is my riding and I will speak out.”

opp-abuse-the-elderly.jpgpicture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpgToby was there, too, on December 2, 2006 when the OPP arrested Bo Chausse, the first Canadian to be arrested for trying to place a Canadian flag on a utility pole in Caledonia. And he was part of history once again on December 16, 2006 when Gary McHale and VoiceofCanada editor chose to go to jail rather than allow the DCE criminals and the OPP to deny them their rights to erect a Canadian flag across the street from the stolen land.

ch-news-jan10-07-native-throwing-canadian-flag-on-ground-owned-by-chris-syrie.JPGApparently, Toby had been considering what additional help he could give Gary in the fight against Two Tier Justice. Perhaps his decision to make such a strong stand today was influenced by the courage of Chris Syrie, owner of vacant land adjoining the Douglas Creek Estates. Chris electrified all of Canada by going toe-to-toe with a native thug who had thrown his Canadian flag on the ground in a scene reminiscent of the soldier/warrior stand off at OKA.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-011.jpgToby Barrett. Member of Provincial Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk-Brant. History will remember that he stood up to be counted when it mattered, that he was willing to stand with one ordinary citizen, a man he barely knew simply because it was the right thing to do. I have hope for my country today!

tim_hudak_ontario_mpp_erie-lincoln.jpegAll citizens in Ontario must also remember – and be grateful for – the integrity and strength of Tim Hudak, the MPP for Erie. On October 11, 2006, Hukak was very first politician to publicly address the hypocrisy of the Ontario government’s efforts to stop the first March for Freedom. At a time when ridicule, insults and obstructionism were being heaped upon good citizens who were only acting in their province’s and country’s best interests at a pivotal moment in history it was Tim Hudak who gave us hope.

But Hudak also gave us more. Now that what should have been obvious to our leaders all along – that abiding citizens and peaceful protesters are not the problem in Caledonia – we can ask anew the question as to what we should do next, and Tim Hudak provided that answer, too, at a time when few in the halls of power were willing to listen to it. Here is the reprint of a VoiceofCanada post I ran on October 12, 2006:

Based on a Canadian Press article dated October 11, 2006, Conservative MPP, Tim Hudak (Erie-Lincoln) has, to the best of my knowledge, become the first Member of the Ontario Parliament to speak the truth about the government’s hypocrisy over the constant attempts to belittle the upcoming March for Freedom and its organizer, Gary McHale.The CP article says, in part:

“…Conservative Tim Hudak said the government is ignoring the situation and needs to end the ongoing occupation. The rally shows town residents have had enough, he said. “People are not only angry, they’re damn angry,” Hudak said. “It’s an incredible double standard. On the one hand, the premier is against this rally but it’s carte blanche for the occupiers on the occupied site.” The province shouldn’t continue negotiating with Six Nations as long as the protesters remain on the site, Hudak said. “There is no reason for that occupation to continue,” he said.

Well done, Mr. Hudak! Thank you for your leadership. I hope to see you next Sunday in Caledonia.

I will be in Caledonia on October 15th to help Gary McHale defend democracy against criminals and government inaction. If you’d like to know why YOU should be there, please take a few minutes to watch ‘MARCH FOR FREEDOM: the struggle to restore equal justice in Ontario, Canada.

To the Member of Provincial Parliament for Erie, Tim Hudak. Thank you – once again – for your leadership. Your constituents are in very, very good hands.

caledonia-resistance.jpgNeedless to say, Gary McHale is a happy man today, but his fight for justice would not have been possible were it not for the help of a Caledonia insiders, a widespread, loosely organized network known as the Caledonia Resistance.

One day, when the Rule of Law is not a subject for debate and Two Tier Justice is a bad memory, their names and stories will be told. For now – thank you! 

So, what can you say about Gary McHale? Everything he has said and done and believed in has been completely vindicated today. I am proud to say I believed in him and in his mission.

whacko.jpgAll in all, not a bad day for a guy who can’t spell worth a darn and was once described by David Peterson as a ‘whacko.’

I wonder if our new OPP Commissioner, Julian Fantino, is wishing he’d embraced McHale’s help instead of publicly vilifying him with scurrilous accusations during his OPP PR blitz through Caledonia in early January? Here’s a reminder of what Fantino said in response to the Spectator’s Marissa Nelson’s question about McHale’s next March for Freedom event

afraid_turtle-in-shell.jpeg “People have to see it for what this is – it’s mischief-making and there’s another agenda here. We’ve been the target of this nonsense, just as the community has… The right to demonstrate peace-fully is not a problem. The right to incite a breach of the peace or spew hate and commit offences, that’s not a right, it’s an abuse of your rights… It’s like entering a darkened room where there’s a gas leak and looking for it with a match.”

Today, our Commissioner seems rather small next to giants like Tim Hudak, Toby Barrett and Gary McHale.

chtvdonna_skelly.jpgchtv-mark_hebscher.jpgGary called me today after doing an interview with Donna Skelly and Mark Hebscher of CHTV. He knew things were going to get a bit easier for him when Mark introduced him as “Our friend, Gary McHale’ and Donna replied, ‘Our lovable, Gary McHale.’

VoC Perspective…

On October 24, 2006, just 9 days after the original March for Freedom, I posted a response to a reader’s complaint about the ‘amateurish’ quality of Gary’s original website by creating a post called, “If Gary McHale could do it with ‘kiddie GIFS, imagine what YOU could do!” I knew, beyond a doubt, as I was walking with the crowd, that Gary was going to make history despite his ‘limitations.’ We could all learn something from him. Here’s part of what I wrote back then…

“McHale’s an easy target: he’s overweight; he lacks the Robert Redford looks; he doesn’t have a university degree (neither do I, by the way); he can’t spell, and he gets a little strident at times. McHale didn’t take a course in how to change history… he’s just doing it, warts and all. He could have sat back and eaten a bunch of pogo sticks, and said, “Gee, I’m fat and I can’t build a great website, so I’ll just do what everyone else is doing – NOTHING!”

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-059.jpgGary would be the first to remind all of us that the fight against Two Tier Justice is far from over and he would be right.

Part of Caledonia is still occupied by criminals and their supporters. Residents are still terrified to speak out even as their elected officials offer huge tracts of land to reward their violence. We still have to free Ipperwash from the crime spree and terror that they have faced for more than a decade. We still have to make some major changes to the Ontario Provincial Police, and create legislation that will never again allow them to alter their role from that of a police force to an instrument of political-correctness. Lastly, we still have to build some bridges with aboriginal people of good will who have been sympathetic to the DCE occupation because they feel we just weren’t listening to them. Things are beginning to change though. I can feel it in the comments and emails and the discussions I’ve been trying to encourage on VoiceofCanada. Some have moved me to tears. Watch for a VoC post called “Hope in Caledonia” in the near future. For now, please take some time to read, “Negotiation & Mediation with Natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.” The post owes its roots to an exchange I had with an amazing Iroquois man named Terry Jamieson Jr. who initially wrote in to criticize me. Our exchange doesn’t begin on a promising note, but I know you’re going to love the ending! 

I’m amazed at what one man (with the steadfast support of his wife, Christine!) can accomplish in a short period of time armed only with a computer and an unshakable commitment to do the right thing. I realized today how far he’d come myself when I noticed some spelling typos in his Toby Barrett announcement, and didn’t even bother to mention them.

lady_justice-350px.jpgmarch_for_freedom_oct15-06-056.jpgMark Vandermaas, Editor

P.S. Gary, Toby and Tim: thanks for the kind words.  Gary – thank you especially for that unbelievable moment of clarity that I experienced as my head rested on the bars of the jail cell in Cayuga on December 16th, 2007. The person who really deserves the credit for whatever small support VoC has been able to offer you, however, is my wife, Debbie. She makes what I do possible with her love – and by going to work every day so that I can devote my full attention to VoiceofCanada and this worthwhile cause. Thank you ‘Sparky.’


2 responses to “MPP Toby Barrett ends the debate: VoC & CWUC are ‘OUTSIDERS’ no more!

  1. Indeed a good news report Mark. I’m happy to see the worm has turned. You and Gary must feel somewhat vindicated.

    Not to, in any way, discount Gary’s and your unselfish acts of patriotism, but I predicted the political climate would take a turn the moment that camouflaged, masked renegade goon criminally trespassed and ripped down a Canadian flag and intimidated a Caledonia resident on his own property…..that image was a golden snapshot of the core ideals in conflict in Caledonia…it was a very powerful image that was burned in the collective public memory…it was potent vivid imagery which starkly enunciated an awful truth which cut the political fog hanging over Caledonia….and one the media and Politicians who may have been apologists for this 2 tiered abomination of the rule of law) could not erase in the collective public/media consciousness.

    That image went across Canada like a bolt of light and civilly enraged Canadians ( formerly refered to as “outsiders”) from coast to coast who have been posting their civil indignation into editors and blogs across Canada. The 2 tiered genie that McGuinty and Fantino let out of the bottle has POed a lot of people outside Caledonia when he ripped that man’s flag from his hands and intimidated him on his own property…. and you can be guaranteed the ripples were felt in Toronto.

    Ontario’s government is being talked about as somewhat of an out-of-control joke in the west and on the east coast media for the handling of this Caledonia occupation. I have even seen some razor wits in the blogosphere compare Dolton McSquinty’s regime to the cultural backwater of “Kazakhstan”…the one made fun of in the “Borat” comedy sketches.

    Anyway, congrats on the string of small but significant wins and know that more and more people will support your cause to resolve this renegade lawlessness the way the law demands.

    VOC REPLY: Well, well WL. I’m loving how that ‘worm’ looks today, buddy. Thank you for your loyal and steadfast support against Two Tier Justice. And yes, you can use that on The Firebrand.

    I agree with you that the Chris Syrie incident likely played a huge part in ‘turning the worm’ but, as I have said to Gary and others and in my post “History has been made this week!” I believe the ‘war’ against Two Tier Justice was actually won on December 21, 2006 when the Toronto Star reprinted that St. Catharines Standard editorial that I characterized as “a stunning rebuke to McGuinty and his Aboriginal Affairs Minister, David Ramsay.”

    When I found out on Friday, December 22nd that John Tory had quoted The Star editorial in the Legislature, I called Gary and asked him to remember that day because it was the day that our war was won – but we just didn’t know when the battles would end. Chris Syrie won a decisive and brilliantly-fought battle for us, but the honest truth is that the war would have been won without him.

    Chris Syrie should be remembered by the citizens of Ontario and of Canada for substantially shortening the war against Two Tier Justice and bringing us closer to ending the suffering of law abiding citizens in Caledonia and Ipperwash. And…Chris…if you’re reading this – you can quote me!

    Thanks as always, WL! It’s a good day and we will enjoy it as we prepare for the next skirmish. FREE IPPERDONIA! Mark

  2. Many people are saying that you are supported by neo nazi’s. The politicians should be disgraced by following you and McHale.

    Hudak and Barrett have lost all credibility with me because they follow the same racist agenda as you and McHale.

    VoC REPLY: Bob, I would urge you to be more careful with your accusations and who you listen to.

    Recently, there have been outrageous lies repeated about Gary McHale and me by the moderator of an on-line forum. I have made this individual aware that I have absolutely no connection to any racist organizations and provided detailed proof to that effect. He has yet to apologize to me.

    After the next March for Freedom is over on January 20th, we will be sending a registered letter asking for an apology. If one is not forthcoming there will be lawsuits filed against him. In the meantime I would be very grateful if you would not assist in the spreading of unsubstantiated lies against my/our character.

    The fact that you would libel men like Tim Hudak and Toby Barrett in the absence of all evidence to the contrary is repugnant. The only reason I have posted your comment is so readers can see for themselves the stark contrast between your disgusting, unsubstantiated allegations and the words of great men who don’t scurry about in the dark spreading evil rumours on behalf of criminals because they are too afraid to step into the light and try to justify what cannot be justified.

    If you have even the slightest idea of how the internet works you already know that no one can prevent another website from linking to another one. Even if I could prevent it, I wouldn’t because, if you have read even a couple of my posts here at VoiceofCanada you will know that there is no racism here. If racists want to hear my message about the importance of the Rule of Law and my belief that we should all be equal under that law, whats wrong with that? Now, of course, if you’re accusing me of being racist just because you don’t agree with me and you can’t come up with a cogent argument in favour of allowing anyone to use terror to get what they want…but…you wouldn’t do that would you, Bob?

    The media is sick and tired of chasing phoney claims of our so-called ‘neo-nazi connections.’ They haven’t found any connections because there are no connections. The only people who think we’re the problem are the criminals and their apologists. The debate is over. Move on, Bob.

    Excuse me, I have to take a shower.