Let us now join together to destroy Two Tier Justice

When Gary McHale and I spoke last Sunday (Jan 14/07) at the Caledonia Lions Hall to explain why we got involved and to provide an update on the progress made to date via the March for Freedom events, a resident who said he supported our efforts “100%” wanted to know if there was any reason why his native neighbours didn’t join us in our fight against Two Tier Justice.

dove.jpgI can’t remember if the question was directed at Gary or the native people standing on the side, but he made it very clear that he missed his native friends very much and he wanted them back in his life – but not at the cost of tolerating lawlessness.

I tried to answer his question by talking about an Iroquois man named Terry Jamieson Jr. who wrote in to let me know about the anger and pain native people feel. You might want to take a few minutes to read, “Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.” My discussion with Terry didn’t start on what you’d call a positive note, but you’re going to love the ending. Let’s just say we both learned a lot.

I suggested to the crowd that – based on my interaction with Terry – we needed to build some bridges so our native neighbours know we are listening to them and trying to understand and appreciate them. After the meeting was over, I felt a little hope rising in my heart for Caledonia.

That hope grew immensely yesterday when MPP Toby Barrett threw his full support behind Gary McHale and his mission to return the Rule of Law to Ontario. With his stunning announcement, the issue of ‘outsiders’ with a ‘hidden agenda’ coming to ‘provoke violence’ was settled once and for all. Toby made it crystal clear that the problems in his riding aren’t being caused by fellow Canadians coming to defend Caledonians – they’re being caused by criminals who think it’s OK to use violence to get what they want. What’s more, he’s calling on “other leaders in the community to step forward” and shoulder the burden that Gary McHale’s been carrying.

In the spirit of Toby’s wish, VoiceofCanada calls on all people in Ontario – including the honourable peoples of Six Nations, the Mayor of Haldimand and members of the Haldimand County Council – to join your friends and neighbours in Caledonia at 11:30 AM January 20, 2007 in rejecting the use of violence as a means of resolving disputes and to add your voices to our call for the destruction of Two Tier Justice in Ontario.

One voice who plans to to be there is an ex-navy man who heard my ‘speech on the hill‘ before I was arrested on Dec 16/06. [My speech was totally unplanned. A lady beside the pole asked me why I hung the flag upside down, so I felt I had to explain it to the crowd. I was a little more ‘strident’ than I should have been, but the passion comes from the heart, so I hope you’ll forgive me.] Mr. Kinrade realizes that this fight matters to Canada as a nation. 

Let us heed Mr. Kinrade’s words and all come together as Canadians to affirm the Rule of Law and equality before that law and do whatever is necessary so that no town in Ontario or Canada will ever have to live through this again…  

garbag11.jpenov207.jpgch-news-jan10-07-native-throwing-canadian-flag-on-ground-owned-by-chris-syrie.JPGwarrior2.jpgpatrol1.jpe openroad.jpg nazi.jpe burning.jpeblockade_april20-06.jpeg caledonia-palestinian-flag.jpeg puppets-with-badges.jpg picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpg march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-001.jpgmarch-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-005.jpg march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-002.jpg caledonia_stirilingst-bridge_april20-06.jpeg march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpgcaledonia_cdn-flag.jpeg aftercar.jpg barricade1.jpg bridge-fire2.JPGbridge-fire3.JPG bridge-fire4.jpg bridge-fire5.jpg car.jpgfire1.JPG fire3.jpg fire5.jpg fire-bridge.jpgfirehydro.jpg flag1.JPG ipperwash.JPG opp.jpgflagdestroy2.JPG power2.jpg power4.jpg raodfire2.jpgroad-barr4.jpg road-barr6.jpg road-dug-up.jpg roadblocked.jpg roadbarr1.jpgroadbarr2.jpg roadbarr3.jpg roadfire1.jpg sxnbarricade.jpgthey_want_war.jpg warrior.jpg warrior31.jpg warrior4.jpg caledonia_may22-06_transformer2.gifbring_in_army_sign.jpeg dianewhere.jpeg dummies_2tierpolicing.jpeg nativeracism2.jpegbrantford_oct05-06-002.jpg

4 responses to “Let us now join together to destroy Two Tier Justice

  1. Dear Mark,

    I salute you in extending the opportunity to law-abiding natives to join you in fighting the injustice of two-tier policing. At Ipperwash many native families were as traumatized as we were as the events unfolded. It took many years for some of us to feel comfortable again in each other’s presence, but I can only pray that it will get better. We saw oppression of native people by their own, and in some cases it was worse than incidents we endured.

    History is full of stories of whole communities being under the subjugation of a few. It is ongoing in many countries of the world today. Why do we let this happen?? What is it about us that allows a militant force to do the damage they do??? Perhaps for the first time small town Canadians are saying “Enough is Enough”, and really meaning it. How easy it has been to read the newspaper, hear of the mess in Caledonia,sigh, “Oh those poor people”, and forget about it after dessert and coffee. Those in the thick of it cannot forget about it. It is there twenty-Four hours a day, seven days a week.

    May the Government and the OPP regain the wisdom the Charter and Police Act were written with, and realize what a detriment their actions and inactions have been to innocent residents in native land disputes, both native and non-native. Violence against our fellow man cannot and should not be condoned for any reason.

    One small member of your admiration Society

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou! Again, it is an honour to have you provide the first comment to one of my posts, and especially this one. You have made me privy to many of the traumatic injustices that you and the people of Ipperwash suffered and are still suffering under Two Tier Justice for more than a decade. That you can be so compassionate and forgiving should be an inspiration to us all, just as you showed such courage on October 15, 2006 when you stood with AnnMarie VanSickle in front of the people of Caledonia and spoke of the terror that you experienced.

    You both shamed me and inspired me to step into the light to publish VoC under my own name rather than the pen name I was using in an attempt to shield myself from the intimidation experienced by Gary McHale. You took away my excuses and I love you for it. Yesterday was ‘Gary and Toby’s day’ (and I kind of got to come along for the ride!). In case anyone is wondering – I did think about including you and AnnMarie in yesterday’s post, but the story was about the vindication of Gary McHale, and I wanted to focus on those who had not received much credit to date. I know it doesn’t matter to you even a little bit if you get mentioned or not, but one day I’m going to write a post called, “The Strength of a Woman” to honour the incredible woman in my life and in this struggle. Your story will be at the top. You and I have more work to do first, though, before your story can be fully told.

    Thank you for the compliment re reaching out to native people. It is my greatest hope that this post will one day be regarded as the most valuable of everything I have ever written on Voice of Canada because Caledonia’s First Nations neighbours answered the call and came out on January 20th to stand against evil.

    Thank you so much for writing and for being my friend. Mark

    P.S. Go easy on the ‘Admiration Society’ Stuff, OK? 🙂

  2. Hi Mark:

    Just a note to commend you on an excellent post.

    I enjoy reading posts from a true journalist especially one who holds the truth above all other objectives.

    When you compare the writings on a site such as yours with the rantings of the so called journalists writing for papers such as the Turtle News you can’t help but see the tunnel vision that has been developed by the supporters of the Native side.

    In their postings on the Chris Syrie stand they did not even attempt to touch on the truth and instead put a propagandist spin on the whole situation.

    Anyone from the Ohseweken community that knew Chris Syrie can attest for Chris’ integrity and good intentions for both their community and for Caledonia.

    At the meeting of the Native community on Wednesday Chris was maligned by many that attended and was not given the opportunity to face his accusers and defend his reputation.

    The Turtle News also made a lot of unfound accusations about Chris in their paper and had they bothered to check out their story could have realized that what they were printing was lies.

    I feel this was not unintentional though. The Editor of the Turtle News proudly boasts that she is one of the most powerful women in Canada and has been obviously using this paper to promote hatred and dissent between Native and non native Canadians.

    I hope the good citizens of Ohseweken can now start to see through these lies and attempts to cloud the truth and will finally trust those of us who are trying to make a difference and finally join and walk with us on Saturday against the two tiered justice.

    Maybe with this step the people of First Nations in Ohseweken can free themsrelves from the fear and threats that they are also enduring from within their own communities.

    I and Chris would like to lead these good friends and neighbours from Ohseweken on Saturday on a March that will truly make history and become a big step in the two communities working together to combat the injustices of our Governments to both communities.

    I extend my hand to anyone (from both communities) who wishes to stand, be counted and help to finally put an end to the violence, intimidation and lawlessness within our communities.

    Come walk with Chris and I on Saturday as friends, neighbours and equals and show this Government that we will no longer tolerate the status quo in lameduck Governments.

    Jim Anderson

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim! You made my day, buddy! And it wasn’t because of the compliment re VoC (that was nice, too.) Your comment arrived just as London’s ‘A’ Channel (TV) was on the phone trying to set up an interview. They just left. Listen, I don’t have much time to write, but whatever I said about Mary-Lou (above) goes for you guys, too – except you won’t be making it into the “Strength of a Woman” post. 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting Chris and seeing you both tomorrow. I hope the people of Six Nations heed your call. This is the time to do it.

    Warmest regards and thanks for your own Caledonia Courage! Mark

  3. Bob St. Denis

    I hope you understand what justice is really about. I hope you feel the helplessness when you are jailed for spreading hate and racist views.

    I think you are a self hating individual that has more time on his hands to put innocent lives at risk for your own racist agenda.

    I hope the judge throws the book at you and McHale.

    You’ll know what it is like to be a Native then.

    Two Tier Justice!

    VoC REPLY: I posted your comments for two reasons, Bob:

    1. I want my readers to see the shame and smallness of the comments of one who spits in the faces of those who have offered you a hand in friendship and reconciliation. No, Bob, I’m afraid it is you that carries the self-hate and racism – the very ugliness that I saw in Brantford one evening that forced me to join with Gary McHale.

    2. While I do not welcome jail, I do not fear it as you so obviously – and gleefully – think. My freedom is such a small price to pay if it hastens the end of the rule of terror by thugs and gangsters who seek to justify what cannot be justified.

    Since you obviously missed my speech on January 14th at the Lions Hall, let me leave you with an excerpt…

    “I say to Commissioner Fantino and Mayor Trainer and every politician in this province that I will NOT give up my rights simply because you refuse to defend them, or because you are unable or unwilling to protect me from those who would harm me as I exercise them. This I say as a citizen of Ontario and of Canada.

    “I made a promise to Jack the day I met him that I would pay any price – any price – asked of me to restore the rule of law and equality before that law to Ontario. I promised Jack that I will do what I can to destroy Two Tier Justice, and that losing that fight is not an option I am prepared to accept. This I say as a former soldier and peacekeeper who believes that there are causes worth fighting for no matter what the cost may be.”

    To the people of Caledonia and Ipperwash and of Ontario, let me say this. I fully expect that the OPP will – once again – violate the Supreme Court of Canada and my rights as a Canadian citizen by arresting me tomorrow for attempting to raise the flag of my country. They will continue to allow those who have terrorized you to remain virtually unaccountable, and they will continue to ‘negotiate’ with those who would benefit from the repugnant acts of criminals, but the Ontario government and its corrupt police force will not protect me. I know this.

    But, you must continue the struggle – peacefully – because that is the only way. And, you must never give up. If you do, evil will triumph and spread like a cancer through our country. There can be no more Caledonias or Ipperwashes.

    During the past few weeks you have heard sleazy allegations against us from police officers in positions of influence and power. I assure you that they are not true, and – one day – they will be held accountable for their lies. I expected insults from the ones who brought lawlessness to your towns in the name of past injustice – I did not expect it from people who were supposed to protect you from it. I have done my best to be truthful here in VoiceofCanada, but I am proud that I did try to build bridges with those who oppose what I stand for. My work here stands on its own. Judge for yourself my motivations.

    Let me leave the media with several questions to raise with our provincial police force and their political masters:

    1. Why are those in power so willing to tolerate lawlessness, yet can find the determination to stop me from placing a Canadian flag on a hydro pole as is my constitutional right?

    2. What do they have to hide, and what are their motivations for doing so?

    3. Are those on the Douglas Creek Estates so very dangerous and well-armed that erecting a Canadian flag would unleash violence that could not be contained by hundreds of armed police officers?

    4. If the DCE criminals are so dangerous and volatile, why have the OPP and Haldimand and Ontario’s government not called for the military to be called in as ‘aid to the civil power?’

    5. Look at the picture of the dozen or so OPP cars gathered in front of the backhoe digging up a road to isolate a road. See the man throwing a wooden pallet over the bridge with what appears to be a police car in the background. Where were the officers while Caledonia was being terrorized? Who gave them orders not to act?

    6. What – precisely – are their orders when a native person is committing a crime?

    7. How would you feel if YOUR town were assaulted and brutalized as police watched? Would you want OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino coming to your town on a PR tour to pretend everything was just peachy, or would you want Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas to help organize a non-violent resistance movement to fight the evil that was being done to you?

    For you in the media to understand what is at stake, you must look deeper than the easy, superficial stories generated when so-called leaders resort to insulting honest, patriotic citizens rather than explain their actions. Go deeper in this story. Visit the residents of Caledonia and Ipperwash who have been traumatized, and listen to their stories. Find out how their lives and their faith in Canadian institutions has been shattered by weak leaders and a politically-correct police force that has lost its soul.

    8. Has Mr. Fantino ever actually read even one post on VoiceofCanada?

    9. Has Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) President, Karl Walsh (705.728.6161) ever actually read even one post on VoiceofCanada before accusing me of “promoting hatred, flaunting the justice system and inciting violence?” (Get your chequebook ready, Karl, because my lawyer is coming for you.)

    In the future, there will be a day when the Rule of Law and the notion that all citizens should be equal before that law will not be a subject of debate. Until that day arrives…


    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  4. My mother who lives in London says she agrees with you and the stand you are making, and she told me she saw the interview you gave to A channel. Could you or Gary post the interview? I did not get home in time from work to see it via satellite in St. Catharines.

    Regardless of my position on this which is still kind of neutral but leaning more in your direction I must say that your and in particular Gary’s website is a wealth of information and is addictive. You are right he needs to use spell check but he sure doesn’t miss much in the way of content and finding the information.

    The posting of the story of the OCAP victory over the police in small claims court was priceless. I remember John Clarke started out being a pain in the ass in London Ontario before he moved on to Toronto.

    I find it amusing that some of his less radical tactics are being used by you guys for a cause that must be just eating him up. Oh the irony!!!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mike. I had a really great reply written out, and I just lost it when I tried to save it. Here’s the short version: 1. Thanks for the open mind. 2. I haven’t seen the A Channel piece, but I have a friend there who should be able to get me a copy. Hope it was a good one. 3. Can’t find the OCAP post on CWUC, but Gary told me about it. We’re hoping the OPP will fund our future activities. Or, if they’d rather come and testify under oath, that’s worth $10G’s to me, too. Either way is good for us. 4. Re Gary’s spelling, suggest you see my post, (if I’ve mentioned this before, I’m sorry) “If Gary McHale could do it with ‘kiddie GIFS’ imagine what you could do!” Oh, and check the date that I wrote it – can I pick ’em or what? Regards, Mark