VIDEO EVIDENCE: Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgVoC NOTE: This is a an important update to a VoC story called, “Courage in Caledonia has a name: Chris Syrie.”

nov206.jpgVoiceofCanada and have each obtained a DVD containing raw footage that shows – with crystal clear clarity – how the OPP follow a sickening and systemic race-based policing doctrine designed to allow native suspects to escape responsibility for their crimes.

This native ‘appeasement’ policy contrasts sharply with their aggressive arrests of law abiding citizens who wish to erect a Canadian flag as is their Constitutional right, and the eagerness of their leaders to slander and/or libel those who speak out against them.

The ‘policing’ practices on display in this video should go a long way in explaining exactly why the OPP was able to stand by as Caledonia was terrorized during the past year. You will understand – once and for all – why ‘outsiders’ must speak out for the citizens of Caledonia who, to this day, continue to be victimized by both the criminals and the Ontario Provincial Police.

A quick refresher about the Chris Syrie incident… 

On Jan 10/07, Chris Syrie erected 2 Canadian flags on property he owns bordering the stolen Douglas Creek Estates along with 2 ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs.

1. A lone native arrived, pulled the flag out of the ground and threw it on the ground. That’s right – threw it on the ground like it was a piece of garbage.

2. This thug then confronted Syrie toe-to-toe in a scene that immediately brought to mind the famous photo of the soldier – Warrior faceoff in Oka, Quebec. I had shivers running up and down my spine as I watched.


[OKA photo from – no credit available]

Video update: 1305 EST, Jan 25/07 – “Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers” (8.48 mins) HIGH SPEED DIAL-UP

As mentioned above VoiceofCanada and have each obtained a DVD containing raw footage of the entire Chris Syrie incident from start to finish. Today (Jan 25/07) has released an edited, annotated version from the footage that shows precisely how Two Tier Justice is practiced by the OPP.

Watch as a native thug goes onto Chris Syrie’s land, rips the flag out, throws it on the ground, confronts Chris toe-to-toe, and then stands around as the police make no effort to arrest or even identify him! They all stand around until the smiling members of the OPP’s ART (Aboriginal Response Team) arrive. Eventually, the bully (and his buddies – not shown in edited version) leave! Now, the OPP say they can’t identify him.

It’s one thing to hear the stories from the people who have experienced Two Tier Justice and it’s another to experience it yourself or to watch it unfold in living colour as it does in the latest Chris Syrie video.

I am reminded of the December 19-21 editorials run by both the St. Catharine’s Standard and the Toronto Star that said: 

“The people of Caledonia – and Six Nations for that matter – have every right to expect to live their daily lives without fear of vandalism, assault or worse. The rule of law is paramount in Canada’s society and must be upheld.”

Clearly, neither the Premier of Ontario or the OPP Commissioner have grasped that message. We will continue to try to help them understand.


[all photos above taken from CHTV news footage, Jan 10/07]

2 responses to “VIDEO EVIDENCE: Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers

  1. Hi Mark:

    Just a note to tell you that the two flags in these photos were removed today at about 8:30 am. Witnesses reported two natives were seen entering upon the property in full view of three OPP cruisers. They removed 4 flags and walked along Argyle Street towards the North carrying the flags. They were confronted by two police officers Seargant R. (Glen) Zavitz of the Orillia OPP Detachment and his partner. Sergant Zavitz confirmed the offenders were Native protesters. OPP did not identify the natives or ask them to return the flags. They simply allowed the Natives and the Flags to enter DCE through the controlled entrance without incident.

    I thought by the press releases that Fatino released that there was a new approach to Policing in Caledonia.

    There have been no charges for the thefts and the police obviously allowed the thefts to occur in their presence.

    This would probably make the OPP an accessory to the theft since they witnessed the thefts and did nothing to identify or apprehend the theives.

    I don’t have to tell you or the world that once again it is proven that two tiered justice exists in Caledonia.

    Twice now our rights have been trampled upon by a Native protester and twice the police have failed to protect our rights and property.

    I may have to go to the DCE trespass on our government owned land and remove 4 Native Flags and see if I would be arrested.

    Two tiered Justice is alive in Caledonia and sanctioned by the OPP.

    Jim Anderson

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I’d heard that your flags had been stolen, but I didn’t have all the details, so I really appreciate you recording it here for all to see and refer to. I hope you realize what an amazing contribution you and Chris are making to the struggle against Two Tier Justice with your video and your updates.

    Re the theft of your flags: I am sitting here with my mouth open in wonderment that the OPP can be so clueless and so arrogant that they can’t even be bothered pretending to enforce the law. Reminds me of another group that thinks it’s above the law.

    Let me assure you that Gary and I are hard at work behind the scenes. Keep us up-to-date, Jim. Best wishes to you and Chris. Mark

  2. In light of the recent report the Feds tabled stating there is no legal grounds for the occupation, this kicks the whole 2 tiered police policy into another league.

    The Feds have essentially stated that from this point forward Dolton and Fantino are allowing an ongoing criminal breech without the slightest justification….they were unjustified in forcing the developers to sell as the deed was never in doubt.

    It would appear that there’s enough “criminal intent” in this saga to flow right into some government offices.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. A couple of thoughts:

    1. While I certainly agree with the last sentence in your original comment, I edited it to protect both of us. I know I haven’t appreciated the false accusations against me/us by the OPP/OPPA and I don’t want to give the appearance of libelling someone else. Unlike our opponents, I require proof. I know you’ll understand.

    2. You are – I think – exactly correct. The government and the OPP now have no excuse for continuing to allow the occupation, or for violating the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. As you may suspect, it doesn’t matter to me whether native people(s) ever had a valid claim on the DCE land or not. The place to settle it was in the courts, not with terror, intimidation and lawlessness. As far as I’m concerned, nothing’s changed: the Government and the OPP have been allowing and – one could argue – encouraging criminals to break the law since this thing began thanks to the Two Tier Justice system we have in Ontario.

    3. I believe that the Ontario government’s actions became wide open for ‘negative’ interpretation once they bought the land under circumstances that caused the deeded owner to sell to the government under ‘duress.’ No reasonable person can come to the conclusion that Henco Industries Limited was a ‘willing seller’ in the transaction.

    The fact that the courts have ruled that the current owner (Ontario Realty Corporation) has the right to allow these criminals and/or their supporters to remain on the land does not change the fact that the land was taken by force from the lawful owner. This was clearly reflected in the decision that still allows the OPP to charge people who disobeyed Judge Marshall’s order prior to the ORC becoming the owner.

    I would argue that Henco was deprived of its property by criminal actions that were later ratified by the government when they allowed the criminals to stay. Let’s not even get into the optics regarding the taxpayers picking up the tab for the gas, water and electricity for the criminals! Or, that Commissioner Fantino met with them, but wouldn’t meet with law abiding citizens who wanted (and still want!) an explanation as to why his police force was denying them their Constitutional rights.

    4. The Government of Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police have a lot to answer for with respect to their refusal to defend law abiding citizens from criminals. Whether their actions are themselves ‘criminal’ I do not know because, as they say in the military – that’s way above my pay grade.

    I am aware of at least one citizen who has written to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honourable James K. Bartleman, requesting that he dissolve the Ontario Parliament based on the opinion that highly placed officials have “breached their oaths of office by failing to uphold the laws of Canada.”

    At the very least, I do believe that there needs to be a full and open inquiry into the actions of the OPP and the Ontario government with respect to both Ipperwash and Caledonia. First, however, the Attorney General of Ontario needs to send a real police force to Ipperwash and Caledonia to protect law-abiding citizens from the criminals and the OPP.

    As Gary McHale has told me in the past, however, our job is to hold the OPP and the politicians accountable for their actions. It is not our role to provide solutions. That is the role of our ‘leaders’ and they alreay have all the tools they need.

    Thanks for a most ‘on-point’ pithy observation, WL. Mark