‘The Strength of a Woman’ – Lisa Parent

robin_mcgraw.jpg2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgWhen I get the chance, I enjoy watching the Dr. Phil show on television.  During a recent episode his wife, Robin McGraw, talked about a childhood incident during which her mother stood at the door of the family’s home and refused to let men in their house who had come to collect all the furniture – including the children’s beds – as payment for one of her father’s gambling debts. She said her mother’s determination to protect them that night taught her a valuable lesson about the strength of a woman.   

Robin’s observation struck a strong chord with me as I have thought for some time now about writing a post or series of posts to honour the courageous women I have met or observed or corresponded with during the struggle to restore the Rule of Law and Equal Justice in Ontario. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that the two most powerful and moving speakers at the original March for Freedom back on October 15, 2006 were women.

Below is a letter sent to VoiceofCanada, CaledoniaWakeUpCall and various Haldimand-area media outlets by a Caledonia resident named Lisa Parent who asked that it be published under her own name. The Grand River Sachem has already done so. Lisa’s willingness to step forward – in a town where some residents are afraid to call 911 for fear of retaliation by criminals – confirmed for me that now was the time to use examples of ‘the strength of a woman’ to help inspire the people of Caledonia to step forward and take back their town from evil, apathy and indecisive leadership. 

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-059.jpgOne day I expect to write a book about this struggle. There will be one (long) chapter entitled, ‘The Strength of a Woman,’ and it will tell the stories of how ‘ordinary’ women like Lisa Parent, Anne Marie VanSickle, Mary-Lou LaPratte, Donna Reid, Christine McHale, Beth Hutchison, Debbie Vandermaas and others yet to come, both shamed and inspired people, including me, to stand strong against the greatest threat to Canadian democracy since the Second World War. 


These women – each in their own way – carry an unfair burden on behalf of Caledonia, Ontario and Canada as reluctant volunteers in a struggle they didn’t want, but chose not to back away from. Some showed courage by speaking to their town in public; others expose themselves to intimidation simply by choosing to write publicly using their own name; still others provide vital support behind the scenes, support that allows people like Gary McHale and me to keep our promise to do what we can to destroy Two Tier Justice in Ontario.


[The women mentioned above have all appeared in public or have written to VoiceofCanada using their real names. If you know of a woman who should be honoured for their courage in fighting Two Tier Justice please write to me at info@voiceofcanada.ca – don’t worry, if they haven’t been publicly identified, I won’t do so without their permission.] 

The photo below, right, is of Lisa being shoved across the road by an OPP officer during the December 16/06 March for Freedom during which two Canadians were arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag. As you can see, she didn’t go willingly. Lisa Parent has definitely earned the right to be heard.

Lisa Parent’s letter (VoC editorial follows) 

Lisa Parent
Caledonia Resident
Feb. 12, 2007

I attended the Town Hall meeting on Friday February 9, 2007 along with 200 of your friends and neighbors.

The one thing the occupation of Douglas Creek Estates has done for the town of Caledonia is bring to forefront just how divided this town has become. I heard comments on Friday about those who are against Gary McHale, those who are for Gary McHale, those that won’t come out to meetings because they don’t care; those that won’t join their friends in protest since DCE is not their problem as they live on the other side of town. I’m not sure most people in this town have noticed but to get from west to east and north to south in this town it takes about 5 minutes.

Everything that happens in the town of Caledonia affects everyone in the town. Not one of us is immune to what is going on at DCE. When the Councillor calls a Town Hall meeting to discuss the situation surrounding DCE it would be my expectation that everyone gets off the couch and makes the 5 minute trip to the meeting.

If you don’t wake up soon you will find the Federal and Provincial Governments have gambled away your town out from under your very noses.

I for one am ashamed that an outsider, a fellow Canadian, has put his own life on hold for months now to try and bring attention to the fact that your police force is not providing you with balanced policing while the majority of the people in this town hide in their homes.

Two Tier Justice does exist in this town. Your council has said it, Toby Barrett has said it, John Tory has said it, some OPP officers have said it. All 10,000 of you need to say NO to this injustice. Everyone in this town needs to demand that the Aboriginal Response Team (ART) and Major Events Liaison Team (MELT) are removed from this town immediately.

I heard on Friday that this is a Caledonia issue and it should be Caledonians that stand up for their town. What Caledonians? Who has called for a rally lately? Who stands up for the town? The Council made the statement that it should be Caledonians that stand up for their town yet they didn’t offer to have a rally. There are only about 300 people in a town of about 10,000 that have taken the time to stand up for their town.

Without the help of fellow Canadians this town would already be another Ipperwash. How many of you have taken the time to understand Ipperwash, a veritable ghost town as a result of Federal and Provincial inaction? Most of you don’t deserve the help that other Canadians have tried to give you. You deserve everything you get from the natives, the Province and the Federal government if you don’t get up and get involved.

If you’re waiting for those of your community that have joined the secret society of the Provincial and Federal Governments through non-disclosure agreements to stand up for you then you may wait a very long time. Every person in this town should refuse to succumb to the Provincial pressure for non-disclosure. Every resident of this town should refuse to join the secret society to the detriment of those that are left out.

You may be insulted by this letter but someone needs to say it, someone needs to slap you to wake you up. Your town needs you; your friends’ need you so stop hiding in your comfortable homes. They need you to do something positive to help your town deal with this stressful and shameful situation.

We need peaceful public displays of dissatisfaction aimed at everyone who holds us all hostages. Those include the native occupiers, the Province, the Federal Government, and the OPP and yes your own Haldimand County Council through their inaction. Toby Barrett suggested on Friday that we get organized, invite the media and start protesting as a community at his office and Diane Finley’s office in Simcoe, at offices of other Provincial politicians in surrounding communities such as Hamilton, Niagara, etc.Get out and get involved. Your future depends on it.

 VoC Editorial:

 march_for_freedom_oct15-06-067.jpgOn October 15, 2006 two brave women stood in front of a crowd of 2,000 people to eloquently describe the terrors they and their families have faced in both Ipperwash and in Caledonia, and to demand action from their politicians. Both knew that they could become targets for the criminals who have plagued their respective towns, but they spoke anyway – for the good of their fellow citizens, for the good of their town and for their country. 

 I was there that day. I had begun posting my thoughts at VoiceofCanada as a way to support Gary McHale in his fight against Two Tier Justice, but given that McHale had already received threats against his life, I had taken measures to hide my identity. I was calling myself ‘Mark Allan Whitbread,’ the name I had before I was adopted at the age of six.

That all changed the day I watched two of the bravest human beings I have ever met stand up to evil for all of us to see. I was ashamed of myself for trying to hide my identity, and I remember thinking, “If they can do it, I can do it, too.” So, I walked into the light where they were and have never looked back.

Thanks in large part to two women in Caledonia I discovered my true calling in life as an activist for people seeking justice. With the extraordinary support of my wife, Debbie, I do whatever I can to support Gary McHale in his efforts to restore the Rule of Law and Equality to Caledonia. We try to speak for those who are afraid, but we do not do it alone, nor can we do it alone.  

a-channel-jan-19-07-screen-captures-002.jpgOur civil rights are being suspended at the whim of a corrupt police force trying to appease criminals using a bogus land claim to acquire money and/or power for themselves.  Innocent people are being arrested in Caledonia simply for trying to exercise rights guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada (click on photo). Lawbreakers are blatantly allowed to escape justice because of their race/ancestry. Your politicians are allowing themselves to be rendered impotent by the provincial government through the use of secret meetings and non-disclosure agreements. Canadian citizens are being slandered and libelled and turned against one another in a concerted effort to prevent resistance to Two Tier Justice. 

Others in Caledonia and Ipperwash and every other city in Ontario must begin to speak out, to join us in a struggle we cannot afford to lose. Our democracy is at stake, and we need your help. 

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-029.jpgTwo thousand came out to march in Caledonia on October 15, 2006 for the first March for Freedom. Where are your voices today? Did you really believe that one march, one event would change everything overnight? Did you really think that your police  and your politicians were suddenly going to admit that what they did in Ipperwash was wrong, that appeasing the DCE terrorists in Caledonia was wrong? They will never admit their mistakes and restore your rights until you force them to do so, until thousands of you take up Toby Barrett’s call to make their lives miserable with direct, non-violent protests all over Ontario.



Will you answer the call of Lisa Parent? Will you stand with her? With us? Will you speak out for your town, for your province, for your country, for the fellow Canadian ‘outsiders’ trying to help you? Will you write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or a website? Call a politician? Invite a guest speaker? Attend a workshop? Organize a car-pool to another town for a protest? Donate a few dollars? What price will you pay so that your children can grow up in a country where all citizens are equal before the law?  

evil.jpgknight-w-sword.jpgWill you live your lives in silent fear, and give evil a chance to take permanent root in your town, or will you choose to summon ‘the strength of a woman’ to defend your children and those of your neighbours from those who would take away their rights as Canadian citizens? It’s your choice.



  • New to the struggle against Two Tier Justice? Check out ‘OUR STRUGGLE‘ for more info.

  • Also, watch VoC and CaledoniaWakeUpCall for details of our upcoming Legal Workshop as they become available – you’re going to love it!

4 responses to “‘The Strength of a Woman’ – Lisa Parent

  1. Excellent post Mark

    I was scanning the Caledonia Cafe Blog last night and noticed that someone on the Reclamation Website had posted a very insulting set of comments about me with regard to KKK and other repugnant types. They took to name calling which to me is the lowest form of flattery.

    They made one comment that is totally untrue. They stated that I was trying to insult the Six Nations people by the use of the word native in my letter. That is furthest from the truth. My use of the word native in my letter was referring to the native occupiers of DCE not all of Six Nations.

    When I wrote my letter it was for the people of Caledonia. I wanted to motivate them to action. This person on the Reclamation Website should read more carefully. If I wanted to direct my comments to them I would have done so.

    Again thank you Mark for a great job at keeping the focus on the issue at hand that is Two Tier Justice and Equality issues.


    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for providing the first comment. Name calling is all they have, Lisa. To this day, I have never had one single critic write in to explain why they endorse the use of terror to further their goals. Oh, they dance all around it with vague stories of past injustice (which I do sympathize with), but they’re so ashamed of what they’ve done that the ‘best’ they can do is scurry around anonymously in the dark as they throw disgusting slurs against people like you who step up under your own name to confront the evil they try to justify. After a while, you’ll come to realize that you aren’t ‘anybody’ in Caledonia until a DCE criminal or one of their supporters calls you a ‘racist’ or a ‘white supremacist’ for believing in the Rule of Law and equality before the law.

    As for the smarmy and specious allegation that you’re insulting the Six Nations peoples …for these criminals and terrorists and their supporters to try to align themselves with the law-abiding, peaceful people of Six Nations is the height of irony, and a slap in the face to every honest, hard-working native person in Canada. No doubt the people of Six Nations will be as glad as we are when they are finally jailed. Of course, we’ll have to wait for a real police force to go to Caledonia for that to happen, but it will happen – thanks to people like you.

    Regards, Mark

  2. “You’re nobody until somebody calls you racist” Sung to the tune of: “You’re nobody until somebody loves you.”
    A recent study showed that when reading, the moment the reader encounters a word they don’t understand, all content following that word is lost. The same thing happens to me when I read “racist”. I immediately know that I’m reading the verbiage of a person who does not have the character or communication skills to support their actions or opinions. No sense in wasting my time reading nonsense.

    As for the continued whining about past injustices, real or imagined, they are being continually addressed to the tune of over 9 billion dollars annually fed into the Indigenous pot. Adults don’t whine. Children do. Think about that.

    Lawlessness has no face. It has no race. It is self serving and rewarding violence. It matters not how you wrap the box, the content is the same.

    Beth Hutchison

    VoC REPLY: The truth is that the media is getting sick and tired of chasing bogus allegations of racism and non-existent white supremacist allegations against us. One reporter at the Spectator – who shall remain nameless – told me that he and his fellow reporters are ‘well aware’ that some groups play the ‘racism card’ every chance they get in order to try to discredit their opponents.

    Marissa Nelson of the Hamilton Spectator interviewed me for over an hour in preparation for her piece on Gary McHale, and I can tell you that she thoroughly explored the whole ‘racist/white supremacist’ thing with me. I asked her if she found anything remotely racist about VoC, and she said, ‘No.’

    Nelson did her homework for the McHale article as you can tell. (See ‘It’s about accountability: McHale’) McHale has done close to 200 media interviews, and I’ve done a few myself, including two with media outlets who have received press releases by both the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Provincial Police Association containing outrageous personal attacks against us. These slurs never made it into their reports. Believe me, if there were connections, they’d have been found by now. The reason they haven’t been found, and never will be found is because they don’t exist.

    I hope that people like Lisa and you and other people in Caledonia who are beginning to speak out can inspire the people of Six Nations to also speak out against the criminals in their midst, and demand real policing for themselves. Gary and Christine McHale have paid a heavy price for us all to preserve free speech in Canada against those who would smear good people with the ‘racist’ label as a way to silence their views. Every time another person steps up to say, “Call me whatever names you want, but I will NOT be silent” the power of the lies diminishes.

    The bottom line is this: if criminals are prepared to terrorize a town over a phony land claim, we should not be even a little surprised to discover that they are capable of slandering and libelling honest, law-abiding people who refuse to be intimidated into remaining silent. Let us welcome their hateful insults as badges of honour and a rite of passage! Regards, Mark

  3. Dear Fellow Canadians

    The time has come when talk is meaningless. Continued conversation on any of this plays into our dear politicians hands or into the hands of our Native friends. I know it is an ugly thought, but we need the horrible spectre of leadership to raise its’ head. That means the “A” word (action). How about taking away the stick that our Native friends are hitting us with and stop all funding to anything with the words “Indian”, “Aboriginal or “Native” attached to it? I know that is a little radical so here’s another low impact suggestion – let’s dig up one road a day until the occupation is over? Let our “friends” go bezerk and torch everything that crosses the reserve (that is not theirs anyways). We will eventually work around any of it and they will have what they want – a separate country with a big moat around it!!! We do not even need Big Brothers approval (Ottawa) this is something that a Provincal LEADER could do on his or her own! Oops, there is that word “leader” again.
    I will be there in October!!!!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Joe. I understand your frustration, but we must not take the law into our hands unless there is absolutely no alternative. We have invested almost a year of our lives working for free to peacefully and legally do everything we can to get our ‘leaders’ to listen and understand the dreadful consequences of their actions. They have chosen not to listen to us, but other well placed people (including the Ontario Ombudsman’s office) are listening, and do understand what is going on. We must continue to resist peacefully and legally even in the face of the terrible provocation that we are now facing. The longer we remain peaceful, the clearer it becomes to everyone that McGuinty and Fantino’s racial policing has failed utterly.

    When I met Rod McLeod, a former deputy minister who was appointed to look into our complaints against Fantino (The Solicitor General dismissed our complaints BEFORE McLeod finished his report!) I told him that the biggest mistake the government and police are making is treating the small group of criminals as if they speak for honourable native people. McLeod listened carefully, and all of us who met him felt he was genuinely trying to understand the situation. We also suspect that was why the SG didn’t wait for his report before dismissing our complaints.

    The last thing we need now is for native people as a group to feel they and their legitimate goals are under attack. I have said many times to Gary McHale and others that one of my goals on VoC is to isolate the extremist criminals from moderate, law-abiding natives. That is why, early on, even though I was criticized for it, I referred to the occupiers on the Douglas Creek Estates as “criminals” so I could differentiate them from the vast majority of natives who aren’t hurting innocent people.

    We can never forget that the criminals within the native community are a small group that are also victimizing native people, sometimes even worse than they victimize non-natives. See DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry, and OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people, so let’s not lump honourable, peaceful natives in with the thugs, OK? I’m sure they don’t like these gangsters any more than we do. We cannot make generalizations about them any more than we like them made about us.

    Thanks for writing, Joe. Mark

  4. Dear Fellow Canadians
    I will be there in October!!!!

    VoC REPLY: Joe, your words are music to our ears. Your country needs you and everyone you can bring with you, and I’m pleased you’re answering the call! Regards, Mark