Fantino muzzles victim of Caledonia violence – March for Freedom to follow!

UPDATE 1110 EST, Feb 24/07: Kyle editorial, “More of Fantino’s Two-Tiered Tactics

muzzled_man_cartoon.gif2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgOPP Commissioner Julian Fantino has asked the Hamilton Police Service to conduct a discreditable conduct investigation under the Police Service Act into the actions of Constable Dave Hartless who – without identifying himself as a police officer – wrote a letter criticizing the OPP and the Two Tier Justice system that plagues Caledonia. Click here for the CHML audio clip.

According to an article by Hamilton Spectator reporter Susan Clairmont, ‘Off-duty cop has a right to speak out,‘ the Police Services Act says that off-duty officers are permitted to express views on any subject that is not related to their duties just as long as they don’t link their position to a police force or their position as an officer.

fire3.jpgSo, what’s the problem, especially since Hartless lives right beside the Douglas Creek Estates and has seen – and experienced first hand – the lawlessness and violence of the criminals who have terrorized Caledonia for nearly a year over a bogus land claim?

The problem is that Fantino cannot afford to have a well-respected citizen in Caledonia aggressively criticizing the actions of the OPP, a man who understands what real law enforcement is supposed to look like, and knows that the OPP ain’t even close.

Caledonia is still being terrorized by gangsters while Fantino’s officers watch, yet he has blamed the town’s problems on ‘mischief making’ by outsiders – McHale and me. Now, it’s Dave Hartless who’s the ‘problem.’ Who will be insulted or silenced next by Fantino for standing up against Two Tier Justice?

Instead of getting aggressive about reforming the trainwreck the OPP has become; instead of enforcing the Rule of Law and the Constitutional rights of Ontario’s citizens, Fantino has made a  career out of insulting, arresting and now – harassing those who speak out against a race-based policing model purposely designed to suspend civil rights for law-abiding citizens and allow native suspects to escape arrest or identification even when the crimes are committed in front of OPP officers.

In saddling Dave Hartless with this ‘investigation’ Fantino has temporarily silenced a credible and effective advocate for the Rule of Law until the Hamilton Police Service can dispense with this farce. 

fantino.jpgWe shouldn’t be surprised about the Commissioner’s actions. After all, this is a man who met with the DCE criminals and/or their supporters on Jan 20/06 to promise that he would protect them from law abiding, peaceful protesters who have never broken any laws in Caledonia. He wouldn’t meet with us, though and hid inside the Unity Road detachment as his frontline officers did the dirty work of trying their best NOT to explain why the OPP was violating our rights. Fantino seems to have a hard time telling the difference between the criminals and the good guys.

Supporting the Hartless family 

Unfortunately for Commissioner Fantino, Linda Hartless isn’t a police officer he can intimidate, and she happens to believe in values like freedom of speech and in standing up for the rights of her husband, her family and her community. And, wise lady that she is, she turned to the only consistent voice against Two Tier Justice to help her – Gary McHale.

I called Gary McHale as soon as I heard about Fantino’s move against Hartless to discuss our possible response and to offer my complete support. By that time, he’d already spoken with Linda who asked for our help in organizing a show of support for Dave.  She told McHale that Dave has stood up for his community, and she would appreciate its support as the OPP try to silence him with their “scare tactics.”

We want Linda Hartless and all of Caledonia to know that we are – as they say in the courts – ‘seized of this matter’ and will release – ASAP – details of a planned March for Freedom event to take place within one week as a show of support for the Hartless family. There will definitely be petitions for the Hamilton Police.  We are inviting participation from community leaders and citizens who wish to help. Please contact Gary McHale at to volunteer. Stay tuned to for details. 

Let us stand together against the Liberal-Fantino police state

justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegOn December 21, 2006, just days after Gary McHale and I were arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag, the Toronto Star reprinted a hard-hitting editorial from the St. Catharines Standard that severely criticized the OPP and the Ontario Liberal government for their handling of the Caledonia crisis.

“…the line has to be drawn at enforcing the law. There cannot be different classes of law for different classes of people. That undermines the very equality we strive for and cherish in Canada. The rule of law is paramount in Canada’s society and must be upheld.”

That seems to be exactly what Linda Hartless was thinking when she observed during her conversation with Gary McHale that there are plenty of countries out there where the government is corrupt, but she didn’t expect it from Canada. She said that her family was in Canada because we have rights, including the freedom of speech.

Apparently we don’t have the rights you thought we did, Linda – if Julian Fantino has his way. Instead of doing what it takes to protect the rights of Ontario’s citizens, it seems that the OPP Commissioner is going to squander his tenure trying to silence critics of an insane politically-correct policing experiment that is very quickly destroying faith in Ontario’s democratic institutions.

We cannot and will not allow the jackboots of Two Tier Justice to take away our rights, and especially those of Dave Hartless, a good man who has stood strong for his community against the evil perpetrated against Caledonia.

Please…stay tuned to CaledoniaWakeUpCall for details about the next March for Freedom event, and activities designed to support the Hartless family at this difficult time.


Are you wondering why OPP Commissioner Fantino seems to have difficulty distinguishing between criminals and law-abiding citizens? Don’t miss “Ipperwash Inquiry vs. Rule of Law in Caledonia.

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10 responses to “Fantino muzzles victim of Caledonia violence – March for Freedom to follow!

  1. Mark,.. I don’t agree with suppressing the letter or the spectator’s Constable Dave Hartless article. I believe that freedom of expression is paramount to keeping a level and fair playing field available.

    I have posted the letter & the spec editorial at another location on the internet for all to see what is going on. Please post a link to your site along with your own commentarys on the Haldimand Talk ! board as well…

    Mark,… This board is yours to use on an unmoderated basis as long as your postings are of value to the readers and remain on the topic of the Hadimand Tract’s concerns…

    Think of this board as an extension of your VOC…

    Thanks for keeping the hot topics hot in the eye of the MSM….


    ‘Speak Out’ on Haldimand Talk !

    Open Invitation:

    All are welcome to join and discuss the Haldimand Tract issues…………. Let’s keep each other informed…….


    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for the invitation, Dennis. I want you to know that I really appreciate you getting the word out for us and providing a venue for people to discuss the issues. Sorry to take so long to get this up, we’re swamped with stuff. Gary spends quite a bit of time on discussion boards; me, almost never. If you don’t mind, send a short note and a link to Gary at I’ll mention it to him, too. One caution – we’re not interested in being associated with slander, or racists (contrary to what the pro-DCE criminal supporters would have you believe) so keep a tight reign if you’re the moderator, OK? Thanks again for writing, Dennis. I appreciate the support and the info! Hope to see you Saturday at the March for Freedom for Dave Hartless. Regards, Mark

  2. Good Morning Mark;

    I was quite shocked yesterday when I read this article in the Spec. With the various “Two-Tiered Tactics” employed by Mr. Fantino, I guess I shouldn’t be, though. Here comes another “Bad Cold”.

    I cannot even begin to know how David is feeling as I have not been placed in his situation — but I know you and Gary can relate. Stay strong, David – you have my support.

    I can, however, tell you how I’m feeling — saddened, angry, distraught, abandonned, oppressed, dogmatic, restrained, restricted — well, let’s just say you could insert any antonym for the word ‘free[dom]’ here.

    We’ve been trying to get Fantino to do something — anything — since his first day as OPP Commissioner — what has he done? (Oh yeah, he painted the cruisers!) Yet, it only took three days for Fantino to “start a probe” into David’s off-duty activities. Fantino’s priority of issues is simply disgusting.

    What else amazes me is that the Hamilton Police Services didn’t just tell him (Fantino) to go sit on a red ant hill until he comes back to reality, or something to that effect. There are clearly defined sections in the Police Services Act that defines what is and what is not acceptable by off-duty cops — Fantino never had a valid complaint and should have been told such. Cowards!

    I will keep an eye out for the upcoming “March for Freedom” and will be there to show my support.

    Kyle Stubbins

    VoC REPLY: Hi again Kyle! I’ll be linking over to your post, “More of Fantino’s Two-Tiered Tactics.” Thanks for the support, I’m sure the Hartless family appreciates it. I know we do! Nice to know you’re coming out at the soon-to-be-announced March. Make sure we meet, OK?

    As for the so-called ‘complaint’ from Fantino, I’m pretty sure that it can’t be just arbitrarily dismissed to the ‘red ant pile’ (I could really learn to love red ants!). I’m sure the Hamilton Police Service will do the right thing – after all, they’re a real police force plus, we’re going to remind them just how much our rights matter to us, aren’t we?

    Funny you should use the word, “Cowards.” That’s the exact word I used on January 20/07 after my speech when the OPP brass refused to show up to answer my 4 questions about putting up a Canadian flag. They hid – again – behind their frontline officers rather than be accountable for violating our rights.

    I forgot about painting the cruisers. Well, I guess Fantino has done something besides undermine the Rule of Law and spit in the face of the Supreme Court and on the Constitution (See link above).

    Thanks again for the support, Kyle. Mark

    P.S. Given your email address, it looks like you’re in an interesting profession. 🙂 Sorry folks, it has to stay an inside joke!

  3. Rebecca Gingrich

    Sadly, this is politically correct, and we were born into the wrong special interest group. Free speech is not allowed in Canada if you do not spout the accepted mantra of our ‘betters’. I am so disappointed in Fantino–his history indicated that he would be a stong advocate for what is right over what is best for political correctness. Sadly, I guess once you get close to the rulers of our province, the smell sticks? To deny free speech to anyone is not democracy–but then when was the last time you saw democracy practiced in Ontario?

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for taking time to write Rebecca. It’s your first time, I think, so I welcome your voice against another outrageous attack on our freedoms in Ontario. I understand why cops have restrictions on what they can say; that’s designed to protect us from feeling threatened by their positions. Hmmmmm…can we all file complaints against Fantino?

    Depending on where you live, I hope you’ll do what you can to join us in the next March for Freedom event in Caledonia. At this point, I’m thinking that if you have a car and you live North of the U.S./Canada border we need your help! Thanks again for writing. Regards, Mark

    P.S. For a possible explanation as to why Fantino’s having a tough time knowing with his sense of smell, be sure to see, “Ipperwash Inquiry vs. Rule of Law in Caledonia.”

  4. Hi Mark,

    Just a note to express my extreme distaste for everything that is done by the OPP brass to promote and further this two tiered justice that has come to symbolize everything that is wrong in Caledonia.

    Fantino again demonstrates that he is more willing to please a provincial government out of control and cares nothing about law and order or justice.

    Maybe it’s just his last hurrah before retirement and he doesn’t want to rock the boat or jeopardize his big pension or maybe even a promised special position in the government after his retirement as Commissioner.

    Whatever his reasons he and the government will have to answer to the people for their shortcomings and hopefully a new government and maybe even a new OPP police commissioner will return Ontario back to a place of equal law and justice.

    It amazes me at how far they will go to discredit anyone who dares to exercise their freedom of speech and speak out against the two tiered system.

    It especially troubles me at how blatantly Fantino and the Government are at twisting the truth and slandering those that speak up against the injustice.

    Mark keep up the good work. Without citizens like you and Gary and now David and of course all the brave women who have come forward Caledonia would have fallen off the radar a long time ago.

    I will of course be at the next rally to support David and call for Law and order and Justice for the oppressed Citizens of Caledonia.

    If I can be of any assistance email or call me.

    VoC REPLY: I know Dave’s family will sleep better knowing that you’re behind them. Gary mentioned your name to me already as someone who could be of great help; I expect he’ll be in touch once we’ve finalized the details. He does the planning, then we discuss it and make any changes, so I’m waiting on him. For now, spread the word and line up some more volunteers to help with the petition or whatever else we need and send them to Gary at, if you would please. I suspect we will need some Canadian flags, too. 🙂 We will definitely be in touch. Thanks, Jim! Mark

    P.S. for those who don’t know who Jim is, he stood with his step-son, Chris Syrie to defend Chris’s property from a native thug who trespassed on the property, threw his Canadian flag on the ground and threatened him in a toe-to-toe staring match in front of the OPP who allowed the suspect to escape without even trying to identify him. See “VIDEO EVIDENCE: Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers.”

  5. Mark, you expect the OPP Commissioner to act as a Police Officer? Look to his work history, Toronto Police Force as the head of the Union / or assocation or whatever they would call it. This group has quite a reputation of intimation. Then directly to Chief of London. He had a rough ride there and went to York. Then on to Toronto.
    I read this as lots of political work but little to no police work. So you build a yes man for the Priemer, three guess who appointed him. I am not making excuses for him just pointing to the source who pulls the strings that he dances to !

  6. One should consider the many breaches of enforcing the law that goes back to the head of the OPP. If He is going to uses charges to make his point. Then it is only fair the the information on each and every possible law breach be documented to a JP to lay charges to force the law to be enforced. It is a sad day when the Police need to be pushed to do their duty.
    One should consider the Ontario Human Rights as another route to move people who make up their own rules.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim! Nice to hear from you. For the benefit of my readers, Jim Edgeworth sent the letter to Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor that I referred to in “Caledonia Land Claim Bogus? 16 Questions for investigators.” It called for the LG to dissolve Ontario’s Legislature because the ruling Liberal party had violated its oath of office in refusing to defend the Rule of Law in Ontario. At the time, Jim didn’t want his name used, but he has since stepped into the light to use his own name. Congratulations Jim!

    I completely agree, if Fantino wants to suddenly begin enforcing the law, he should start with himself and his officers who are cooperating in a terrible abuse of civil rights. Will not a single one of them do the honourable thing and resign in protest? I would rather be an honest garbage collector than a Two Tier Justice Enforcement Officer for the OPP.

    Re: Human Rights complaints. That’s one of the things on my/our list of things to do with respect to our own arrests, along with the lawsuits and police complaints we’re filing or have filed. We were hoping to have a Legal Workshop in March, but the Lions Hall manager now refuses to rent to us because of harassment by DCE criminals/supporters. We were hoping to convince him to change his mind just as the Hartless complaint story broke. If you know anyone at the Lions Club, we’d appreciate it if you’d give them a call. Regards, Mark

  7. Hi Mark,

    I would like to offer my support to Dave at this time of great stress as a result of the ongoing intimidation tactics of Fantino and his management team toward those that would stand up for the rule of law.

    I have read the post including the responses and your comments and if I were the OPP I would be very concerned that the people involved in this issue understand the issue very well. As the old saying goes “You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

    Mr. Fantino if you are paying attention to this post and I’m sure you or one of your underlings are, understand this one comment; you have wakened the sleeping giant and the giant will not rest until he finds you. You hid in Unity Road when citizens of this country wanted to speak to you, but you can’t hide anymore. Do the right thing and meet with the general public in Caledonia in an open forum with the media present so the people can ask you the tough questions about “Two Tier Justice” in Caledonia.

    Your current course of action will not only destroy your career but also a once proud OPP. If I were you, and thank God I’m not, I would scurry over to McGuinty’s office on Monday and hand in my resignation because it is the better of the two alternatives facing you.

    Your treatment of Dave Heartless is only one example of how low you have taken a once proud OPP organization. When the OPP should be standing for “Honest Equal Laws for all People” you have prostituted the organization and the law itself to satisfy the wishes of your political masters. I know because I have a copy of a letter from the OPP that states:

    “As the province’s provincial police service the OPP has a mandate that includes assisting municipalities responding to major natural and manmade disasters, e.g. floods, fires, chemical spills, tire fires, and occurrences and emergencies of a provincial or national scope e.g. G-8 protests, papal visit. These types of occurrences all form part and parcel of the OPP’s provincial mandate.

    “OPP resources deployed to ensure the safety and security of the community around Douglas Creek Estates have been applied subject to this provincial mandate”.

    Your own people have issued this letter that clarifies the Caledonia and Ipperwash situations quite well. Although Mr. McGuinty has been insisting for months that the Province has no power over the OPP I beg to differ. The quote above makes it clear that the Province set the guidelines under which the OPP are operating in Caledonia today.

    Mr. McGuinty you can no longer hide from the truth that your government is pulling the strings and the OPP is the marionette in this black comedy called the “Douglas Creek Estates”.

    Dave hang in there we are all behind you.

    VoC REPLY: Your ‘sleeping giant’ observation has captured the essence of the anger that Gary and I have both noticed since this story broke. People are – to put it crudely – pissed; and they’re coming forward to volunteer in any way they can to support Dave and his family. I had chills down my spine as I read your words, which is how I decided that your comment had to go into a new post: “Mr. Fantino: you have wakened the sleeping giant and the giant will not rest until he finds you.” Thanks Lisa! Mark

  8. Ya know Mark when I see petty bureaucratic tyranny like this in the police service I get the impression the police brass was trained in a banana republic…..and dearly wish to make Canada one as well.

    VoC REPLY: Ya know Wild Bill, this has to be the shortest comment you’ve ever sent! 🙂 (This from a guy that’s pretty longwinded himself!) I like eating bananas, but I don’t want to live in one. Up with Chiquita Bananas! Down with Fantino Bananas! FREE IPPERDONIA!

    Thanks, as always, for the support WL. Mark

  9. Mark-Alan Whittle

    Unfortunately Mr. Hartless, and his off duty activities are governed by the rules and regulations of the Hamilton Police Service, something Fantino calls into question, not the code of conduct the OPP operate on.

    Are you guys familiar with the Hamilton Police Service Act, blow your nose, got to jail, or something similar.

    The worst thing you guys can do is visit central station while the Chief is on holidays.

    No telling how far the Deputies will let things slide while the boss is away.

    My guess, not much considering the hundreds of off-reserve Aboriginals that could be mustered for the cause. I hope they, and the Hamilton Tactical Unit don’t consider your visit insulting or not peaceful enough for their liking.

    VoC REPLY: If there’s violence, it won’t come from us, and you know that because not one single person has been injured in any of our protests or meetings. Are you trying to incite some violence? Is that what you want? You wrote to me once about how you sat down with the DCE criminals and their supporters for the so-called ‘Potluck for Peace’ and now you issue a not-so-veiled threat against people who have never broken a single law demonstrating in support of an honest man who was a victim of the violence perpetrated by the people you shared a meal with. Please don’t write to me again. Mark

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