Mr. Fantino: You have wakened the sleeping giant and the giant will not rest until he finds you.

micromanager_cartoon.jpegThis post had its origins in a comment that Lisa Parent (The Strength of a Woman – Lisa Parent) posted in reply to “Fantino muzzles victim of Caledonia violence.” I knew it deserved a post of its own when I got chills down my spine while reading it!

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Hi Mark,

I would like to offer my support to Dave at this time of great stress as a result of the ongoing intimidation tactics of Fantino and his management team toward those that would stand up for the rule of law.

I have read the post [Fantino muzzles victim of Caledonia violence] including the responses and your comments and if I were the OPP I would be very concerned that the people involved in this issue understand the issue very well. As the old saying goes “You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

Mr. Fantino if you are paying attention to this post and I’m sure you or one of your underlings are, understand this one comment; you have wakened the sleeping giant and the giant will not rest until he finds you. You hid in Unity Road when citizens of this country wanted to speak to you, but you can’t hide anymore. Do the right thing and meet with the general public in Caledonia in an open forum with the media present so the people can ask you the tough questions about “Two Tier Justice” in Caledonia.

Your current course of action will not only destroy your career but also a once proud OPP. If I were you, and thank God I’m not, I would scurry over to McGuinty’s office on Monday and hand in my resignation because it is the better of the two alternatives facing you.

Your treatment of Dave Heartless is only one example of how low you have taken a once proud OPP organization. When the OPP should be standing for “Honest Equal Laws for all People” you have prostituted the organization and the law itself to satisfy the wishes of your political masters. I know because I have a copy of a letter from the OPP that states:

“As the province’s provincial police service the OPP has a mandate that includes assisting municipalities responding to major natural and manmade disasters, e.g. floods, fires, chemical spills, tire fires, and occurrences and emergencies of a provincial or national scope e.g. G-8 protests, papal visit. These types of occurrences all form part and parcel of the OPP’s provincial mandate.

“OPP resources deployed to ensure the safety and security of the community around Douglas Creek Estates have been applied subject to this provincial mandate”.

Your own people have issued this letter that clarifies the Caledonia and Ipperwash situations quite well. Although Mr. McGuinty has been insisting for months that the Province has no power over the OPP I beg to differ. The quote above makes it clear that the Province set the guidelines under which the OPP are operating in Caledonia today.

Mr. McGuinty you can no longer hide from the truth that your government is pulling the strings and the OPP is the marionette in this black comedy called the “Douglas Creek Estates”.

Dave hang in there we are all behind you.



Lisa is one gutsy, well-spoken lady who has spoken up proudly and publicly for her community. She and other brave citizens in Caledonia are the reason why Fantino and his political masters should fear “the ‘sleeping giant.” (Lisa always knows what to say!)

Gary McHale and I have noticed a very hopeful trend – more and more people inside Caledonia are beginning to write to support us under their own names as a call to action against the evil that is Two Tier Justice. The struggle is slowly becoming a ‘giant’ thanks to ordinary people rising to take back their country from a politically-correct policing experiment gone horribly wrong.

The ‘giant’ watches politicians…

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-011.jpgIt’s a shame that the only politician to join with us so far is the true statesman, the honourable Toby Barrett, but perhaps that will change once Caledonia’s other ‘leaders’ become so embarassed by the inspiring courage and leadership shown by their constituents that they can no longer stay on the sidelines waiting to see which way the wind blows.

help_hands.jpegTo all the politicians who continue to allow brave people to bear the burden of the struggle against Two Tier Justice without the benefit of your leadership: wouldn’t it be better to help us fight for your citizens? Please…come and join us. Inspire us! We can beat this evil together! Now is the time to put petty political differences aside for your community.

…and Caledonia’s business ‘leaders,’ too

This week members of the Lions Club in Caledonia gave in to intimidation by supporters of the DCE criminals, and refused to rent a room to us for a Legal Workshop so that people like Lisa Parent, Toby Barrett, John Findlay, Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas can educate Caledonians – especially those with no policing – on how to fight back – legally and peacefully.

crying_ashamed.jpegDo you realize what you have you done to undermine Canadian values like the ‘freedom of expression’ and the ‘Rule of Law’ at a time when your community needed you the most? How could you do this to them? To us? How could you do this to our country? I thought clubs like the Lions were supposed to encourage good citizenship.

Please reconsider this decision, I beg you. 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “Mr. Fantino: You have wakened the sleeping giant and the giant will not rest until he finds you.

  1. Hi Mark,

    You know I am an X cancer patient! There is one thing I know: if you know the end is coming you will have two thoughts. No its not money, job or home: first it’s your family and then your maker for me – GOD. Yes I was spared but I still went through this, but I had no fear except how I was going to go.

    I suggest you listen to Lisa Parent: it’s not to late for Mr. Fantino to undo what’s wrong and all the lies. It is in your best interest to do your job to the best of your ability and tell Dalton McGuinty to go to hell literally! It’s your soul: change your ways now I beg of you; take it from some one who knows!

    We all make choices in life, which influences our own destiny: make the right choices and we will all meet on the other side together!

    Jim Smith
    Caledonia Ont.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing Jim. Hopefully, Mr. Fantino will listen to the anger and determination in our voices and do the right thing. Thanks for your voice. Regards, Mark

  2. I truly hope, when this is over, you remember persons and businesses that gave in to intimidation. Do not support them. There are others worthy of support, who have stood with you, through this whole debacle.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Dave! It’s hard to get mad at an organization that does charity work, but the Rule of Law trumps everything as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t have the police enforcing the law and equal justice, you’ve got nothing. I promise you that if this Lions Club ‘leader’ doesn’t step up to help his community in this crisis, I will make it my mission to do what I can to make sure everyone in Caledonia knows who he is and how he abandoned his community when they needed him most. We have contacted him privately to no avail. Gary has just released his name to his private mailing list in an attempt to exert some ‘semi-private’ pressure. The next step (I suspect) will be a March for Freedom event at his place of business. Believe me, this guy doesn’t rely on criminals for his business; he needs law-abiding, honest people to make money. He doesn’t want us mad at him.

    By the way, a 60+ year old lady sent him an email offering to take the calls and intimidation for him! Watch for a new post called, “The Strength of a Woman – Beth Hutchison” when I get back to my home computer.

    Thanks for writing! Hope to see you this Saturday at 2pm at the Hamilton Police Station, 155 King William Street for the March for Freedom to support Dave Heartless. Regards, Mark