‘Black Bow Campaign’ to commemorate “The day the Rule of Law died”

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‘Black Bow Campaign’ to commemorate
the day the ‘Rule of Law’ died 

CaledoniaWakeUpCall and VoiceofCanada are urging all Ontarians to participate in MPP Toby Barrett’s suggestion that citizens show support for the law-abiding residents of Caledonia and Six Nations by wearing or displaying a ‘Black Bow’ on their car, home or person from February 28 until April 20th. 

  • Black bows can be made from black plastic table cloths (available at ‘dollar’ stores) or black garbage bags.
  •  You are also encouraged to insert the ‘Black Bow’ icon into your email correspondence. Simply ‘right-click’ the image in this email and Save it to a location on your computer. You can then insert it into your emails as follows: Insert >Picture >Browse (find picture) >Double-click >OK 

The people in Caledonia need your support during this very difficult time. They have been victimized by criminals and the Ontario Provincial Police for one year through no fault of their own. Please forward this to everyone on your email lists, whether they live in Caledonia or elsewhere.


OPP van with smashed windowOn February 28, 2006, native extremists seized a 40 hectare subdivision under construction known as the Douglas Creek Estates from the deeded owner, Henco Industries Limited. On April 20, 2006 an OPP raid to enforce a court order against the occupiers failed after they were attacked by a gang of more than 200 natives armed with baseball bats who smashed windows in police vehicles.

roadblocked.jpgParticipants in the violent occupation threw a car over a bridge and lit tire fires across the road.  Since April 20, 2006 the OPP have essentially given up all pretext of enforcing the law against native suspects. In fact, at a recent Caledonia town hall meeting, a local councillor said he wished he could do something about the fact that some people near the Douglas Creek Estates have no policing service at all. He also stated that council has told the OPP that people are afraid to make 911 calls for fear of retaliation from the gang.

Arrests of native suspects has been few, even when crimes are committed in full view of OPP officers, although the same officers have arrested 3 peaceful non-native protesters who tried to raise a Canadian flag across from the stolen land.

Residents describe April 20, 2006 as “The day the ‘Rule of Law’ died” in Caledonia.   For further information on the situation in Caledonia and the failure of the OPP to uphold the law, please refer to the following VoiceofCanada articles: 



Gary McHale, Editor


Founder, March for Freedom


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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One response to “‘Black Bow Campaign’ to commemorate “The day the Rule of Law died”

  1. Keep up the good fight Mark!

    I’m reading more dubious articles in the Hamilton Spectator today. They have a few disjointed words about Gary McHale.

    What burns me is an article about Trevor Miller. The current Aboriginal poster boy for the oppressed everywhere.

    In this almost devoted writing, I wouldn’t call it journalism. Miller exposes himself as a hipocrate.
    “I realized what was going on and I went right there,” he remembered. “The cops were trying to throw down people — elderly people.”

    The article fails to mention that Miller was part of the mob that was accosting an ELDERLY couple in their car. Never mind the little details like that… The story almost had me feeling sorry for the poor oppressed guy, I mean, he only made a few bad decisions.


    VoC REPLY: Hi James. Thanks for your first comment at VoC (I think!). But the Spec just HAD to point out that Gary McHale happened to wear the same shirt a couple of times, whatever that means. There were a few more mistakes and undeserved digs at McHale that I’ll be pointing out (along with a few others) in a new post, “Where have all the journalists gone???” Thanks for reading and for writing. I hope I’ll see you at the March for Freedom event to support Dave Hartless! Regards, Mark