Questions for Roy Green show re Caledonia 1 year later

IMPORTANT BULLETIN! The location of the March for Freedom planned for Saturday has been changed to the OPP detachment in Cayuga. See CaledoniaWakeUpCall for details.

UPDATE 1312 EST, Feb 28/07: Reply from Roy Green.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgYesterday, I received this message from Toby Barrett: 

To my knowledge, CHML’s Roy Green show will be featuring Ontario’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, David Ramsay, at 9:00am.  Following Ramsay, participants will include Mayor Trainer, myself and possibly others until 10:00am.

Thanks for your time,

I sent the email below to Roy Green this morning. [NOTE: Some links & all photos were not in original email to Mr. Green. They are included for the benefit of VoC readers.] Let’s see if he raises any of my questions…


Hi Roy,

First of all, let me compliment Toby Barrett for standing clearly on the side of the true victims in Caledonia. He is a beacon of hope in a town that has been cowed into helplessness by intimidation and terror. Toby is a true leader where few are to be found.

I am proud to say that I was one of the three people arrested by the OPP in Caledonia for trying to exercise my constitutional right to place a Canadian flag on a public utility pole, a right guaranteed to me by a 1993 Supreme Court decision in the case of Ramsden v Peterborough (City).

a-channel-jan-19-07-screen-captures-002.jpgOn Dec 16th, after refusing to allow me to place a flag beside the Warrior flag on the pole were protecting, I sat down in the road in protest. An OPP officer immediately ripped my flag out of my hands with such force while I was peacefully sitting on the ground that the 1″ aluminum pole it was mounted on broke into 2 separate pieces.

Thanks to recent March for Freedom events, Gary McHale and I, with the help of some dedicated Caledonia residents, have now gathered enough evidence (We’d be happy to present it on your show and discuss it) to prove that the OPP is engaged in race-based policing that allows native suspects to escape arrest or even identification even when the alleged offences are committed in front of numerous officers. I now understand how it was that the OPP could stand by and allow Caledonia to be terrorized – they have been trained to do so, and our evidence shows it clearly.

a-channel-jan-19-07-screen-captures-001.jpg[Click on photo left for video] Gary McHale and I have broken no laws. No one has been injured at any of our events. We consistently write about the Rule of Law and Equality before the law. We encourage all March for Freedom protesters to be respectful and peaceful, yet we are insulted and our motives questioned over and over again by the OPP, the OPPA and members of Haldimand Council, most recently by Haldimand Deputy Mayor Buck Sloat who said in a townhall meeting on February 9th in a response to a question as to why Council never supported Gary McHale and me:

“I will never support any individual that openly admits that he’s going to break some laws to get arrested. Therefore, he’s going to break some laws to get arrested.”

On January 20th, Fantino refused to meet with us to explain why his officers were violating our rights, but he met with the DCE criminals and/or their supporters.

On Saturday we will be at a March for Freedom event in Hamilton organized to help Caledonia show its support for Dave Hartless, a man whose family has been victimized by the DCE thugs and is being silenced by a dubious Police Act complaint filed against him by Commissioner Fantino for speaking out against Two Tier Justice.

I would like you to ask your guests today several questions if you have time, please:

1. Does the Haldimand Council know that law-abiding people have been arrested in their town despite having not committed any crime – simply for trying to exercise their constitutional rights?

2. What do your guests think is the ‘real’ reason that the provincial government and Julian Fantino are so determined to silence, insult, arrest and avoid those of us who speak up against Two Tier Justice rather than do what is necessary to restore the Rule of Law to this province?

justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpeg3. Are any of your guests prepared to submit a formal request that the OPP be stood down in Caledonia, and that the Federal government supply whatever assistance is required to restore law and order, and to enforce the the Charter of Rights and the decisions of the Supreme Court? 

4. Does the government of Ontario believe that non-native citizens are entitled to protection from violence, intimidation and crime during a land claim?

5. If the Rule of Law is not restored in Caledonia, what do your guests think will be the ramifications for Ontario or for Canada?

Thank you for your time. If you are looking for more questions may I suggest a VoiceofCanada post: “Caledonia land claim bogus? 16 Questions for investigators”


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

parade-mark-w-unefii-ismailia-egypt-19780001.jpgPS: This ‘outsider’ was born in Hamilton, spent time in a Brantford orphanage and lived many years in Hamilton as an adult after serving with the Canadian Forces, including a UN peacekeeping mission in the Middle East. I have driven through the Gaza Strip where there is civil war today because there is no Rule of Law. [Mark is 3rd from right.]


One hour was not even close to enough time to devote to this subject on the anniversary of the beginning of the terror campaign against the people of Caledonia. There was only time to take one caller who made the most accurate observation that if the land claim is invalid, why is the province allowing the DCE occupiers to remain? Great question.

Here’s what Roy’s guests had to say:

David Ramsay: In response to Roy’s question about Two Tier Justice, he said he thinks the OPP are doing a good job. Say what?

Toby Barrett: Says that the Federal government is mainly responsible. Given that the Feds have already made it quite clear that the land claim is invalid, what else should they do? What else can they do? Law enforcement is the province’s responsibility – they need to send in a real police force and remove these criminals. Enough is enough already – and I’m not the only ‘juvenile, whacko, mischief making outsider’ who thinks so; check out this Globe & Mail poll.

Chief David General: Some wise words about the importance of focusing on crime and health issues on Six Nations.

Mayor Marie Trainer: I spoke with Gary McHale right after the show ended, and he agrees that the Mayor put in the strongest performance of all by far today when she came out strongly against the occupation of Douglas Creek Estates.

When asked to sum up her feelings, she said the occupation has to end, the people on the site have to be removed, and the residents on 6th line have to have policing because they don’t have any right now. She also spoke of her frustration that everybody and anybody on Six Nations wants a say in the negotiations, that they don’t know who they’re supposed to negotiate with.

Very well done Mayor Trainer! Gold stars for you. 


Gary McHale: His voice on behalf of Caledonians was badly needed and sadly, absent. Green didn’t invite him. Gary thinks it could be because of a confrontation he had with Green on CHTV. It would be a shame if Roy Green is putting personal pique ahead of providing an interesting discussion for his listeners.


VoiceofCanada received this reply from Roy Green at 1312 EST today:

Thank you Mark,

Brought up the issue concerning two-tier policing this morning. I will always stand by the principal that a Canadian has the right to display a Canadian flag on public land. Made that point with Commissioner Fantino on-air.



Thanks for taking the time to reply, Roy. I do appreciate it. 

VoC NOTE: CHML news was reporting that DCE occupiers were given a police escort as they marched through Caledonia this morning. Two Tier Justice at it’s finest


Feb 28/07, AM900 CHML radio, Roy Green Show: Intro & David Ramsay, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs (9:41) (includes clip of Premier McGuinty saying that he and the Prime Minister have decided not to go to Caledonia.)

Feb 28/07, AM900 CHML radio, Roy Green Show: Mayor Marie Trainer & MPP Toby Barrett (5:25)

Feb 28/07, AM900 CHML radio, Roy Green Show: Chief David General (13:06)

Feb 28/07, AM900 CHML radio, Roy Green Show: Listener feedback (6:19)


One response to “Questions for Roy Green show re Caledonia 1 year later

  1. Even though Roy seems to be a fair radio host at most times, I have always found him on this subject of the DCE to show a slight bias to the natives. I remember when the DCE situation first came up he talked about OKA and how he was the only news person to be allowed behind the native lines and how poorly the natives have been treated ect. ect… I emailed him many times to why he was the only news person allowed behind the OKA line and no answers was ever forth coming. It makes me believe Roy has a personal interest in native affairs and as such slants his show to focus more on what the government is not doing, rather than what the natives are doing.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Tod, thanks for the comment. I can’t understand why Roy wouldn’t want someone like Gary (or anybody!) to provide a uniquely different viewpoint that contrasts with the political one. Roy did raise the Two Tier Justice issue once, but let it go after Ramsay said the OPP were doing a good job. I know he only had a short time and 4 guests, but you tell me what’s more important than a police force that won’t enforce the law??? Thanks again for writing. Regards, Mark