‘The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer’

UPDATE: Caledonia Victims Project, April 13/10: Caledonia’s youngest hero: 14 year old Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych

UPDATE 1442 EST March 16/07: Video of ‘Dancer’ reading ‘Road of Hope‘ w/short interview following.  DIAL-UP 

UPDATE 0821 EST March 07/07: The source of ‘Dancer’s’ pamphlet has confirmed that he wants his name used in order to counter sleazy allegations by DCE Landclaim Terror deniers that we somehow fabricated this story.

UPDATE 1500 EST March 06/07: ‘The Strength of a Woman – 14 year old ‘Dancer’ has reached #51 on the Wordpress.com list of ‘Top Posts’ for today. VoiceofCanada has reached #89 on the WordPress.com list of ‘Top Blogs’ (English) out of 742,333 blogs on the WordPress system.

UPDATE 0818 EST March 06/07: Response to ‘Landclaim Terror’ deniers and their latest sleazy allegations: Sorry, but Dancer is real!

success_woman.jpegThis is the second in VoiceofCanada’s “The Strength of a Woman’ articles designed to honour the many women who have both inspired and shamed us with their courage during the struggle against Two Tier Justice in Ontario. The title was inspired by Robin McGraw, wife of TV’s Dr. Phil – see ‘The Strength of a Woman’ – Lisa Parent.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAt the March for Freedom event held March 03/07 to support Dave Hartless, someone gave Gary and me a pamphlet created by a 14 year-old girl who lives on the Sixth Line in Caledonia Ontario where the OPP refuse to provide policing services because of a native land claim. She asked us to put it on our websites. It is called, “Road of Hope: Help the 6th Line!” and it is heartbreaking.

For those of you who find it difficult to believe that there are people in Ontario who have been utterly abandoned to criminals by the Ontario Provincial Police that swore an oath to protect them, check out these links below:

Jan 03/07: CHTV Video (2:02 mins): Hear Mayor Trainer and a Sixth Line resident explain how they feel about Fantino spending $20 million to bring more officers to Caledonia:

“I live on Sixth Line so I currently don’t have any policing.”

Caledonia resident, Jan 03/07

“People just want the Rule of Law applied. Same rules for you and I and everyone else. Throwing more money, throwing more officers – that’s not the issue.”

Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer,
Jan 03/07

Feb 13/07: VoiceofCanada post – Toby Barrett leads Caledonia council to water…but they won’t drink! Here’s just one quote (read the post to see just how helpless Haldimand Council sees itself in the face of OPP arrogance) from a town hall meeting held Feb 09/07:

“The OPP are still not policing beyond the DCE: Sixth Line, Oneida and the back of Sterling. They are going to respond to 911 phone calls. I’ve suggested to the OPP numerous times, as I know Marie has, as I know Buck has, and Council has that you [the OPP] might not get the phone calls because they are deathly afraid of any repercussions.”

Craig Grice, Councillor, Ward 3
February 09, 2007

Did you get that? The OPP don’t police, but they will answer 911 calls. The only problem is that the residents are too afraid to call! No wonder – check out, “VIDEO EVIDENCE: Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers.”

It made me angry to hear media reports, and statements from politicians talking about how they couldn’t do anything for citizens without policing, but it’s another to understand the effects this repugnant situation is having on residents.

For the first time – to the best of my knowledge – we have been given a painful glimpse into the reality of life on un-policed Sixth Line through the eyes of a 14 year old girl whose family and j0405192.jpgneighbours must live under the whims of criminals because an entire police force and provincial government has gone stark raving mad in the course of a politically-correct policing experiment that is ripping our democracy apart.  

I call this brave girl ‘Dancer’ because she loves to dance. Her pamphelet is written on an 8.5 x 11 sheet folded in three sections. This is what she has to say:

UPDATE: Dancer’s family was determined to honour their daughter’s wishes that her story be told, so they met with us and gave us permission to videotape Dancer reading ‘Road of Hope.’ Afterwards, we interviewed her in order to clarify some points in her pamphlet. It was wonderful to meet this amazing young woman and her family, but it was hard listening to her talk about how the OPP have abandoned her and every other kid on the Sixth Line. 

‘Road of Hope,’ read by 14 year old ‘Dancer,’ March 11/07 (7:09 mins)  DIAL-UP


– Road of Hope: Help the 6th Line! –

Help the Road Fight for Justice! 

“For 14 years I have been living on this road, and that’s how long I have been alive! But only 13 years have been happy years. Ever since February 28th/06 my whole life changed. Having to be almost literally locked inside my own home, I was terrified to even look out my own window. Close your eyes and imagine. You’re looking out your own laundry room windows and you see the tall beautiful oak trees on your neighbors property, but when you look higher up you see the darkest biggest blume of smoke you have ever seen. You run into the living room to look out that window and find almost 50 cars lining up and down your street and Natives walking everywhere.

“They’re pulling in your driveway, not even on the right side of the road, you even see a 12 year old driving a car past, but you can’t do anything. You can’t call the police because they can’t help you. You’re locked in your own home. A few days later, when it calms down, you have to go to school. But you can’t get to school by bus anymore so you have to drive a 30 min. ride to school when it only took 2 minutes unless you went through the blockade. But you could only do this if you had a pass, but even when we got one, it was whether they felt like letting you go through or not. If they did let you go, it was like you’re in prison, gates everywhere, men with masks over their faces only to see their eyes. Men holding bats some even with guns, it was a living hell. I had to live through that. You don’t know what life is like until you have lived through it.

“I’m a competitive dancer, and love to dance outside on the side lawn, but I wasn’t able to unless I could take the pressure of getting stares or firecrackers thrown at me. Now I take medication and go to counselling because of all of this. A 14 year old should not be doing that!

“Its these things that hurt, because its not just mu family in pain its all of ours on the 6th line. There are 7 children on this road ranging from 10 months to 15 years old. It’s very sad when the 14 and 15 year old are told that if ever a native came into OUR house and tried hurting us and we defended ourselves by fighting back, we would be the ones arrested! Not the native!

“People in Caledonia think its quiet on the sixth line but they have it all wrong! Its nothing like it! People on the 6th line have not had a good night’s sleep for over a year now!!! That’s sad! This is why we need your help! I’m 14 years old and I will fight with as much power as I have to get police and justice back on my road! I know Mr. Peterson made the mistake of taking it away and it’s sad when he can’t fix his own mistakes and that I am, 1 14 year old girl trying!”

You try living in this knowing that this is just happening one house away from you! [Dancer had 4 photos included in her pamphlet. One of them was of the Stirling Street bridge burning. I didn’t have the same photo she used, so I substituted one that was taken from a different view.  I did the same with the image of the fire on the concrete overpass. The other two photos are the same.]




Hello God,
I called tonight
To talk a little while
I need someone who’ll listen
to my anxiety and trial.
You see I can’t quite make it
Through a day just on my own…
I need your love to guide me,
So I’ll never feel alone.

I want to ask you please to keep
My family safe and sound.
Come and fill their lives with confidence
For whatever fate they’re bound.
Give me faith, dear God, to face
Each hour throughout the day,
And not to worry over things
I can’t change in any way.

I thank you God for being home
And listening to my call,
For giving me such good advice
When I stumble and fall.
Your number, God, is the only one
That answers every time.
I never get a busy signal,
Never had to pay a dime!

So thank you, God, for listening
To my troubles and my sorrow.
Good night, God, I love You too,
And I’ll call again tomorrow.


VoC Reply: I sent ‘Dancer’ an email through the person who gave me her pamphlet. This is what I told her: 

 “Dear ‘Dancer,’

I didn’t have a chance to read ‘Road of Hope’ until bedtime. I fell asleep crying for you. I am crying now as I write this because there are police officers, politicians and other citizens of Canada who went to bed last night without first doing everything they could to make sure that you feel safe in your home.

I am ashamed of my country today.I don’t know if you knew this, but I served as a soldier with the Canadian Forces and I spent 6 months in the Middle East as a peacekeeper with the United Nations. As someone who went to a Third World country to do my very small part to keep the peace, I can’t understand how my country can allow this. I am so ashamed.

Along with my tears is something I haven’t experienced yet in this struggle – rage. Up until now, it was just anger. Now – it’s personal. I am overwhelmed by your courage and your ability to be positive. After all you’ve been through, you called your story, ‘Road of Hope.’ I can think of many other titles that you could have chosen.

I want you to know that I work full time on the struggle against Two Tier Justice. Gary McHale, too, is working full time to restore justice to Caledonia. Behind us is a group of wonderful citizens who help us, many from inside Caledonia, some of them are ‘outsiders’ like us. One man from Wallaceburg made up picket signs for our March yesterday and brought them down for us. There are good people who care about you.

Yesterday, we announced that we are holding a news conference on March 14th at Queen’s Park to release ‘The Ipperwash Papers.’ Unfortunately, Dancer, you are not the first to be abandoned by the OPP and politicians. On that day we will expose how the people of Ipperwash suffered because of the mistakes, inaction and cowardice of the people who were supposed to protect them.

On February 14th, I told the people at the Lions Hall, “I will pay any price so that your children, London’s children, Toronto’s children and Ipperwash’s children can live in a province where all people are equal before the law, and where the Rule of Law is not a subject for debate.”

From this day forward my mission in life is to do whatever I have to do in order to make you – Dancer – feel safe in your home, and I will not suffer easily any police officer, citizen or politician who gets in my way.

When I am discouraged or tired and I start feeling sorry for myself, I will read your words and begin again.

I will be putting up the second in my “The Strength of a Woman” series today and it will be a reprint of ‘Road of Hope’ along with this letter. It will be called, “The Strength of a Woman – 14 year old ‘Dancer’.

I know your parents are there for you, but you are welcome to call me any time – day or night – if you’d like to talk as long as it’s OK with them.”


NOTE: Gary McHale just contacted me after a well-deserved nap to say that he had just read Dancer’s pamphlet and is committed to doing whatever is required to get a police force to protect Dancer, her family and everyone else without police protection.

Our first step is to see if we can coax OPP Commissioner out into the open so he can explain his ‘reasons’ for refusing to provide policing services to Dancer. Please see “VoiceofCanada challenges Fantino to TV/Radio/Townhall debate.

VoC Editorial:

– OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino – 

You had 350 police officers in Caledonia on Dec 16/06 to prevent us from putting Canadian flags on utility poles.

Your officers arrested 3 law-abiding Canadians simply for exercising their Constitutional rights. I had a Canadian flag ripped from my hands as I sat peacefully on the ground and spent 3 hours in a Cayuga OPP jail.

You held an innocent man overnight in jail even though you knew you weren’t going to charge him.

On January 20th you met with the Douglas Creek criminals and their supporters to tell them you were going to protect them from us – law abiding, peaceful Canadians, but you hid behind your front line officers when we wanted to know why you were violating our rights and slandering us in the media.

In between violating our rights, consorting with criminals and hiding from us at Unity Road on January 20/07 did you ever consider going to meet ‘Dancer’ and her family to understand what your ‘police force’ was doing to her?

a-channel-jan-19-07-screen-captures-001.jpgYou and your officers have slandered and libelled Gary McHale and me for peacefully, legally trying to hold your force accountable as if we were the ones who have terrorized Caledonia for the past year.

You arrested us and prevented us from peacefully walking down Caledonia’s main road, yet you closed the same road and provided an OPP police escort for the criminals and/or their supporters who have stolen Dancer’s life from her. How could you allow your officers to slap the people of Caledonia in the face by being part of this sickening parade to celebrate a year of terror and intimidation? 

Recently you’ve tried to intimidate a good man by the name of Dave Hartless into remaining silent. If only you would be so aggressive about confronting the violent thugs who have destroyed the world of a young woman.

I understand why you’re so afraid of us – if I were you I wouldn’t want to be reminded that I was responsible for abandoning a 14 year-old girl and her family to thugs either. Do you think of people like Dancer before you go to your safe bed in your safe home in your safe town each night.

Mr. Fantino, you could make this girl’s world safe again for her with just the stroke of a pen, yet you choose not to do so. Shame on you and every police officer in Caledonia that follows your orders.

– Premier McGuinty – 

Why do you not call in the Canadian Forces or the RCMP to protect the people on Sixth Line since the OPP refuses to do so? How can you justify waiting even one more minute?

– OPP Officers in Caledonia –

Now is the time to do what is right! Help us. Call your union leaders and tell them to begin to fight for the Rule of Law instead of attacking us. We are on your side, but you’re not there where we thought you were!

When you are in your rocking chair, looking back on your life many years from now, will you be proud of what you did in Caledonia? Will you help us to defend the Constitution and a 14 year old girl from evil, or will you count the overtime money for which you sold your soul so cheaply?

UPDATE re Allegations by Landclaim Terror deniers: Gary McHale has advised me that some lowlife Landclaim Terror deniers have accused him on a message board of fabricating our story about Dancer. Well, you can all crawl back under your rocks and try to find some other slime to throw at the victims of the DCE terror campaign because we have confirmed this story with at least 3 sources. Dancer has already told her story 3 separate times to MP Diane Finley, certain members of Haldimand Council, the OPP and other citizens. When the source of Dancer’s pamphlet heard that Gary and I were accused of falsifying Dancer’s story, he wrote to me last night to say:

“I will verify the validity of this story any time you wish. Given my profession and the fact the Canadian government trusts me enough to sign passports, it should help. I will also state anytime I was the one who gave you the pamphlet. I have talked to the family and they would be happy to talk to you.”

Doug Plank

According to a different source that is very close to the family,

“She [Dancer] has told her story three times now and you [Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas] were the only ones who actually listened.”

I would have hoped by now that even the lowest of the DCE criminals and their gang of Landclaim Terror deniers would have learned that Gary McHale and I do not make a habit of saying things we don’t mean or that we can’t prove. It doesn’t happen often, but when I do make a mistake I admit it publicly and I offer a sincere apology and/or a correction. 

Contrast that with those who try to deny their crimes against decency and humanity in Caledonia and Ipperwash with euphemisms like ‘peaceful occupation’ and  ‘reclamation.’

When I wrote to Doug Plank to confirm that it was OK to use his name, this is what he had to say:

“Yes, you can use my name. If I receive any threats, etc. I will not run away. I will go to the OPP and file a report, knowing they will do nothing. Then, I will contact the media as proof that as soon as you speak up the intimidation starts.”

Contrast the courage and leadership of Doug Plank and 14 year old Dancer with the Caledonia Lions Club who gave in to the DCE Landclaim Terrorists and refused to rent us a room for our March 24th Legal Workshop so people like Toby Barrett, John Finlay and others could help residents understand their rights!  Thankfully, the Cayuga Lions Club haven’t forgotten what civic responsibility means – they gladly rented us a room in order to aid their fellow citizens in Caledonia. Way to go guys!

See also, “The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer’ (Part 2).

6 responses to “‘The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer’

  1. Jim Anderson

    Hi Mark:

    I just read your posting ” Strength of a Woman 14 year old Dancer” and I couldn’t help but feel the emotion of her and her families plight and I also felt tears well up in my eyes reading it.

    Reading posts like Dancers and realizing how badly the OPP and our Governments from all levels have failed not only Dancer but all Law Abiding Canadians only makes us want to fight harder for single tiered Justice and the return of Law and Order to our communities.

    The time is now to end special treatment for criminals under the law especially at the detriment of the basic civil rights of everybody else.

    Surely the boneheaded police commissioner and the self serving politicians must realize that everytime they give preferential treatment to criminals for political expediency innocent victims civil rights and liberties are taken away.

    It is a sign of how badly things have become in Canada when people are afraid in their own homes and cannot call on the very people tasked with protecting them because of fear of the police or knowing that the police won’t respond and take the appropriate action of arrest and removal of the suspect to ensure the safety of the victim.

    To Dancer I can only say that I am so very proud to know that someone as young as her has spoken out against this injustice and can so clearly see that what has transpired in her community is not right or just.

    I can assure her that there are many like minded people from both inside and especially outside Caledonia that have and will see her plight and continue to speak out against this two tiered system wrought upon us by a Government gone awry in the interest of being politically correct and in the process losing sight of our rights under the law and the constitution.

    I pledge to Dancer and others like her to continue to devote my time to the fight for Justice and to expose the OPP and Government for what they are so citizens like Dancer can once again feel free in their own homes.

    Jim Anderson

    VoC REPLY: Thanks Jim for your pledge to help Dancer. We spent last night working out a schedule to accomplish some immediate goals and your name was mentioned. We will be contacting you soon – please hang tight for a bit as we’ve got to prepare for March 14th. You’re a good man and we’re going to need you.

    I hope that the people of Caledonia see Dancer as a shining beacon of inspiration and determination, and will cause the town to put aside their petty differences to rally around her to take back their town from the OPP and the gangsters they protect. Thanks for the support.Mark

  2. Jeff Parkinson

    I’m not a resident of Caledonia, but I have been involved in every rally, and kept myself informed on every development. In doing so I thought I had grown to understand the situation, and I was sure I knew what we were fighting for.

    Reading the heart breaking pamphlet that ‘dancer’ made, I now understand that I knew virtually nothing of the true horror and true evil that has descended upon Caledonia.

    To Dancer I would like to say so much but there are so few words that could matter right now. Your courage has touched and inspired me in a way that I did not know was possible.

    I pledge to you that I will continue to fight with every fibre of my being until you are free of this nightmare. You now personally have the support of the most dedicated, and fearless group of people I have ever met in my life, and it will be an honor to fight by their side to give you back the life that you deserve!

    Jeff Parkinson

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the pledge, Jeff! I appreciate your willingness to step up to this fight on behalf of people you don’t even know. Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    When a victim fears retribution from the Police more than criminal attackers, justice is a contradiction and the rule of law is so distorted that the brink of anarchy can be seen clearly from police lines.

    As a Canadian this is a deep and abiding shame to bear…to live in a nation where the rule of law and civil justice is suspended by racial dogma. I hope the political lever-pullers responsible pay a large price for their treachery.

    VoC REPLY: Hey WL! Very well said my friend, very well said. Sorry, can’t stay – lots of work to do for next Wed. Thanks! Mark

  4. Its time for a people’s police force to protect that family with guns and ammo.

    VoC REPLY: I understand how angry and frustrated you must feel, Merle. How can our ‘leaders’ expect people to sit idly by while police officers allow lawless mini-states to be created by criminals in our midst? Still, WE will obey and value the law even if our police do not. Gary McHale and I are working on an aggressive, legal, pro-active approach to getting protection for Dancer, so I’m asking you to stay calm and trust us. We will not rest until Dancer feels safe in her home, but we will do it non-violently – with the help of people like you who obviously feel as passionately as we do.

    Thanks for writing, Merle. Mark

  5. I have two friends on sixth line. Matter of fact one lives across the road from this young lady!! Nice to see her face; bring her story to life!

    Sickens me that this is allowed in what I feel is the best Country in the world: I feel another email going to Harper!!!!!!

    VoC REPLY: Hey Jim, I know Dancer reads VoC and I know she’ll appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for writing. Mark

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