JOINT NEWS RELEASE: VoiceofCanada & CaledoniaWakeUpCall to release ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ at Queen’s Park – March 14, 2007


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UPDATE 1035 EST March 14/07:  Website for The Ipperwash Papers now available at .

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Voiceof Canada 

March 05, 2007

Voiceof Canada and Caledonia WakeUpCall to release
‘The Ipperwash Papers’ at Queen’s Park – March 14, 2007  

The media and politicians have repeatedly asked why we do not take our March for Freedom protests against Two Tier Justice to Queen’s Park.

There is a reason why we have not done so – the injustice is in Caledonia. The evidence of the OPP’s violations of the Supreme Court and our Charter of Rights is in Caledonia.

We always knew that one day we would go to Queen’s Park, but we also knew that when we did go it would be on our schedule, not one desired by those who have opposed us.

We also wanted to make sure that when we did go to Queen’s Park that no one would ever forget the day we delivered our message with the help of citizens from both Ipperwash and Caledonia.

That day has arrived.

VoiceofCanada and CaledoniaWakeUpCall have been conducting a joint investigation into OPP activities in Ipperwash from 1992 onward and how they contributed to the lawlessness now seen in Caledonia.

On March 14th at 1100 Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas will be holding a news conference in the media room at Queen’s Park. We will be releasing what we call ’The Ipperwash Papers’ – consisting of more than 400 pages of documents that reveal the truth of what really happened in Ipperwash, documents that the Ipperwash Inquiry apparently does not want the public to see.

The Ipperwash Papers will clearly show – in painful detail – the suffering endured by innocent, law-abiding property owners who were victimized by native violence and intimidation during a number of land claim disputes, and by the OPP adherence to Two Tier Justice policies currently used to undermine the Rule of Law and non-native civil rights in Caledonia.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Gary McHale, Editor

– 30 –

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