Kyle – another voice against Landclaim Terror & Two Tier Justice


McGuinty – Fantino: protect ‘Dancer’ – NOW!

I first noticed when he did a couple of stories about Two Tier Justice and included some links to VoC. Since then he has joined the fight against Landclaim Terror and Two Tier Justice in a big way by writing some great pieces. Now, he has gathered them all together in one place, and I highly recommend a visit. 

I’ve never met Kyle or spoken to him, and I don’t even have his email address, but he’s really stepped up to help in a big way. He seems to be very much in touch with the McMaster University scene, so his perspective on their involvement on the side of the DCE Landclaim Terrorists is very interesting.

I suspect that Hell hath no fury like a university student who realizes he’s been scammed by Landclaim Terror deniers. 

P.S. Kyle – send me your contact information when you get a chance, OK?   

2 responses to “Kyle – another voice against Landclaim Terror & Two Tier Justice

  1. Mark,

    Landclaim Terrorists? First time I’ve heard that particular phrase. Landclaim Terror deniers? That’s another first for me. My only complaint is that I didn’t think of it first. Well said as usual, keep up the fight!

    John Grant

    VoC REPLY: Sorry to take so long to get this up, John because it made me laugh so hard when I first read it. Thanks for the compliment and…remember where you heard it first! Don’t be a stranger. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    The terror will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. It will come at a time when the invading nation least expects it.

    The Feds have been remarkably quiet and restrained watching this ongoing illegal occupation by a “foreign nation”. I believe we are only a few political changes away from a lasting solution. I see one of the criminal leaders of the invading foreign nation also suspects that this will end in a military engagement….could be…it’s all up to the foreign nationalists illegally occupying Canadian land and how much they feel this con is worth to them personally…I suspect they will wait to see if this spreads (as it is bound to do) and then deal with it swiftly and permanetly.

    The longer this invasion drags on and the more virulent the extortion scheme goes, the less the chance becomes of settling it the way the extortionists had expected.

    I just laugh at the innuendo of “war” that comes from delusional retards like Hill…he bluffs but there are those in charge of national security who do not “bluff” when another nation threatens “war”.