‘Ipperwash Papers’ provoke racist threats


McGuinty – Fantino: protect ‘Dancer’ – NOW!

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgI don’t usually print the trash that I receive from Landclaim Terrorists or Landclaim Terror deniers, especially the vulgar stuff. This time, I’m going to make an exception so that the people of Ontario and Canada can see what racially-motivated hatred really looks like in the context of our struggle against Two Tier Justice.

After our news conference at Queen’s Park on March 14/07 regarding ‘The Ipperwash Papers‘ I received two emails from someone named ‘Justin.’ He did include a last name, but I’ll leave it unpublished – for now.


raodfire2.jpgWho the hell do you thing you are you white asshole? You and your white people have no right telling us NATIVE PEOPLE what to do or give us laws. We should be telling you white land thiefs what to do. Just Fuck Off before you cause any trouble.. again, what else is new? I all the whitemans problem. If you don’t like what we do ON OUR LAND, THEN LEAVE IT. ITS ALL OURS. Leave us alone we are our own people, we make our own laws.”

‘Justin’  Wed 3/14/2007 6:37 PM

I wrote back to ‘Justin’ and asked him the following question:

“Hi Justin. Putting aside your insults for a minute, what – specifically – are you so angry about? Mark”

warrior31.jpgI received his reply the following day:

“There is no two Tier Justice, we as native people are doing what has to be done to fight against the whiteman and take back what is ours. we don’t have to follow the laws of the whiteman because we are not white asshole like you. Give up or i will personally find you and kick your white ass to the ground.”

‘Justin’ Thu 3/15/2007 2:00 PM

In the past, Gary McHale and I were often accused by Landclaim Terror deniers of being racist for standing up for the Rule of Law and Equality before the law. Today, they’ve pretty much given up on that smear tactic because no one believes what they say any more.

Now, thanks to ‘Justin,’ you get to see what true hate, racism and racial supremacy looks like. It’s not pretty, and I’ll bet there are more than a few honourable native people who are as disgusted by his words as I am. The lesson of this story is that racism and hate is found among all people, and to think that only white or non-native people are capable of it is the height of naivety.

VoiceofCanada message to ‘Justin’:

I’m sorry you feel such hate and rage for other human beings. I don’t feel the same towards native people at all, but I have nothing but contempt for native criminals who would bring crime, injustice and violence against innocent people to further their own greedy or political ends.

I will NOT “give up” my struggle against Two Tier Justice and I will NOT be silenced. Today, I have provided the London Police Service with your correspondence along with background information from ‘The Ipperwash Papers‘ to help them understand what your possible motivations may be for being so fearful of our work against Two Tier Justice.

In closing, may I suggest that you take the time to read a couple of VoiceofCanada articles that may be of some help to you:

1. “She:kon Mark” – Karone:rorakwe shares thoughts from DCE with VoC
2. Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.

Please read them – as have other opponents before you – and write to me again. If you can eliminate the hateful words and threats, I will be pleased to publish what you have to say. I would be most interested in understanding why you feel entitled to use violence to get what you want, and why you don’t think violence won’t be used against you by those who have obviously seduced you into a ‘native supremacist’ movement.

Tell me also why you would want to live in any country – no matter who owns the land – where there is no Rule of Law. I would like to know the answers to these questions, Justin, from someone like you who believes in the use of violence.  

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator – ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ 

6 responses to “‘Ipperwash Papers’ provoke racist threats

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    The racism that underpins the DCE renegade element is truely virulent and at a psychosis level with most of them. Hate mail/threats like you recieved corroborates this observation.

    The thing to remember is that this sort of foamy-mouthed fanaticism does not “negotiate” or reason or seek justice…it only seeks to satisfy its own bigoted agenda, which is to spread the pathological hatred and anger of it’s sufferers into the wider human community…..and I agree..we don’t negotiate with hydrophobic racist criminals who run violent extortion scams against the public, we toss them in a mental institution where they can’t harm themselves or other people…let’s get on with it.

    No amount of fraudulent “activism” to “right” historic “wrong” can disguise the deeply sinister racist undertones that this fallacious reclamation dogma is premised upon.

    The longer this fraudulent reclamation farce is allowed to continue to disrupt the peace of the community the greater the chance of a definitive military action ending it….and this is just exactly what the psychotic bigots hiding behind face masks want…confrontation with the imaginary “enemy”, this validates their psychotic racist delusions….the unfortunate part of this is that there will be innocent people harmed as collateral damage in rounding up the psychotic terrorist scum.

    So in answer to the many racial slurs hurled at you, Gary and others I have to ask:

    Was Dudly George killed by 2 tier justice or the viral racism which motivated him to confront his imaginary “demons”?

    VoC REPLY: WL, you ask some deep questions. There is indeed some hatred within the native community, and some of it is well-founded, but society cannot allow itself to be ruled by it, nor can we appease it by tolerating lawlessness. Honestly, I think that most of the accusations against us were merely convenient excuses to discredit us, but Justin’s words of rage give us a glimpse into an underworld of native ideology based on hate that most people who would excuse the lawlessness in IpperDonia never see.

    As for Dudley George, I don’t know what his personal demons may have been. I didn’t set out to study the intimate details of his life or death. One thing is clear: the town believed that his death was a direct result of DND failure to enforce the law, and his death occurred two years AFTER a Sarnia Observer editorial appeared saying, “Police must enforce laws.” The thought that came to my mind was this: Dudley George may have been killed by an OPP bullet, but it was Two Tier Justice that loaded the rifle. I can’t help but wonder if he’d still be alive if the OPP and DND had enforced the law equally in the years prior to his death. Thanks for writing WL. Some good points. Mark

  2. Boy it’s refreshing listening to intelligence dealing with uneducated violent giberish, including Fantino and Justin.

    VoC REPLY: Thank you. Mark

  3. native pride is not “racial supremacy” or whatever you called. its called trying to keep your culture and land base alive after 500 years of, yes, the white man attempting to erase you from the face of the earth. thats all there is to it. the term “white man” means european colonizer. and thats whos done the harm and whos still doing the harm today.

    VoC REPLY: “Native Pride” – “White Pride” “Native Supremacist” – “White Supremacist”. They’re all the same to me – just labels to make it easy to hate other human beings so you can use them as scapegoats for your own failures. My parents lived in Holland during the Second World War and watched the Jews being taken away because evil people decided to blame an entire race of people for their trouble. If I or Gary McHale or any other non-native person used the disgusting language that Justin did against native people, you’d be complaining to the Human Rights Commission and accusing me of being a white supremacist. Yet, here you are making excuses for Justin’s threat and his hateful insults. Can you stop and think about this for a minute?

    I caught a glimpse of the native supremacy movement back in October 2006 when I videotaped the verbal attacks on Gary McHale in Brantford as he was shouted down by supporters of the DCE Landclaim Terrorists. It was why I joined McHale and why I made my movie, MARCH FOR FREEDOM.

    There’s nothing wrong in having pride in who you are – unless you have defined that pride by how much hate you have for another race of people. I’m sorry you have so much hate in you. I don’t hate you at all, and – you may find this hard to believe – most non-native victims of violence and crime and intimidation in Ipperwash and in Caledonia don’t hate native people either, at least not as far as I’ve seen.

    I can handle your anger. I can try to understand and appreciate your pain, and I’ll even give you space on VoC to share it in, but I won’t be a part of spreading your hate. Please don’t write anymore unless you’re willing to acknowledge that racism is racism no matter who spreads it or carries it in their heart. We all have pain and we all have a story to tell. May I suggest that you have a look at a couple of VoC posts that had their origin from the angry words of native people. One of them tells how my identity was taken from me when I was young – we have more in common than you might think!

    1. “She:kon Mark” – Karone:rorakwe shares thoughts from DCE with VoC

    2. Does past oppression justify present violence? VoC gets ‘real’

    3. Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.

    What’s in your heart, kp? Do you want to live your life with blind hate for people who have done nothing to you, or do you want to help us understand? Do you want justice or do you want to bring injustice on others?


  4. were talking about the history of colonization here. an attempt was made to exterminate native people. to have native pride is to assert an identity in the face of its attempted destruction. it is to say that you wont be eliminated or assimilated. colonization taught native people to be ashamed and to have native pride is to assert that it is an identity and a people to be proud of. “the white man” is the colonizer- the state- the police- the perpetrators of violence against native people. when you attack native pride- you take on the position of the colonizing “white man.” and it is understandable that people hate what has been trying to destroy them. thats not you, personally, but you have identified yourself with the forces who historically have- youre advocating “equal treatment under the law” is the same as advocating assimilation. assimilation has meant, and still means extermination. white supremacy is something which describes the institutionalization of racism and the resulting priviledging of whites as a result. its a system by and for maintaining that. and i mean social and political priviledge, power, influence. there is no and has never been a threat to exterminate “white people.” so, white pride (aka white supremacy) is not the same as native pride (native resistance to extermination.) you dont actually understand the words you use, or their historical significance. you, unfortunately, are well intentioned (theres no”hate in your heart”), passionate, but sadly ignorant about both history and culture on this continent.

  5. What in the world? “Give up or I will personally kick your white ass to the ground”? Jesus Christ….They talk tough, yet can’t fight their own battles.

    Beyond which…How come they can say whatever THEY want but muzzle our right to Free Speech….Oh yeah, Fantino lets the Natives have it, but if we do it, we go to jail.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ty. Did you read the comment from the guy who thinks poor ‘Justin’ is just trying to preserve his culture. Give me a break! As for Fantino, I just submitted a complaint about him and 3 other officers to the Ontario Civilian Commision on Police Services (OCCPS) regarding the outrageous statements they made about Gary McHale and me over the past few months. We’ll be talking about it at our Legal Workshop in Cayuga tomorrow. Regards, Mark

  6. The words and attitudes of “Justin” are no different than the what you would have heard or read in areas of Germany 75 years ago. Substitute the word “Jews” for “Whitemen” in his posts and you have the perfect stereotype of the brownshirt thug .