‘The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer’ (Part 2)

j0405192.jpgMany of you were moved by “The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer,’ the story of a brave young lady who created a heart-wrenching pamphlet called ‘Road of Hope’ to explain why she has to take medication and go to counselling due to the OPP’s refusal to police the road on which she lives – Sixth Line in Caledonia. 

Dancer’s family was determined to honour their daughter’s wishes that her story be told, so they met with Gary McHale and I, and gave us permission to videotape Dancer reading ‘Road of Hope.’ Afterwards, we interviewed her in order to clarify some points in her pamphlet. It was a thrill and an honour to meet this amazing young woman and her family, but it was hard listening to her talk about how the OPP have abandoned her and every other kid on the Sixth Line. 

dancer_mar11-07-006.jpgLike many of the women involved in the struggle against Two Tier Justice, Dancer inspired us with her determination to help her community – a town where people who live in ‘policed’ areas are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation. On March 11, 2007 this one brave girl did nothing less than face the fears of an entire neighbourhood and town and – in so doing – invalidate every conceivable excuse her fellow citizens might have for not getting involved in defending their town against evil.

To all of Caledonia’s citizens and business owners – if a 14 year old girl living in an area of town where people are afraid to call 911 for fear of retaliation has the courage to stand up proudly as a Canadian citizen, and take her place at the front of the line to defend truth and justice and her fellow citizens, what – exactly – would YOUR excuse be for not following her? 

While we’re at it, I’d love to hear what excuse the Zehrs food store employee has for telling a Korean war veteran to leave the property because he was asking people to sign a petition to support Dave Hartless.

Or, what about the cowardice of the Caledonia Lions Club in allowing themselves to be intimidated into refusing to rent us their hall for our upcoming Legal Workshop? (The Cayuga Lions came through for us, though!) Even though another brave woman offered to take the phone calls for you and deal with the intimidation, you still refused to do the right thing for your community. What was your excuse? I’d love to publish it for you.

We have all been shamed by a 14 year old girl. Let us now be inspired by her words and her courage to take back our province… 

‘VIDEO: Road of Hope’ 
March 11/07
(7:09 mins) 

NOTE: a copy of Dancer’s video was included in every media kit handed out during our news conference at Queen’s Park on March 14, 2007 regarding ‘The Ipperwash Papers.’ Extra copies of our media kit were provided for: John Tory; Dalton McGuinty; Howard Hampton; Toby Barrett and Mayor Marie Trainer. Click here to read Gary McHale’s closing remarks that included mention of Dancer and the lack of policing on Sixth Line.

2 responses to “‘The Strength of a Woman’ – 14 year old ‘Dancer’ (Part 2)

  1. Jim Anderson

    Hi Mark;

    Just a note to commend Dancer for speaking out against two tiered justice and the lack of policing on the Sixth Line.
    It took a lot of courage for Dancer to speak out and I would also like to point out that her parents also deserve a lot of credit for not only allowing but also encouraging Dancer to speak up and be heard.

    In my mind she has great parents and should be proud to have their support as she does.

    Maybe she will be the inspiration others need to stand up, be counted and have their voices heard.

    With each new voice speaking out against the two tiered system and the injustice felt by the citizens betrayed in Caledonia and Ipperwash by their Government and the OPP it becomes clear that the Criminals envoking their terrorist acts are loosing ground politically with the media.

    Their threats and intimidation become less effective with each day and their credibility wanes compared to brave individuals like Dancer and her family.

    Dancer, God Bless you and I wish you a Happy and successful life.

    Jim Anderson.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for passing on your blessings to Dancer and her family. She does, indeed, have some amazing parents. After meeting them I knew where Dancer got her courage and wisdom and strength. Her family is what some would call the ‘salt of the earth’ – good people trying to cope with stupid, dangerous decisions made by people who get to go home to safe beds in safe homes in safe neighbourhoods in safe towns.

    Dancer’s brother has had to sleep in the living room for the past year because he has to watch the equipment in order to prevent vandalism and sabotage. It is sickening to me that any politician or police official would go to bed without doing everything in their power to make this family feel safe again.

    With Dancer’s courage how can any of us involved in this struggle expect any less from ourselves. Furthermore, we dishonour her by accepting excuses by ‘well-meaning,’ fearful people who don’t want to get involved. The excuses end now! A young lady has asked for our help for herself and for all the other children on Sixth Line, and we cannot and will not accept excuses from selfish people.

    Let me echo your sentiments in wishing that Dancer and her family be safe and successful, and that others will be inspired by her to join us.

    Regards, Mark

  2. Mark, I have written to you before and feel compelled to do so again. I would like to let Dancer and her entire family know that there are those of us out there that have NOT forgotten about them. We will not stop until Policing is returned to the 6th Line. I would also like to tell her parents what a wonderful job they have done to raise such a courageous young lady. They should be very proud!! I hope many more people in the area find the courage to speak out against injustice just as Dancer has.
    Larry Dicy

    VoC REPLY: Hi Larry! I always appreciate your comments, and especially this one for a brave girl who has taken away all our excuses for not standing up for her and for what we know is right. I hope to see you tomorrow at our Legal Workshop at Cayuga Lions Hall from 1-4 if you can make it. I will be mentioning Dancer during my talk. Regards, Mark