VoiceofCanada letter to Jorge Barrera, Reporter – Sunmedia

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAfter reading Jorge Barrera’s second installment in the Sunmedia series about Caledonia I felt compelled to send the email below to him and to other media contacts on my mailing list:

Jorge Barrera, Reporter

Re: Your series about Caledonia

Dear Jorge:

My name is Mark Vandermaas. I am one of 3 people arrested for trying to peacefully raise a Canadian flag in Caledonia. I am the lead investigator for ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ – a set of documents that reveal the suffering of Ipperwash residents during 3 separate land claims, and the chilling comparisons between Ipperwash then and Caledonia today. As you know, we presented these documents at a news conference at Queen’s Park on March 14, 2007.

I am one of the people involved in helping a brave 14-year old girl named ‘Dancer’ tell her story about how she has to take medication and go to counselling because she is afraid in her own home. Why? Because the OPP refuse to police the road she lives on in Caledonia.  

I am also the co-organizer of the March 03/07 March for Freedom event where Caledonians expressed their support for a good man being intimidated into silence by OPP Commissioner Fantino with a dubious Police Act investigation. Dave Hartless is a community leader who also happens to be a Hamilton police officer who never used his position as a police officer when criticizing the Two Tier Justice system in use in Caledonia.   

My understanding is that you and Gary McHale have been in touch, yet so far you have made no attempt to interview us regarding these stories. Why? Why have you not asked for Dancer’s contact information so you can interview this courageous young woman? Why are you not interested in how and why the OPP are violating the constitutional rights of Canadian citizens? We have the proof. The stories are right there, ready to tell. Please tell them! Here are some VoiceofCanada links to help you:

The ‘real’ story in Caledonia isn’t a burning bridge, or an action-packed arrest; the real story is that a police force has – once again – abandoned law abiding citizens by refusing to uphold the law and by violating their constitutional rights – repeating a pattern that had tragic results in Ipperwash. The real story is that the Ipperwash Inquiry did everything it could do to silence the residents of Ipperwash and by doing so, they deprived our province and our country of the opportunity to learn what is required to prevent future Landclaim Terror in Caledonia and elsewhere.

The real story, Jorge, from my perspective, is that our democracy is under attack and our mainstream media – with very few exceptions – seems absolutely determined not to tell the story. I was taught in school that the media were supposed to be the ‘watchdogs’ of democracy. Was I wrong?


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator – ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ www.ipperwashpapers.ca

Jorge Barrera, March 18/07 1054 EST:

“Hi mark, good questions…I have only started on this issue. These are things I have to look into. … We shall be in touch…”

VoiceofCanada,  March 1807, 1154 EST:

“Thanks for the quick reply, Jorge. I should have mentioned in my letter that, judging from today’s article, it seems that you got an invaluable glimpse into the abyss that awaits us if we allow the Rule of Law to be destroyed by criminals and the OPP during your visit with the occupiers of the Douglas Creek Estates. I imagine that Mr. Fantino’s words about “outsiders” coming in to “cause trouble” are ringing a little hollow by now.

“I hope you will forgive my directness and impatience, but a brave young lady needs our help to feel safe in her home again, and this province – this country – must eradicate the threat of Landclaim Terror forever. One day can make all the difference. I will post your reply along with my letter at VoiceofCanada today, and I will wait for your call.”

2 responses to “VoiceofCanada letter to Jorge Barrera, Reporter – Sunmedia

  1. Because Jorge Barrera started at the source. the epic center. the site that started the entire website off in April 2006. All other sites came online after…As long as the truth is brought forward does it matter from what source?

    Stand United… do not divide.

  2. The announcement that the RCMP have declared the Mohawk nation as terrorists comes with no surprise. No other cultural group in the history of Canada have inflicted so many acts of terrorism on the Canadian people. It is totally bewildering how this particular race could think that they’d be permitted to inflict endless acts of terrorism without eventual retaliation by government. This declaration by the RCMP will now make all people of Canada (and the world) aware of the fact that some people of the Mohawk nation are very dangerous terrorists who should be delt with as soon as possible.