The lady protests too much, methinks – Horn says Canadian Forces preparing for genocide against ‘defenceless’ natives

The lady protests too much, methinks.
‘Queen Gertrude’ in Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2

For those who don’t keep up with developments in the ongoing Landclaim Terror campaign against innocent residents in Caledonia, and may be tempted to believe Kahentinetha Horn’s bizarre, over-the-top rantings about how the Canadian Forces are preparing to commit genocide against peaceful, “defenceless” native people in Canada, may I humbly suggest that you first review the material found at the links below, and then contact your MP to let them know how happy you are that Canada’s security and military services are making plans to combat native terror groups like the Mohawk Warriors.

dancer_mar11-07-001.jpg1. ‘Dancer’s Courage!‘ Watch this brave 14 year old girl read from her pamphlet, “Road of Hope” as she talks about how she has to take medication and go to counselling because she and everyone on the Sixth Line in Caledonia are afraid in their homes thanks to their abandonment by the OPP who, to this day, will not police their street as per the orders of native criminals who have terrorized Caledonia for more than a year. Truth is stranger than fiction, folks.

caledonia_may22-06_transformer2.gif2. The Ipperwash Papers, document M-1: “The Ipperwash Protests – An Unfinished Drama”

3. The Ipperwash Papers, document M-2: “Lost Goals, Broken Vows: The Mohawk Warriors’ bitter legacy”

4. Caledonia Photos: See a Landclaim Terror campaign in full colour. Don’t miss the photos of the attack on the power station that left Caledonia in the dark for days. Here are a few samples of the Mohawk Warriors in action. The Warriors’ flag is red & yellow. The purple one is from Six Nations.


5. Caledonia Class Action ‘Statement of Claim’: your education on Landclaim Terror begins on page 15. For more information about the Class Action visit

picture-worth-a-thousand-words.jpg6. Canadian Flag ripped from my hands by OPP – VoC goes to jail! Some nice pictures of the heroic OPP guarding a pole to make sure we didn’t put a Canadian flag beside the symbol of Landclaim Terror in Caledonia – the flag of the Mohawk Warriors.

Thank you to the Canadian Forces! 

I would like to thank the Canadian Forces for taking steps to protect us from native terrorists. Very well done! My only ‘criticism’ would be that the Attorney General of Ontario has – shamefully – not yet asked for your badly needed assistance for the current victims of Landclaim Terror in Caledonia. 

Terrorists and extremists DO NOT represent honourable native people

During my writing on VoiceofCanada I have tried to differentiate between law-abiding, honourable native people and the relatively small group of criminals who have terrorized the people of Ipperwash and Caledonia. I hope very much that those native people who reject the use of violence as a solution to past injustice would speak out in support of the Canadian Forces, and demand that our government take all measures necessary to rid our country of terrorists, no matter what race they happen to be. Please…do not allow terrorists and their extremist apologists to give Canada’s public the impression that they speak for you. Your voice is needed now.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

4 responses to “The lady protests too much, methinks – Horn says Canadian Forces preparing for genocide against ‘defenceless’ natives

  1. I do hope this mean that they are going to take the natives off the site. Enough is enough I am tired of seeing people suffer. This is Canada and I find this unbelieveable. This situation hits very close to home, I have family suffering, not being able to work , loss of weight and up all hours of the night wondering what is going to happen next. They need to end it now

  2. Caledonia Protests have been going on for a little over a year now. And in that year, bridges have been torched–amongst cars and various other things–people’s houses have been broken into, people have been assaulted, “warriors” are going out and stirring up trouble and the police won’t do anything.

    The war in Iraq has been going on for over 4 years. Cars have been torched, and blown up. Buildings have been blown up, innocent people are assault. Insurgents are going out and stirring things up on the Gaza Strip.

    Notice the similarities in those two things. The only difference in them in the DCE is in Canada, and the Gaza Strip isn’t. Those are the only difference. Both version claim it is religious, or claim they have the right to do it.

    I can’t even tell the difference anymore.

  3. wordy canadian

    I wish someone would ask her when she was speaking at McMaster about her writings and what she spouts?

    Some of the juicy tidbits of “evil white KKKaledonians”

  4. wordy canadian

    and if they are so evil why is she negotiating? The response should be equally disappointing and not surprising…

    I would live longer if I don’t try to figure out crazy.