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2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgDear VoiceofCanada readers,

Last night, as many of you know, Gary McHale shut down CaledoniaWakeUpCall due to his frustration with the failure of Caledonians and their politicians to unite for the common good.

I support his decision whole-heartedly and I was, in fact, thinking of taking the very same action myself. I wrote the letter below to explain why I decided to join Gary by shutting down VoiceofCanada. NOTE: The letter is written to the town of Caledonia as a whole, and not to those of you who have helped us and welcomed us into your town.

I do not know when VoC & CWUC will be ‘live’ again. That is up to your politicians.


Dear Caledonia:


Readers of VoiceofCanada will know that I have been particularly moved by a brave 14 year old girl named ‘Dancer’ who doesn’t feel safe in her Sixth Line home after being abandoned by the OPP. This amazing young woman, who lives on a street where Councillor Grice says people are afraid to call 911 for fear of retaliation, has stepped out into the light to lead Caledonia’s fight against the evil of Landclaim Terror and OPP Two Tier Justice because she sees the fear in the other children’s eyes and the adults don’t seem to have accomplished much

  • Contrast the courage and selflessness of Dancer with the Caledonia residents who recently refused to share evidence with us that could benefit the entire community. 
  • Contrast Dancer with the Zehrs employee who ordered Merlyn Kinrade, a Korean war vet, off the property while he was collecting signatures in support of Dave Hartless, a good man who risked his life and his career for his fellow Caledonians.
  • Contrast Dancer with the 9,950 citizens who couldn’t be bothered coming out to support Dave Hartless on March 3rd when a mere 50 people rallied for his benefit. 
  • Contrast Dancer with the cowards in the Caledonia Lions Club who knuckled under to intimidation by DCE Landclaim Terrorists and refused to rent us a room for our Legal Workshop.
  • Contrast Dancer with those who have organized public meetings in Caledonia, and made a point of letting Gary McHale know that we were not invited while at the same time cheekily requesting that McHale share his media contact list with them. Even though he was deeply hurt, McHale did, in fact, share his list because he cared more about the people of Caledonia than his own pride, and he wanted to support you even though he himself was unwelcome.
  • Contrast Dancer with those residents whose children’s freedoms are being stolen from them by the OPP and the DCE Landclaim Terrorists, but won’t speak out publicly “because I have kids and I’m afraid for them.” Dancer is a kid without police protection; if she can do it, you can do it.
  • Contrast Dancer with Caledonia’s politicians who have not – to the best of my knowledge – spoken out even once to the media about her since her story and video was published. 

I have to say that the selfishness I have witnessed since going to Caledonia has been very saddening considering that I gave up my career as a real estate broker and internet publisher to work full time without pay on the struggle against Two Tier Justice. For all these months I have been waiting and working and hoping that a true leader would emerge from within Caledonia who would unite your town and make maximum use of whatever contributions we could make to the fight against Two Tier Justice. Alas, so far – with some notable exceptions – all I see is helpless, dithering politicians, and apathetic and/or greedy citizens backstabbing us and each other while your town slowly dies, taking a large chunk of our democracy along with it. 


We spent hundreds of hours conducting the investigation that led to the Ipperwash Papers, and taking it to Queen’s Park so that you and your politicians might learn from the awful truth of what happened there. Those few of you who bothered to attend our recent Legal Workshop know what is in store for you – the similarities between Ipperwash and Caledonia are nothing less than frightening. You also know that the Ipperwash Inquiry will be of no help to you whatsoever. Mayor Trainer did meet with us for an advance presentation about the Ipperwash Papers, but Councillor Grice failed to show despite his promise to attend, and has never called to explain his absence. What a shame. What a waste of available resources and information. What is worse, however, is that if you and your leaders fail to learn the lessons of Ipperwash and fail to act decisively and in unison, Caledonia is doomed to become Ipperwash, and the next town is doomed to become ‘Caledonia.’


The province, the OPP and the DCE Landclaim Terrorists have been wildly successful in dividing your town through the use of secret meetings, backroom deals, slander/libel and intimidationIt seems bizarre to me that an entire town – again with a few notable exceptions – would tolerate such tactics with barely a whimper.  It seems bizarre to me that Caledonia would show so little support for two people who have worked virtually full time for you for free; gone to jail for you;  risked their personal safety for you; endured disgusting attacks on their characters by criminals, the OPP and your elected officials for you; and have tried to give you a united voice against those who would take your safety and your freedoms from you. Still, there it is. I don’t understand it, but the message has been heard. I think we have much to offer, but we cannot fight everyone. It is too much to ask.


The sad irony is that I believe with all my heart that the struggle against Landclaim Terror and Two Tier Justice could be won. The problem is that your politicians are asking the wrong question; they’re trying to figure out how to get someone else to find a solution to Caledonia’s problems when what they should be asking is, “How do WE destroy Two Tier Justice for the good of our town and for the good of Ontario?” Once they ask that question, then the real progress can be made in this struggle.

From this day on, I will go to Caledonia no more unless and until we are invited to help, and VoiceofCanada will remain silent until that day arrives. I will, however, continue to be available to assist any resident – especially those on the Sixth Line – who wants  help in filing complaints to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services (OCCPS) as discussed at our Legal Workshop, so please contact me at should you wish to do so.


McGuinty, Fantino and the DCE Landclaim Terrorists who have attacked your town must be very pleased today.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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