OPP begins to choke on its own lies

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgLike most of you, I suspect, I have long wondered how a police force could devolve into a degenerate violator of civil rights and protector of criminals. Believe it or not, the rot within the OPP is even worse than we thought.

Yesterday, Gary McHale released a copy of an April 07/07 email Commissioner Fantino sent to the Haldimand Council referring to a secret ‘understanding’ they had with respect to not supporting Gary McHale and his ‘followers’ (I’d sure like to know what that agreement was, wouldn’t you?) and threatening Council with all sorts of dire consequences if they didn’t stick to it.

“When I appeared before you several months back I came away believing that we had a mutal understanding about the detrimental effect that McHale and his followers were having on Caledonia.”

“…I feel a sense of duty to advise you that going forward, in the event any of my officers are injured as a result of further forays into the community by McHale and his followers my position in response will be the following:

1) I will publicly hold accountable Councillor Grice AND Haldimand County along with McHale;

2) I will support any injured officer in the pursuit of civil redress;

3) I will forward the ensuing related costs of policing to Haldimand County [I thought the County had an ‘iron-clad’ agreement that precluded this.], and

4) I will strongly recommend to my Minister that the OPP contract with Haldimand County NOT be renewed once the current contract expires.”

Not only did Fantino threaten the Council at large, he also attacked Councillor Grice personally for his (I felt, lukewarm) message of support for McHale’s activities.

“I know that Councillor Grice has some personal issues that he finds particularly aggravating, however, we never expected that he would fall prey to McHale’s propaganda and it is now up to you as a Council to deal with the fall-out.” 

councillor_craig_grice-speaks.JPGCraig Grice is the elected councillor for Ward 3 and he is a Canadian citizen who has the right to say what he thinks. Apparently, though, Fantino doesn’t think too much of our Charter of Rights & Freedoms:

“I have no intentions of entering into a debate with Councillor Grice about Charter rights and freedoms of speech and the like which he apparently framed in the April 5 e-mail to McHale. My primary concern is solely focused on preserving the peace in Caledonia and nothing more…”

a-channel-jan-19-07-screen-captures-002.jpgSince Fantino has no regard for the Charter or the two separate Supreme Court decisions that guarantee our right to place flags on public utility poles, and our right not to have our rights infringed upon during Aboriginal land claims, it should be no surprise that he feels perfectly within his rights as Supreme Commander of Ontario to attempt to intimidate elected officials, and lie to them:

“…in the event any of my officers are injured as a result of further forays into the community by McHale and his followers…”

Fantino is repeating the same libelous nonsense that he, McLean, Rektor and OPPA president Karl Walsh have been spreading about us for months; that we are promoting hatred and violence, and that OPP officers have been injured due to our protests when in fact not a single one of them has ever been hurt in connection with our activities. I have already filed OCCPS complaints against all four of these officers with respect to their statements about me, and McHale will be doing the same.

Fantino had a closed door meeting with Haldimand Council back in January during which he says he discussed the “detrimental effect that McHale and his followers were having on Caledonia.” Could this be the reason why Deputy Mayor Buck Sloat said on Feb 9th that we were committing crimes in Caledonia?  Could Fantino’s influence be the reason Karl Walsh and the OPPA issued a news release on Jan 18/07 saying that we were promoting hatred and violence even though the evidence proves exactly the opposite? Hmmm…it all starts making sense now.

As for the answer to my original question as to how a police force could become so corrupt, I would normally argue that it was a case of bad leadership. In this case, one cannot discount the possibility of political interference with that leadership, especially since Fantino’s actions seem more in keeping with the appeasement policies of the Liberal government than in protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Back in Dec 26/06, just days after our arrest, Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh wrote these words:

“The Ontario Provincial Police have refused to act despite these provocations [from natives] which are clearly illegal. It certainly appears that the OPP have orders from the provincial government not to intervene in actions by native protesters.”

“It is obvious to any observer that the issue has morphed beyond the use of the disputed land and is now one of the legitimacy of law and order and the government’s direction to the OPP which has created two tiered enforcement.”

Now, if Mr. Chudleigh is right and the Liberal government is providing direction to Fantino that caused him to think he could get away with intimidating elected officials and violating the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, then someone needs to give Fantino his pink slip and call the RCMP – today.

If Fantino was acting independently of political interference, then the Solicitor General, Monte Kwinter, needs to act. Yesterday wouldn’t be too soon.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-029.jpgIn the meantime, let those of us who value freedom, justice, civil rights and democracy march proudly and peacefully once again in Caledonia (date TBA) to celebrate as the OPP and OPPA leadership slowly choke to death on their lies. 

P.S. Wasn’t it Fantino who filed a complaint against Dave Hartless for speaking out against Two Tier Justice? The big difference, of course, is that Hartless didn’t use his position as a police officer to intimidate elected officials or to violate the rights of law abiding citizens.


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