Haldimand Council snubs Fantino’s victims

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgUPDATE 1105 May 11/07: Letter from Haldimand County confirming refusal of Council to allow us to clear our names. 

UPDATE 1006 EST April 26/07: Haldimand Residents embarassed by Council

On April 18/07, the day after appearing at a Queen’s Park news conference regarding Fantino’s now-infamous April 7th email wherein he threatens Caledonia’s elected officials for not sticking to their “mutual understanding about the detrimental effect that McHale and his followers were having on Caledonia,” I sent a request to Haldimand City Hall that we be allowed to speak to Council to address Fantino’s defamation campaign and our complaints to the Solicitor General. 

At 5pm yesterday I got my answer by phone from a County administrator:

“The Council has voted not to hear from your delegation because they feel that the subject matter is not within their jurisdiction.” 

On April 19/07 the Hamilton Spectator reported that Haldimand Council did, however, vote to send a letter to Commissioner Fantino asking him to meet with them because, according to Councillor Lorne Boyko:

“We want to deal face-to-face and clear the air. Any time you can meet with someone face-to-face and keep the channels of communication open, that’s positive. We can get direct answers from him and he can get direct answers from us.”

Apparently, it is within Council’s jurisdiction to hear from an OPP Commissioner who abused his position to threaten them into continuing to cooperate with him in his malicious campaign to defame the activities and characters of people who have committed not a single crime in Caledonia, but it is not within their jurisdiction to hear from the victims of Fantino’s disgusting attacks.

Just when you thought that fundamental justice and fairness in Caledonia couldn’t possibly be debased any further, Haldimand Council has managed to do the impossible. It would seem that Fantino’s threats have had their desired effect.

UPDATE 1006 EST April 26/07: Last night I received phone calls from two separate Haldimand residents yesterday who were angered and embarassed by their Council’s refusal to hear what we had to say. One of them was former Ward 2 candidate Donna Pitcher, and she didn’t waste any time getting up a post on her new blog regarding Council’s pathetically parochial attitude: Haldimand’s “Path’s Cross”. Thank you to both Donna and the other gentleman who shall remain un-named for now.

UPDATE 1105 May 11/07: Haldimand County sent me a letter confirming that Council voted NOT to hear from the people defamed by Fantino or from the first Caledonia resident to file a complaint with the Solicitor General regarding Fantino’s threatening email. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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