HELP WANTED: Person to change history. Spelling skills not necessary.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAnyone who knows me or has read VoiceofCanada for longer than five minutes knows that I hate typographical errors and bad grammar. I’m no English teacher, but I do agonize over every word, period and comma, trying to get it right. Apparently, I’m not the only one.  The editor of the Square Pegs blog just put up a post commenting on the ‘FANTINO YOUR FIRED’ sign that was on display at Queen’s Park in connection with yesterday’s Caledonia Convoy.

Gary McHale sent me a link to the post and, after filling Square Pegs in on the background of the badly mis-spelt sign, I realized that I just had to post it…

Gary McHale of CaledoniaWakeUpCall sent me a link to your post with the subject message: “You will find this funny.” I certainly did. Since you and I obviously share an intense dislike of typos and poor grammar I thought you’d enjoy knowing the rather humorous background of the ‘FANTINO YOUR FIRED’ sign shown on the news at Queen’s Park.

gary-craig-mark.JPGthings-to-come.JPGThe sign was originally used at a March for Freedom event back in March to protest Fantino’s bogus complaint against a Hamilton Police officer who was himself a victim of native violence in Caledonia and spoke out against Two Tier Justice. Dave Hartless never used his position as a police officer in his letters, but that didn’t matter to Fantino who asked the HPS to investigate him in order to shut him up. (It didn’t work – his lawyer told the HPS about something called the Charter of Rights.)

pre-speech-interview.JPGAnyways, I digress. When the signs were unloaded from the trunk of one of our supporters, I noticed the typo right away and joked with Gary  that I knew it must have been him that printed the messages on the signs. That’s because anyone who knows him also knows that he can’t spell worth a damn. Brilliant man, but just can’t spell.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-023.jpgWhen I first began working with McHale to help with his October 15 March for Freedom in Caledonia, I beat him up pretty badly about his atrocious spelling, but after a while I began to marvel at this guy who was making history despite or even because of his limitations. I eventually did a post called, “If Gary McHale could do it with ‘kiddie gifs,’ imagine what YOU could do!”

The message is that it doesn’t take a university education or the ability to build a great website or even the ability to spell to make a difference. It takes commitment to a cause that’s bigger than yourself.

Today, Gary’s poor spelling skills are a great source of amusement to all of us, and to him most of all. His wife now proofs almost everything he writes, but as he says, “Most people have learned to read ‘Gary-ese’ anyway”

I also suspect Gary’s spelling limitations are a great source of irritation to those in the halls of power who are beginning to realize that Two Tier Justice (and their careers) will be defeated thanks mainly to a guy who can’t spell.

The irony of that is delicious, and hopeful for all of us who value democracy.

That misspelt sign at Queen’s Park was our way of saying to the OPP and McGuinty that Gary McHale’s spirit was there that day even if he wasn’t, and I’m so glad you noticed it. Gary did not attend yesterday’s event because he wanted the media to hear Caledonia’s voice, not his. For more info see “Congratulations Caledonia.”

Thanks for the post Square Pegs! I’m going to create a separate post to credit your post and your eagle eyes!


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


P.S. Next time, I get to carry the sign!

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