Leadership in Ontario has two names – John Tory & Toby Barrett

UPDATE 1002 EST May 05/07: Comment by Mary-Lou LaPratte

knight-w-sword.jpgFor those of us who have been engaged in this awful, must-win struggle against violent sociopaths, Landclaim Terror deniers, a corrupt police force, and fearful, appeasement-minded politicians who would destroy the Rule of Law and democracy along with it this is truly a day to remember for this is the day that a champion has thrown down the gauntlet to take up our cause.

john-tory.jpgJohn Tory has released part of his election platform today saying, “Under a PC government no one will be beneath the law, above the law or beyond the law.” Even better, he released it in a speech to the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards convention just one day after OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino told the same group, “There is no two-tier justice system in the OPP.” The Conservative’s ‘One Law for All’ commitment is hard-hitting, no-nonsense and a wonderful shot in the arm for the struggle against Two Tier Justice and Landclaim Terror.

Congratulations to Mr. Tory and the Conservative Party for listening to the people and grasping what Dalton McGuinty has not – that Canada is a nation of laws, not thugs. It is a sad commentary on the shameful cowardice of our current political and policing institutions that the Rule of Law and equality before the law has been made a key plank in a party’s election platform – surely a first in Canadian history!

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-011.jpgWe should all especially thank MPP Toby Barrett for having the courage and wisdom and faith to appear at the first March for Freedom event on Oct 15/06; for being there with Bo Chausse when he became the first Canadian arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag; for encouraging Caledonians to reach out to fellow Canadians; for making the Queen’s Park Media Studio available to us for The Ipperwash Papers and FantinoGate; and for being part of the Caledonia Convoy.

Obviously, Toby took our message to the Conservative caucus and made them understand what was at stake for Caledonia, for Ontario, even for Canada should the Rule of Law be further abused by the Liberals and the OPP.

Thank you Mr. Tory. Thank you Mr. Barrett. Thank you to the Progressive Conservative Party. Thank you all for joining the fight to halt our province’s descent into the abyss of anarchy. I will sleep better tonight knowing that a brave young lady on the Sixth Line in Caledonia is a step closer to feeling safe in her home again.

Here is Toby’s email containing a copy of John Tory’s historic ‘One Law for All‘ election platform news release:

 Hi Toby here,


I thought you might be interested in John Tory’s recent news release on the rule of law. 

If you want more information on this policy direction from the Official Opposition, please let me know.


For Immediate Release

May 4, 2007


Under a PC government, no one will be beneath the law, above the law or beyond the law

(Owen Sound, ON) – A Progressive Conservative government would ensure there is one rule of law for everyone in Ontario, John Tory announced today in a speech to the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards Convention.

“The fact is that right now, across several fronts, we do not have one law for all. And I believe that this must change,” said the PC Leader. “Nobody can be forgotten. Nobody gets to opt-out. Nobody gets to live beyond the law’s reach and protection. All of this is possible only if the rules of the game are consistent, stable, equitable and fair.”

In his speech, Tory said a PC government would ensure “one law for all” by focusing on three principles. In the first, Tory said that no one should be beneath the law.

“We must do everything it takes to protect the disenfranchised, the poor and the vulnerable portions of our population. We must ensure they are protected under the same law as applies to everyone else and that they have equitable access to justice,” said Tory. He pointed to the PC Time for Action plan to combat youth violence which included a number of measures to help youth and families and prevent crime.

The second principle is that no one should be above the law, whether it is regarding a political protest, a labour dispute or any other issue. “The Premier of Ontario must be prepared to vigorously pursue new tools and new measures to ensure all parties comply with the rule of law.  Simply standing by and allowing land occupations and railway blockades or other disruptive demonstrations that defy court injunctions just cannot be an option.”

Tory said he is prepared to pursue civil remedies against anyone who leads a protest that crosses the line between free speech and disregard for public safety, and the rule of law.

“We will undertake to develop new tools and protocols for government to protect the public interest – whether it is in situations where people are concerned about environmental projects, a land claim, or any other matter,” said Tory. “There needs to be a better way to manage dissent in Ontario. It comes down to leadership.”

Under the third principle, Tory said no one should be beyond the law, whether it’s organized crime, gangs or white-collar criminals. In the case of white collar crime, Tory said a PC government would get serious about investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating securities fraud and other white collar crimes.

“By insisting on one law for all, I believe we could see real progress,” said Tory. “More importantly, in doing so we would create a fairer, safer and more equitable society for all of us.”




  • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Policy Updates: ONE LAW FOR ALL

  • For those of you who wish to convey your gratitude to Mr. Tory for taking a strong stand against Landclaim Terror, you can use the webform on the PC Party website, or you can reach the PC Caucus at Queen’s Park at 416.325.7272. If you like, you can send a short note or card of thanks to:
    John Tory MPP
    Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
    Ontario PC Caucus
    Room 200 NW Legislative Bldg.
    Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON  M7A 1A8

    Don’t forget to leave a comment below!
  • For those of you who wish to convey your thanks to Mr. Barrett, you can reach him at:
    Toby Barrett, MPP
    Room 206, North Wing, Legislative Bldg.
    Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON  M7A 1A8


3 responses to “Leadership in Ontario has two names – John Tory & Toby Barrett

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,

    This article took my breath away. Is it possible that after fifteen years of my life embroiled in land dispute fallout, that someone in the government is finally able to see the detrimental effects of violent , aggressive behaviour towards innocent third parties caught in land claims through no fault of their own? Millions of dollars have been spent on an OPP policy which has created fear and hopelessness in those residents on the periphery of land claims and now in the blockades of railways and highways.

    I truly hope that John Tory means what he says and that he has the legal avenue to accomplish it should he be elected in October. This is an election promise that must be kept. Ontario and Canada for that matter cannot afford any more of the social disorder and dissent we have witnessed and endured in the last year and the decade before.

    Thank You Mr. Tory for bringing this to the forefront of your election.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    VoC REPLY: It’s an honour to have you provide the first comment to this post, Mary-Lou. After so many years of struggling for justice and to get someone – anyone – to tell the true story of what happened in Ipperwash you must have some very mixed emotions today. The people of Ontario owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your unofficial, but key role in this promising development. I know for certain that senior members of the Conservative Party have been reading The Ipperwash Papers, and, although they could not comment on them until the Ipperwash Inquiry releases its report, we know by their announcement today that they were as shocked and as moved as we were by the implications for future innocent residents faced with the possibility of Landclaim Terror. No doubt your regular correspondence with Mr. Tory had some impact as well.

    When confronted with the ongoing suffering of the people of Ipperwash, Caledonia, and the possibility that Deseronto would be next, the members of the Conservative Party have chosen to try to live up to their responsibility to secure Ontario from those who would sacrifice the security, freedoms and dreams of law-abiding citizens to the whims of criminals. That McGuinty feels no similar sense of duty will be forever to his shame.

    Thank you so much for everything, Mary-Lou. Let’s hope the PCs do, indeed, keep their promises.


    For those readers who don’t know Mary-Lou LaPratte, she has devoted 15 years of her life to seeking justice for the innocent residents of Ipperwash at great personal cost to herself; was once nominated for the Order of Canada for her tireless and selfless work; was a key partner in production of The Ipperwash Papers and appeared with us at Queen’s Park on March 14/07 to present them to the public. Thanks mainly to the work and courage of Mary-Lou, we were able to expose the Ipperwash Inquiry for what it was – a politically correct attempt to conceal the truth that could have had devastating consequences for future towns facing land claims. She was one of the speakers at the original March for Freedom event on Oct 15/06 in Caledonia, and her words that day inspired many of us to win this fight, no matter what the cost.

    All Canadians should honour this amazing woman by visting http://www.ipperwashpapers.ca and reading her chronological history of the Ipperwash saga, a document that the Ipperwash Inquiry tried to keep from the people of Ontario. It’s not an easy read, but it’s an important one.

  2. Lisa Parent


    I too was taken by the words of John Tory yesterday in the news release regarding the “Rule of Law” and equality under the law.

    I have been a regular visitor to the Ipperwash Inquiry site and the one posting there that made me sit up and pay attention was the final submission from the OPP.

    This is an organization that has lost its way.

    The OPP are demonstrating in their final submission that they have embraced a policy of race-based policing that undermines the “Rule of Law” and their own required commitments under the Police Services Act.

    This is a very dangerous position for the official police force of the Province at a time of unrest in aboriginal communities. Extremist forces in these communities are seeing this as an opportunity to apply their terrorist tactics with near impunity from the OPP. Real people and and real communities are being put in immediate danger by these thugs and their supporters.

    My concern for the annoucement yesterday is that it will be a hollow commitment unless the new government under the Tories will have the strength to deal with real issues like an overhaul of a once proud police force that has been reduced to “Peacekeeping” in situations where real crimes are being committed.

    I’m an optimist and will believe that John Tory and his new government can bring us back to sanity in this Province.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Lisa. Thanks for the comment. It is frightening to see just how vacuous our ‘leaders’ have become. It should not be up to citizens of a modern democracy to have to mobilize in order to force a government and a police force to live up to their most basic obligations. I can only hope, like you, that Mr. Tory can return us to the good old days when criminals were arrested and citizens were protected from them, when the police protected people’s rights instead of violating them. Remember, Lisa, every day we get stronger while our enemies grow weaker in the face of our determination. They have no defence for their actions and they know it. This struggle will be won. Regards, Mark

  3. I must commend the Conservative Party for taking the long overdue step to subsidize religious schools. I would put the condition that they also teach about the other faiths in their midst to get the funding.
    In addition, the prayer in the provincial assembly should be one like that of the House of Commons that embraces all faiths.

    No faith in Ontario should feel threatened or discriminated against.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Roman. Personally, I think taxpayers should be funding only a single, public system, but it’s pretty hard to argue against funding other religious schools once the province started funding Catholic ones. Still, I can’t help but wonder if the funding of non-public, faith/culturally-based schools won’t be more divisive than anything else. Thanks for writing. Mark