The IpperWhiteWash Inquiry

NOTE: This is a complete reprint of an article posted on the CaledoniaWakeUpCall blog by Jeff Parkinson with the same title. It dovetails nicely between my previous post, “Ipperwash Papers investigator calls Inquiry “shameful cover-up,”” and an upcoming post called, “Canada at the crossroads: Rule of law or civil war.” Thank you, Jeff!

Jeff has been a consistent and active supporter of the struggle against Two Tier Justice, and is a great writer so I encourage you strongly to read his other work. P.S. Jeff, I couldn’t have come up with a better title myself.

The official release of the government Ipperwash inquiry has had it’s designed effect. The Mainstream media fell for it and misinformed the public once again with excerpts from this politically correct, entirely slanted, one sided, useless, pre determined, tax payer funded, $25 Million report which kissed the arse of Terrorist Dudley George and bashed the OPP and Harris government for trying to uphold the law in 1995.

Their final conclusion? The events at Ipperwash were entirely the fault of everyone but the Native Terrorists who illegally occupied a Military base, and a Provincial Park. That in cases of Terrorism or any criminal activity that happen to be committed by Natives, law and order should be instantly abandoned and condemned so that Canada can be more “sensitive to Aboriginal needs”.

Every effort was made to exclude any actual resident of Ipperwash from testifying, and special care was taken to ensure that the man who witnessed Dudley George with a rifle in his hands just weeks before his death, and later witnessed Natives raking the ground and pulling things out of tree’s and the fence around the area he was shot was not allowed to testify. We can’t have something like the truth getting in the way of the political agenda behind this report after all.

Dalton McGuinty launched this bogus inquiry with the result pre determined so that it will now look like his Government made the right choice in refusing to deal with Caledonia. Notice that not one recommendation was made on how to help the citizens of Caledonia, Deseronto, Hagersville, or even Ipperwash? The basic recommendation for dealing with Native Terrorism is to politely request that they don’t attack us and then hide under your desk if they do. If you happen to live in a town that’s taken over by these maniacs, your government simply doesn’t care what happens to you.

We should all feel good tonight knowing that the taxes paid by everyone who ever reads this article will never cover the cost of this “inquiry”.

McGuinty who had nothing to do with Ipperwash called the family of Dudley George personally to apologize to them on behalf of all of us.

Now as the 2007 Summer of Terrorism progresses McGuinty has this report to fall back on each time he fails to act, and each time the OPP stands by and watches while innocent people are savagely attacked by merciless thugs who just happen to be Native. It wouldn’t be sensitive to Aboriginal needs to enforce the law and protect Canadians you see.

Perhaps the most dangerous precedent in Canadian history has now been set. We must never defend ourselves or expect our government or police force to protect us in the event of a Native occupation. Terrorism is perfectly acceptable so long as it is committed by Natives, and not only will we not act to stop them, we will spend millions to condemn anyone who tries to stand up for law and order.

As Canada stands at the crossroads deciding which path to choose, McGuinty is desperately trying to give us all a kick in the pants down the path that leads to the absolute destruction of everything we thought we knew. At what point will you decide you’ve been kicked around enough and say NO more? We all have voices. It’s high time we start using them.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call

VoC NOTE: For additional references on the Ipperwash Inquiry and The Ipperwash Papers project please see our feature page, “THE IPPERWASH PAPERS.”

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