A ‘peaceful’ occupation drowning in lies


UPDATED May 10/11: VoC has obtained a copy of the minutes of an emergency Haldimand Council ‘in camera’ meeting held May 23/06 to discuss asking for military protection after the destruction of the hydro sub-station:

EXCERPT: “Inspector Perseroiff [sic – ‘Periversoff]maintained that this is a land claim issue and that progress was still being made and negotiations still ongoing to get blockades opened. With respect to law enforcement investigations were ongoing in all areas, as well as the transformer fire. The Inspector was advised that Clyde Powless had given a pre-warning of the hydro action.”

(Powless was a leader of the occupation. He later pleaded guilty to leading the swarming attack that sent Gary McHale to hospital on Dec 01/07.)

NOTE: I try to refrain from using profanity on VoiceofCanada unless it’s critical to a story. This instance may not be ‘critical’ to the story, but it’s sure as hell seems necessary…

 “Over the course of the 15-month occupation, Six Nations protesters temporarily shut down a railway, blockaded the town’s main thoroughfare and knocked out the community’s hydro, she (Janie Jamieson) added. “We’re kind of up in the air as to what statement we can make on June 29.””

Canadian Press, June 13/07: ‘It doesn’t give me hope’

060617torontorally.jpgI guess the laugh is on all the Landclaim Terror deniers who wrote into VoiceofCanada to ask me – with wide, disingenuous eyes – how I KNEW it wasn’t residents who destroyed Caledonia’s power station(!), and why I refused to print their revisionist, ‘the sky is green’ bullshit.

 VOICEOFCANADA: “So, you’re saying it’s OK to blockade roads; burn bridges and a power station; assault old people and police and a camera crew; take $20M worth of land by force; terrorize residents?”

SAGA: “First of all, let’s clarify: They are not taking $20m worth of land, they are reclaiming the entire Haldimand Tract, which is worth much more than that. They are reclaiming it by legally asserting aboriginal rights, in accord with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution.

“The violence of the OPP on April 20 was met with resistance. After retaking the land, Six Nations people secured themselves from further attack behind barricades. When the local mob built up to a dangerous frenzy, the power went out. No one knows to this day who did that [my emphasis].

“They are unarmed. They do not go looking for trouble, but the elderly couple who tried to run one of them down were not innocent. The cameraman’s assault on a Six Nations youth started that melee.

“There are no criminals there. There are people legally asserting their aboriginal rights. You are just another racist troublemaker, Mark Vandermaas.”

[NOTE: the poster is from Summer 2006, just after the worst of the terror was committed in Caledonia.]

I guess we owe Janie Jamieson some thanks; now, Fantino can’t blame it on the ‘outsiders.’ Plus, the OPP know who NOT to arrest or keep under surveillence on June 29th. That makes it much easier for them not to do their jobs. God forbid they should actually try to prevent more outrages by native thugs against law abiding people. 

You know, it’s a good thing the illustrious OPP were able to arrest all those vicious, would-be Canadian flag-raisers; after all, we wouldn’t want to ‘provoke violence’ from the peaceful criminals on the Douglas Creek Estates. I can’t decide who I’m more disgusted with – the lying, arrogant criminals and terrorists; the armed OPP security guards who protect them at taxpayers’ expense; or the stupid politicians who try to appease these sociopaths by negotiating with them as though they represented honourable native people.

In contrast to the pathetic OPP and their aboriginal criminal co-op program, 700 members of the Toronto Police showed the country what a REAL police force looks like today by arresting 60 people and bagging weapons and $1M worth of drugs during a massive anti-gang operation.  

“The police executed more than 130 search warrants in predawn raids. Say’s [Toronto Police Chief] Blair:

“…dismantling the organized criminal groups that have been responsibile for so much misery. We are hopeful that the removal of the gunmen [and guns] in the neighbourhood will reduce the fear…”

National Post, June 13/07: Update on Toronto raids


P.S. Marie, do you think the Toronto Police would consider coming to Caledonia?

P.P.S. Be sure to read Elizabeth Hutchinson’s comment to “Frustrated in Haldimand.”



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