Letter to Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day


Today, I sent the following message to the Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day, via an online form (link below) at the website for Public Safety Canada.

Dear Mr. Minister:

On June 08, your office was contacted by a Mr. Gary McHale who had obtained video footage of terror threats made by Mohawk Warrior Shawn Brant, a man who claims to have been paid by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty to travel to native reserves in order to encourage natives to attack/disrupt Canadian infrastructure.

Mr. Brant has made it clear by his statements that he has no regard for the suffering of innocent citizens:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass whether I create victims or what the white man thinks of me…”

“Not until every home has suffered like we have suffered will I stop.”

Recently, you have made public statements regarding the terror threats by Taliban fighters, yet you have so far remained silent regarding the internal threats posed by Mr. Brant and OCAP.

I would respectfully like to know whether your department is aware of the words and actions of Mr. Brant, and whether or not you intend to act to prevent him from carrying out his threats?


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator – The Ipperwash Papers

Shortly after getting this post up I received an email from a Caledonia resident who promised to send a copy to Minister Day’s office…

“I cannot tell you how relieved we are that Stockwell Day has assured all Canadians that he’s confident that the anti-terrorist systems will protect us from this recently announced, international threat.

We, however, have decided to carry on with the digging of our moat, installation of steel bars on our windows and construction of a ‘safe room.’

Why? Well, because we live in Caledonia!

Elizabeth Hutchison,
Caledonia, Ontario


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