OPP Email: Hartless complaint was OPP revenge for McHale association!

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgWell, it’s been a good week for justice, a very good week, indeed!

“He has stood tall not for himself, but for his neighbours and his community. Throughout the turbulent times alongside the Douglas Creek Estates, he sought to bring about a sense of security and provide a piece of mind to others. It was he who knocked on my door, telling me that if my family ever needed anything, he would be there. In fact, this truly courageous individual spoke to all of us in an effort to organize a call for help, as we all could see the O.P.P. with their hands tied. The gentleman I speak so highly of is David Hartless.”

Craig Grice, Haldimand Councillor, Ward 3
March for Freedom, March 03/07

Yesterday, Jamie West and CHML issued an apology for calling Gary McHale a “racist moron,” and today the Hamilton Spectator shared the news that Dave Hartless had been cleared of the bogus complaint filed by OPP Commissioner Fantino in an attempt to muzzle his criticism of the OPP and Ontario government.

Hartless is the Caledonia resident who also happens to be a police officer for the City of Hamilton, but never used his position as a police officer when criticizing the Two Tier Justice policies followed by the OPP in his home town. That didn’t stop the OPP from going after Hartless, but today they were stopped dead in their tracks.   

The WHOLE story about the OPP attack on Dave Hartless 

The Spec story doesn’t mention that, in addition to attacking Hartless’ right to free speech, the OPP used his association with Gary McHale as a key justification for their complaint. 

VoiceofCanada has obtained a copy of an email dated Dec 05/06 that was sent by Inspector McLean to senior OPP officers in which he libels Gary McHale, and then urges that a complaint be filed with the Hamilton Police based on McLean’s assertion that Hartless’ association with McHale is a breach of the Police Services Act!  


McLean’s email strongly suggests that OPP senior brass were motivated to try to destroy Dave Hartless’ career and interfere with his Charter rights as a means of attacking Gary McHale. At the very least, it is clear that the complaint against Hartless was – in no small way – revenge for Hartless’ association with McHale. 

McLean’s message also exposes his role in creating the OPP myth that McHale’s (law-abiding) activities were somehow illegal. Contrary to the Inspector’s words to his superiors about McHale’s “inability to follow the rules of law,” McHale – as he well knows – has never committed a single crime in Caledonia. In fact, McLean even called him to express thanks for ensuring that the original Oct 15/06 March for Freedom was peaceful.

It is simply outrageous how far senior members of the OPP were prepared to go to silence two law-abiding citizens of Canada simply for exercising their Charter rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association.

Does anyone – anyone! – in the OPP know that Canada has a constitution? Hello???

Thank you, Dave Hartless!

Dave Hartless put his career on the line for his town and for democracy itself by speaking out against OPP Two Tier Justice, and by fighting back with everything he had against those who tried to silence him. With the help of Caledonia Class Action lawyer John Findlay, Hartless has been vindicated, and those in the OPP and Hamilton Police Service who would disrespect the Charter of Rights have been sent a strong message.

Well done, Dave. Very well done.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Photos below are from the March 03/07 March for Freedom event organized to support Dave Hartless. Photo 2: Councillor Craig Grice; Photo 3: Gary McHale and me. Photo 4: McHale being interviewed by media. You can read Councillor Grice’s very eloquent remarks here.  

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5 responses to “OPP Email: Hartless complaint was OPP revenge for McHale association!

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,

    This is an excellent article regarding the challenges that Mr. Hartless had to endure as well as being a victim through no fault of his own in the land dispute in Caledonia. It is time the public knew that the fall out from native militant and violent activity encompasses many aspects of a persons’ life that most people don’t even think of.

    Fear is not the only outcome of native aggressions. Bully tactics from OPP and government are real problems with those who speak out against the injustices witnessed against themselves and their neighbours and friends. I have said before that the trauma to people in land claim disputes with ongoing violence and criminal activity is cruel and unusual punishment to innocent third parties who have no voice and cannot be part of the solution. It is unconscionable that this victimization must continue until the land ownership is resolved.

    There is no other situation where a person has nowhere to go to receive justice or resolution to the ongoing trauma. This is the first time I am aware of , that an innocent member of the third party in land claim disputes has been vindicated through our complaint system. I sincerely hope this sets a precedent for others not to have to suffer the indignity of not being allowed to speak the truth–no matter what the situation–no matter the ethnic background of those involved—or whether they are members of the government or the OPP.

    I salute David Hartless for his determination, ambition, and stead fast approach to protect his family and his community by speaking out the truth. Justice Linden did not want to hear the truth, and by this crass ommission we have been greatly compromised as a Province and a Country.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou. What can you say about Dave Hartless! He lives next to the Douglas Creek Estates. He was assaulted by a gang of native thugs, and had the wheelnuts on his wife’s car loosened, causing her to lose control while their kids were in the car. He put his career on the line to speak out for his neighbours and, when they tried to shut him up, he came at them with everything he had, and didn’t back down. Dave is a hero to his community and to me.

    Funny you should mention Justice Linden and the Ipperwash Inquiry: I just finished an interview with Doug Aldridge of The Right Side. Afterwards, we talked about how the OPP culture was dedicated to defending the lies, cover-ups and myths of the Inquiry.

    Let’s not forget that just 3 days before writing this email McLean’s officers arrested Bo Chausse, the first Canadian citizen to be arrested for trying to place a Canadian flag on a public utility pole, contrary to 2 separate Supreme Court of Canada decisions. Eleven days later, his officers arrested Gary McHale and me.

    I cannot understand how any right-thinking Canadian citizen, let alone a senior police officer, could have so little regard for the truth or for the Charter of Rights. Inspector McLean’s words in just this one email expose the rotten mindset and priorities within the OPP.

    By the way…we have more emails 🙂 and, thanks to our lawsuits, there will be many more to come. I hope the OPP and the Liberals are starting to grasp the reality that the truth WILL come out.

    Thanks so much for writing! Mark

    P.S. Mary-Lou, you’ve got it all wrong! it’s not the innocent residents who are the victims, not the people who were arrested without cause that are the victims. According to Inspector McLean, it’s the poor, misunderstood OPP who are being attacked by mean citizens who have the effrontery to try to exercise those irrelevant and damned inconvenient Charter rights that are – apparently – not taught in police college. The poor OPP – not only do they have to spend all that overtime money, they just can’t tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, and it’s all our fault. Sniff, sniff. Excuse me while I go have a good cry for them.

  2. Donna Reid

    My thanks to Dave Hartless for his efforts to assist fellow residence along Braemar and Thistlemoor. It is a real travesty to think that neighbours have to band together to provide a sense of calm and security while the OPP don’t provide the service that others expect from a police force. It has been a tough year and half for our neighbourhood. Dave, thanks for standing tall.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for writing, Donna. You know better than most how useless the OPP have been, and just how tall Dave has stood in comparison. Stay strong. Regards, Mark

  3. David Hartless

    Ladies and gentlemen, I find myself reading all of the hype and labels being thrown around to describe me in a fashion that is not accurate. I truly appreciate the support I received from everyone involved it was very overwhelming but please, if I am to be known as anything it is simply as a father, a husband and a neighbour because I am nothing more than that. Any other labels that are being attached to me are grossly overblown and undeserved…. I thank you all again for your support but I am just Dave, nothing more, nothing less.

    VoC REPLY: I suspect that one of the attributes of a true hero is not realizing how special you are. Very, very few people would have done what you have done. You represent everything I believed about my country, and you deserve everything that has been said about you and more. From now on, however, you can just go back to being ‘just Dave.’ Thanks for giving us some hope. Mark

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