Haldimand ignores elephants running amok in Caledonia

UPDATE 1901 EST July 10/07: Mayor Trainer stood alone against Haldimand Council in trying to hold province accountable. Don’t miss Donna Pitcher’s, ‘My Chat with the Mayor‘ posted today at Haldimand’s Unheard Voice! See link in ‘References’ below. 

BULLETIN: Haldimand Council said today that, since OPP and Liberal park rangers have preferred to use a ‘peacekeeping’ approach to ensure that only non-native citizens are injured by the herd of wild elephants that has terrorized Caledonia for the past 18 months, they feel the only solution to the problem is ‘accelerated negotiations’ with the elephants. 

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgToday, Haldimand County Council issued a toughly worded news release calling on the federal government to accelerate the pace of land claims negotiations in Haldimand.

The only problem is that council got tough with the wrong party while advocating the wrong solution on behalf of the wrong people. While they did refer, in passing, to the OPP’s refusal/inability to  to enforce the law, Council forgot to mention that it is Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government that ratified the theft of the Douglas Creek Estates by buying it under circumstances that any reasonable person would call extortion. Council also failed to mention that the federal government has repeatedly said that the Douglas Creek Estates ‘claim’ is invalid, and that McGuinty’s Solicitor General has dismissed all complaints against Commissioner Fantino without even investigating them.

In fact, Dalton and his gang are conspicuous by their complete absence from any mention at all in Haldimand County’s release. As Gary McHale observed this morning, perhaps Fantino’s threats against Council are having their effect. 

One Caledonia resident had this to say in her email to council:   

“While I applaud the Mayor and council members for at last doing something other than wring your hands, I fail to see why this action was not directed at the Provincial Government and their goon squad, the OPP.

“Did you forget that the Provincial Government owns DCE? Did you forget that the OPP seem to be directly under the influence of the Provincial Government. While I’m at it, how’s it going getting those notices of Municipal By-law infractions out to the owners, The Liberal Party of Ontario?

“We need to get protection from our OPP or replace them. The Hagersville fiasco is a prime example. How do you expect the Federal Government to stop the lunacy that has taken over this county? All any group with one member carrying a Status Card has to do is show up on a piece of property, any piece of property, declare: “This is mine” and low and behold, all work comes to a halt and the OPP even help erect fencing. (The only thing missing, is chanting: “Abra Kadabra!)

“The Federal Government does indeed need to deal with legitimate land claims. However, this county is experiencing a reign of tyranny by a group of terrorists. This group, regardless of their genetic makeup, need to be prevented from taking over construction sites.”


Elizabeth Hutchison
Caledonia Resident

Well said, Ms. Hutchison! Thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious to the leaders of a community that has suffered so much at the hands of thugs, a useless police force and a corrupt Liberal government working together to destroy all respect for law and order in our province.

Haldimand Council had a chance to send a strong message of truth on behalf of its citizens, yet chose to ignore the herd of wild elephants running amok in Caledonia: the OPP, the Liberal government and the lawless punks on DCE they are protecting. 

warrior2.jpg  march-for-freedom-caledonia-dec-16-06-002.jpg  march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpg

Instead of criticizing the real culprits for the terrorization of their community on behalf of their citizens, Council decided to become a defacto advocate for the Douglas Creek thugs by putting forth the ridiculous argument that the ‘only solution’ to Caledonia’s agony is an accelerated land claims process. 

Does Haldimand Council seriously believe that the citizens of Caledonia should do without law enforcement until all Haldimand land claims get settled? Have they learned nothing during the past 18 months? Nothing from Ipperwash where, 12 years later, gangsters still control land the residents call the ‘homefree zone’ because the police are not allowed to patrol it?

There should be NO negotiations over land claims until the DCE criminals are arrested, and the land returned to its rightful owners. End of story.

I sincerely hope that the old saying about getting the government we deserve isn’t true! 

P.S. Don’t miss Jeff Parkinson’s great take on Haldimand’s latest silliness in, ‘Haldimand County sides with their OPPressors, attacks Harper.‘ And be sure to read Donna Pitcher’s ‘My Chat with the Mayor‘ for some startling news. Links below.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



3 responses to “Haldimand ignores elephants running amok in Caledonia

  1. caledoniawakeupcall

    It’s very clear that they haven’t learned anything from history Mark. Maybe they all wear blinders to go to sleep and have been forgetting to take them off in the morning for the last 18 months?

    That they can ignore the fact that people have no police protection to try to silence the voices of Fantino and McGuinty in their ears is completely beyond my imagination.

    Imagine the precedent that would be set if the Federal Government appoints the Minister of Immigration to oversee land claims in Haldimand. At one time we would have laughed at such a ridiculous idea, but almost anything is possible at this point.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment, Jeff. There are none so blind as those who will not see, especially when they’re counting the money as they keep their eyes closed. Where is the Winston Churchill of today to lead us out of this sea of madness! Regards, Mark

  2. Donna Pitcher

    Mark for the life of me I can’t figure out what our Council Members are doing.

    I am currently trying to write an article on this most recent issue, but so far you would need two pots of coffee to just read it.

    It would be interesting to find out how many of “our” local council members are “card” holding “Liberals”, that’s a spin on things!

    Haldimand County is slowly fading off the “Map of Ontario”, at the rate we are going, we will be just a “Ghost Town”.

    VoC REPLY: I’m getting this up after your awesome post, My Chat with the Mayor, regarding your exclusive interview with Mayor Trainer that exposes how she was unanimously overruled by Haldimand Council (Councillor Lorne Boyko was out of town) in her request that McGuinty’s Liberals be held accountable in the Council’s news release. Shame on Council. Well done to the Mayor, and kudos to you, Donna, for digging out the story! Regards, Mark

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