Grice puts McGuinty’s re-election ahead of residents

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgIf there is anyone on Haldimand Council who should know what Caledonia residents have suffered through, and who is to blame for it, you’d think it would be Craig Grice, Councillor for Ward 3, especially since he lives close to the Douglas Creek Estates.

Apparently not.

According to Donna Pitcher’s report on her exclusive interview with Mayor Trainer today, the entire council (with the exception of Lorne Boyko who was out of town) stood against the Mayor’s desire to hold the province accountable for its failures in the County’s July 09/07 news release. The news release conspicuously omits any mention of McGuinty and his gang, and only briefly touches on the failures of the OPP in passing.

Gary McHale, in one of his best editorials ever, detailed the case against the McGuinty government, and the Council’s decision to jump on board with its plan to transfer blame to the feds. Here is an excerpt:

“Once McGuinty knew he had failed to solve the situation in Caledonia he started passing the buck to blame someone else. The target became the Federal Government and McGuinty, with much help from Fantino, spread the message for months that the Federal Government needed to step in and resolve the issue.

“So why did council suddenly…join McGuinty’s propaganda that the sole person responsible for the ongoing problems in Haldimand County is Prime Minister Harper?

“Money… Intimidation… and repeated threats from Fantino”

CaledoniaWakeUpCall editorial
Haldimand Council helps McGuinty’s Re-election Campaign

Doesn’t Councillor Grice remember that it is McGuinty’s government who tried to legitimize the theft of the Douglas Creek Estates from its rightful owner?

Doesn’t Councillor Grice know that it is McGuinty’s Solicitor General who dismissed all complaints against Fantino without even waiting for his own consultant to submit his report as to how the complaints should be handled?

Doesn’t Councillor Grice remember that 2 senior members of McGuinty’s office were cc’d on Fantino’s threatening email of April 07/07?

Councillor Grice is the same guy who has attended several March for Freedom events yet, on April 12/07, when asked about Fantino’s threatening email to Council, said “I have never supported the Marches in Caledonia. I think they send the totally wrong message.”

Councillor Grice is the same guy who signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Liberal government so that the pitiful compensation package could be negotiated without public scrutiny.

Councillor Grice is the same guy who promised to attend an advance presentation regarding The Ipperwash Papers, but never showed up, never called and never apologized. He wasted an hour of the Mayor’s time and denied his constituents the benefit of his understanding of the chilling comparisons between Ipperwash and Caledonia.

Councillor Grice is the same guy who told residents at a townhall meeting that he wished he could do something about the lack of policing on Sixth Line, and then got mad because someone asked why Council never supported Gary McHale and me.

And now, Councillor Grice is the guy who put McGuinty’s re-election campaign ahead of the residents he is supposed to be representing.

In fairness, Grice did attend our March for Freedom event on March 03/07 and gave an eloquent speech in defence of Dave Hartless. Does this act of support for a friend and neighbour, however, outweigh his wilful blindness regarding McGuinty’s contribution to the problems in Caledonia?

Sorry, but I think not. Grice had an historical chance to stand with his Mayor and proudly take the fight on behalf of his constituents to the real enemy that lives at Queen’s Park, but instead chose to be a bit player on the McGuinty blame-shift team.

How sad.

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor



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