“We are not terrorists!” Really? Prove it.


When natives occupied the Stirling Woods housing development in Caledonia on Aug 10/07, they brought some very informative signs with them. One, sure to win over many hearts and minds of non-native Canadians said, “KKKANADA COMMITS GENOCIDE” right beside another that said, “We are NOT prepared to give up our RIGHT to EXIST.” Believe it or not, however, these insulting, over-the-top, pieces of hateful propaganda weren’t the most startling messages carried by the gangsters; that honour belongs to the “We are not terrorists!” sign clearly visible in this picture. 


Gary McHale is currently working on a report called ‘The Cost of Native Occupations,‘ to be used to approach businesses for funding. I’ve seen the draft version and it is impressive for its information, including a list of accomplishments in the struggle against Two Tier Justice.

It might be hard for people in Caledonia, especially those closest to the occupation, to believe that anything has been accomplished to date, but the evidence of at least one major achievement is right there in the picture – “We are not Terrorists!

roadblocked.jpgThe native gangsters who have beseiged Caledonia for more than a year now realize that we – assisted greatly by their own inability to restrain themselves – have turned the media and public opinion against them so much that they now feel compelled to carry signs saying they are not terrorists.  This is an important milestone.

“We are not terrorists?” Really? Prove it. 

If the DCE occupiers want to prove they’re no longer terrorists, I have a few suggestions for them:

  • Vacate the Douglas Creek Estates, and allow the courts to determine the validity of your claim.
  • Publicly denounce violence and economic terrorism.
  • Apologize for past violence, crime and intimidation against Caledonia residents.
  • Allow the OPP to patrol all areas outside reserve boundaries, including Sixth Line and DCE.
  • Stop falsely accusing others of being racists or white supremacists for opposing your lawlessness and for insisting that all citizens be treated equally under the law.
  • Teach your kids that when they follow demagogues who devalue and victimize non-native human beings, they devalue and victimize themselves.
  • Tell the OPP to respect non-native rights as well as your own.

You don’t stop being terrorists and criminals just because you say so. No one believes you anymore. Show us by your actions. Talk with us. Meet with us. Educate us. Negotiate with us in good faith.

If you don’t want to be seen as terrorists…stop acting like terrorists.

nativeracism2.jpegAnd, while you’re at it, stop insulting the citizens of this country with your silly claims of genocide and racism. You do a disservice to your people and to all the people in this world who have experienced true genocide in all its horror.  Canada may have done bad things to you in the past, but to falsely claim that we are committing genocide against native people today does not help your cause.

It’s a shame that the ‘HONOUR INDIAN TREATIES’ sign was so badly overshadowed by the hateful ‘KKK genocide’ and ‘we are not terrorists’ propaganda. It was the only one that made any sense to me. 

“I believe, however, that it is a critical mistake of both our government, the Inquiry and the OPP to assume that violent criminal factions speak for native people, and to ‘negotiate’ with them as if they do. It is an insult to every honourable, law-abiding, peace-loving native person in Canada.

“OPP Two Tier Justice policies are based on the false premise that native people have no self-control, that they are incapable of obeying the law, that they and their children are willing to live in a lawless world ruled by criminals who take what they want, when they want. For more than 15 years the OPP has been sacrificing the well-being of law-abiding people – both native and non-native – for the benefit of sociopaths and demagogues.

“What does it say to honourable aboriginal parents who try to raise their children to have respect for the rights and property of other citizens when the government and the OPP so eagerly reward thugs in native communities for their violence and criminality? How many native youth have been turned away from productive lives by well-meaning, but destructive racial policing policies?

“We are at a very dangerous crossroads. One road goes to a peaceful, prosperous Canada where people are ruled by laws and the rights of all citizens are respected. The other road…”

Canada at the Crossroads: The Ipperwash Legacy
Presented at Caledonia Lions Hall, Jan 10/07

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



2 responses to ““We are not terrorists!” Really? Prove it.

  1. There is a white trailer with a sign of warrior society on it that says ‘Free 20 in Afghanistan and Shawn Brant’ on the South side of 401 in Deseronto. That speaks lots of mentality of the natives who put up the sign. A terrorist wannabe shown as equal to the Christian martyrs held and slaughtered by militant religious fanatics.

    How do you speak to those people? They don’t seem to be willing to come in agreement with reality.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the observation, Aaron. I know the trailer you’re talking about. The comparison between the two is despicable propaganda by thugs who have no regard for other human beings. All you have to do is read or listen to Shawn Brant’s words to know how disgusting that sign is. Thanks again for writing. Mark

  2. I got a giggle when I saw the photo with the “honor Indian treaties” Therein lies part of the problem. They only want SOME of the treaties honoured. When they don’t LIKE other treaties they claim they aren’t legit or were under duress or whatever.

    I wonder how many of these people have actually read the treaties they talk about. I have. I have copies of them. I particularly like the ones that detail the sale of lands.

    Now #50 (page 119) from January 5th, 1841, basically explains that Canada acknowledges the issues with people on the land, and that they would be unable to solve the problem in part because “experience has shewn that with all the anxiety to do justice, and with all the care exercised to prevent injury to Indian interests, the interference of the Indians themselves,
    continually, has created new difficulties…”

    It goes on to advise the surrender of the land to help solve the problem.

    Then on the 15th of January, 1841 a letter “to the Chiefs of the Six Nations Indians” tries to clarify the previous letter. It details the fund for the Six Nations (three to five thousand pounds per year (which, even with inflation and such doesn’t even come close to amounts spent)) and goes on to detail the issues with white men including:

    “the claims of the white men to the lands in their occupation it is but too plainly apparent that they have been invited by the great majority of the Indians, and that the latter have received large sums of money which they are wholly incapable of ever refunding”

    For example in treaty #10 William Wallace purchased 86 078 acres of land for 16 364 pounds. For what it’s worth using http://www.measuringworth.com (and
    using 1830 pounds which is over 20 years later) that amounts to 41 MILLION pounds based on GDP.

    Sigh. Like I said. I doubt they’ve read them. Just a bunch of people caught up in propaganda and hype.

    Conveniently this information doesn’t get out in the media. Mind you, I doubt THEY know enough about it either.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for the comment. I make no pretences at knowing anything about the validity of land claims. My beef has always been that the courts be used to settle them, and not violence and intimidation.

    As for the media, my experience has been mixed. On one hand, they have mostly come around to recognizing that there is a big difference between native criminals and natives as a group, but I am shocked at the stories they insist on ignoring. I think that this period in our country’s history will one day be known as the “dark days of journalism.” I was taught that the press was the ‘watchdog of democracy.’ I was so very wrong. The good news is that the failures of the mainstream media are giving rise to citizen-journalists. The only problem is that it’s tough for us to pay the bills. Regards, Mark