Dear Mayor Trainer…

UPDATE 1544 Aug 21/07: See Resolution 863-07: Haldimand’s attack on your privacy for wording of the resolution passed by council.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAfter witnessing the shameful events of the past week culiminating in the vote last night at the Haldimand County council meeting (see ‘Democracy takes a huge hit in Haldimand’, and BULLETIN: Mayor Trainer needs your help NOW!), I sent the message below to Mayor Trainer.

I welcome your comments in support of the mayor. I’ll wait a few days and then mail her – and the snoops now reading her mail – a hard copy of this post with your comments.

Also, please be sure to read all the great editorials now posted at CaledoniaWakeUpCall.


Tue 8/14/2007 12:15 

Dear Mayor Trainer:

haldimand-mayor-marie-trainer.gifI would like to pass on my compliments to you for your professionalism while publicly revealing the truth about the sneak attack on your privacy, your authority and your relationships with your constituents last night. In sharp contrast to the remainder of council you showed yourself to be a true professional – firm, yet humble and restrained. Honest in your response to those attacking you, yet forgiving and co-operative.

You were most dignified in the face of unbelievable treachery from those who should be showing you respect as the CEO of Haldimand County, and it did not go un-noticed or appreciated by those of us who were there. I suspect that the outrageous conduct of council in attacking your privacy and in stifling the voices of residents will not be soon forgotten.

Please feel free to share this email with council and staff should you wish to do so. I will be posting it at


Mark Vandermaas, Editor



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