DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

UPDATED 1250 EST Aug 20/07: failure of OPP to inform/warn public.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgIn OPP Two Tier Justice policies victimize native people I outlined evidence to support my belief that the race-based policing policies designed by the OPP to favour native lawbreakers are actually responsible for victimizing native people in both Ipperwash and Caledonia in addition to the traumatic impact on non-native residents.

Two rapes and “other unseemly acts” on Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia

Since my article appeared, it has come to light that at least two rapes have occurred on the native-occupied Douglas Creek Estates, rapes made possible by the OPP/McGuinty ‘hands off’ approach that has created a lawless ‘homefree zone’ similar to the one still in existence at the former Army Camp in Ipperwash. 

On Aug 15/07, the Tekawennake News reported that elected Six Nations Band Chief David General stated his opinion that the seized DCE lands are not sacred because two rapes and “other unseemly acts” had occurred there.

To the best of my knowledge, the OPP have not issued any news releases or warnings regarding these rapes or the dangers posed by criminals on DCE. This is consistent with their unwritten official policy of downplaying crime related to native occupations. See Audio recordings reveal OPP hid DCE dangers from public for more info.

I should remind readers that, in sharp contrast to their silence about native crime on DCE, the OPP have issued numerous public statements in the past that defamed law-abiding protesters opposed to their race-based policing policies.

Rampant native-on-native violence

In my original article I quoted from a Turtle Island News article detailing violence and drug use by uncontrollable youth who had taken over the Douglas Creek Estates occupation site in Caledonia. The violence and intimidation was so bad that some of the original native occupiers of the site refused to return!

On June 10/07, in our townhall presentation at the Caledonia Lions Hall, I outlined even more evidence of native victimization in Canada at the Crossroads: The Ipperwash Legacy…

1. How children were deliberately used to assault Camp Ipperwash on July 29/95.

“Harley George, a fifteen-year-old boy, was instructed to drive the yellow school bus into the barracks with children as passengers. The bus belonged to Warren George, Harley’s father.”

“They ranged in age from eleven to sixteen years, with the exception of one person who was in his twenties.”

“Harley turned the bus around, ‘backed it through the gate,” breaking the chain lock. The children heard glass…smash and fall to the floor of the bus.

“Harley George “pulled up to the door [of the Drill Hall] and began to push it in with the bus.”

“Harley…backed the bus into the jeep pushing it for about forty to forty-five feet. The bus hit the military vehicle with a fair amount of force. Harley pushed the jeep because he “didn’t want to be contained by that vehicle” and “didn’t want to talk” to the military officers.”

Ipperwash Inquiry, Volume 1, Investigations and Findings, Chapter 7: ‘Occupation of the Army Barracks, “the Built-up Area,” see pages 130-132

2. My belief that Dudley George was killed due to OPP/DND unwillingness to enforce the law in years prior to his death.

3. Threats against native elders Clifford George, Rose Manning & Nellie Rogers who were among the original Ipperwash occupiers…

“Stoney Point elders Clifford George, Rose Manning and Nellie Rogers said…they’ve been harassed and intimidated into leaving the former Camp Ipperwash by a small band of younger natives who think they’re in charge fo the place.”

“They threatened us with guns and said I had to leave.” She described the former camp as a “lawless land.”

Sarnia Observer, April 14/98: Native elders ousted (see also, Camp occupiers at war with each other? by The Standard, April 22/98

(I can’t help but be sadly amused at the ironic chutzpah of people who participated in a violent takeover of Camp Ipperwash later complaining how the former camp became “lawless.”)

4. Crime on Douglas Creek Estates, original occupiers afraid of youths in charge.

5. Native man had hole blown through his arm in AK-47 shooting that began on DCE.

6. Intimidation of Turtle Island News reporter, Linda Powless.

DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

The McGuinty Liberal Ipperwash Inquiry report whole-heartedly endorsed the failed, race-based OPP policies in Caledonia as “best practices.”

“The OPP’s ‘Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents’ is one element of a comprehensive OPP strategy to improve the policing of Aboriginal occupations and protests. It is an operational policy, intended to guide incident commanders and officers before, during, and after such incidents. The OPP has been applying the Framework at Caledonia. I consider the Framework and related programs to be best practices.”

Ipperwash Inquiry, Volume 4, Executive Summary, Policy Analysis, Volume 2 – Executive Summary (Preventing future violence), p87-88

Well, Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Fantino, in addition to traumatizing innocent residents in Caledonia for more than a year, your ‘best practices’ have led to a repeat of the out-of-control violence and lawlessness against native people seen in Ipperwash.



Congratulations gentlemen. Your ‘best practices’ and your Ipperwash cover-up are now enabling rapists. I hope you’re both very proud of yourselves. When will you grasp the reality that rapists and other violent criminals are as much a threat to natives as they are to non-natives? When will you get it through your head that these lowlifes DO NOT speak for honourable native people? How many more victims will it take, huh Dalton? Eh Julian?

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


4 responses to “DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry

  1. caledoniawakeupcall

    I wonder how many arrests the OPP have made in these 2 rapes? Have the police brought the violent sex offenders into custody or would that be “racist?”

    I’ll add this to my list of questions for Mr. McGuinty when he hits the campaign trail.


    VoC REPLY: Very good question, Jeff. How’d you like to be an OPP officer trying to figure out what to do using the OPP “Framework for Police Preparedness for Aboriginal Critical Incidents? Let’s see now…

    1. Native crime against non-natives: that’s easy! Do nothing. Says right here: “It is the policy of the OPP and the Liberal government that First Nations people never commit crimes during land claims. This policy has been officially endorsed by The Ipperwash Inquiry.”
    2. Non-native crime against non-natives associated with Gary McHale: another easy one! Do nothing. No arrests allowed.
    3. Non-natives not committing any crimes while asserting their rights: simple! Arrest them, and do it quick!
    4. Native crime against natives: see #1.

    Thanks for the comment. Mark

  2. OPP don’t touch native rapists. Hell no.

    I guess the Ontario Provincial Puppets think it’s an inherent right or something.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ty. Won’t the OPP and the Liberals be surprised when the day finally comes that leaders of Six Nations and other bands join with us to demand an end to Two Tier Justice. I think it is becoming abundantly clear to them that bringing injustice and violence against non-native human beings also brings injustice and violence on native people. I applaud David General and the native media for revealing the truth about these criminals. It took a lot of guts. Thanks for writing. Regards, Mark

  3. The only thing left is to put in the Emergencies Act or whatever they used in Oka, and bring in the Military for assistance, or the RCMP. It is clear the OPP aren’t going to enforce the law.

    VoC REPLY: I have it on good authority that the military were ready and waiting on the ground at Hamilton Airport, but the Ontario government promised the occupiers they wouldn’t call them in.

    The OPP must be disbanded or radically reformed at the earliest opportunity. If the law is not enforced, people will start to do it themselves, and that would be very sad. I and the other people in this struggle have dedicated every ounce of our strength, energy and resources to try to peacefully and legally get the government to listen. They continue to ignore us, to violate our rights and to cover up our complaints.

    Believe it or not I have more understanding and respect for native people today than I did a year ago. I feel such a sense of outrage over my rights being deliberated violated by racist police policies and the inaction of a government that refuses to listen, and it’s only been a year. Imagine feeling that anger for hundreds of years and passing it down to your children. I’m not sure how long I would have peacefully waited for the government to listen if I were them.

    The statement above must seem strange given my vehement opposition to the various occupations and attendent lawlessness, but I still do not believe that injustices can be cured by bringing injustice on other innocent people. Whether we are governed by the Great Law of Peace or a parliamentary democracy, there must be a method for ensuring that the rights of others are respected. Today’s Canada isn’t perfect, but at least we’re trying.

    Sorry, Ty, I went on a bit there. Thanks for writing. Regards, Mark

  4. Couldn’t they lie and say they won’t send them, then do a raid?

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ty. Not sure on that one. I’m pretty sure, however, that a new Attorney General (i.e. one appointed by John Tory) could cancel the agreements given that they were done to interfere with the administration of justice. Regards, Mark