Two Tier Justice struggle: What has been accomplished?

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgFor many months now we – with the help of some extraordinary fellow Canadians in and outside of Caledonia – have worked full time to vigorously and legally oppose the Two Tier Justice policies of the McGuinty government and the Ontario Provincial Police, and give a voice to those who had none. 

During this protracted and tiring struggle it is hard for people, especially those closest to the continuing occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia to believe that anything at all has been accomplished, especially given that native intimidation of landowners is spreading.

In fact, a great deal has been accomplished to date:

Our accomplishments

  • Helped media realize that residents were innocent victims. Public opinion has turned against them so much that Natives involved in the most recent landclaim intimidation event resorted to carrying signs saying, “We are NOT terrorists!
  • Provided reliable source of information for media stories.
  • Made ‘Two Tier Justice’ a household phrase.
  • Exposed terrorist threats to CSIS and the public.
  • Created ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ project to expose Ipperwash Inquiry for the shameful cover-up it was, thereby denying it as a tool for McGuinty’s re-election campaign. We were the first to tell  the real story of what happened to the residents of Ipperwash. We were the first to get that story in the mainstream media, and we were the first to predict – 2 ½ months prior to release of its report, that the Inquiry would not be able to make any recommendations for preventing violence against innocent residents. 
  • Silenced OPP propaganda machine with lawsuits and police complaints.
  • Exposed Liberal plan to sell out residents.
  • Exposed OPP illegal activities against law abiding citizens and lack of policing on 6th Line in Caledonia.
  • Exposed threats against Haldimand Council by OPP Commissioner Fantino, and assisted residents in filing complaints to the Minister of Corrections and Community Safety.
  • Held two news conferences at Queen’s Park: The Ipperwash Papers & FantinoGate.
  • Exposed dangers to public from DCE occupiers as revealed in radio traffic recordings.
  • Used peaceful protests to gather evidence of OPP civil/human rights abuses for use in complaints and lawsuits against them.
  • Held townhall information events to inform residents.
  • Informed the public as to the financial cost of native lawlessness in terms of delayed or stopped residential and commercial construction; government appeasement due to native intimidation; policing costs; vandalism and stoppage of infrastructure projects;
  • Recently, we met with senior officials of the Ontario Ombudsman’s office to update their knowledge about OPP violations of civil rights, and the Ontario government’s attempt to stifle investigations into complaints against OPP Commissioner Fantino. Gary McHale and I have also filed complaints to the Ontario Human Rights Commission about the systemic, race-based policing practices used by the OPP. Our various lawsuits are continuing against the OPP and the Ontario Provincial Police Association. 

In summary, we brought the public to Caledonia, and Caledonia to the public, and made it politically impossible for media and politicians to ignore the impact of land claim violence and intimidation.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Gary McHale, Editor

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