Resolution 863-07: Haldimand’s attack on your privacy


In Democracy takes a huge hit in Haldimand, I outlined the sleazy attack on Haldimand Mayor Trainer’s privacy by her council, and how, on Aug 13/07, they approved a resolution calling for all mail – electronic and hard copy – to the Mayor to be shared with the Chief Administrative Officer. This resolution has now removed any privacy between the Mayor and her constituents. 

Below is the wording of the resolution, along with the recorded vote. =========================================

Resolution 863-07

Moved By:         Councillor Sloat
Seconded By:    Councillor Bartlett

WHEREAS the Mayor’s office receives a considerable volume of correspondence through written or electronic form;                              

AND WHEREAS the Mayor has acknowledged in the past that management of this correspondence, especially e-mails has been overwhelming to the point where many e-mails may go unanswered or otherwise not responded to; 

AND WHEREAS the management of this correspondence is critical to the effective operation of the County; 

AND WHEREAS the dissemination of this correspondence to the remainder of Council as well as the Clerk is of utmost importance to successfully conduct the business of the Corporation.

NOW THEREFORE be it resolved:

THAT all correspondence sent and received through the Mayor’s office including all email addressed to the Mayor by title or name, be copied to the Mayor’s Assistant and the Chief Administrative Officer of the County;

AND THAT the Mayor’s Assistant implement this direction for all hard copy correspondence;

AND THAT the Information Systems Division ensure that all emails sent to the Mayor by title or name are automatically copied to the Mayor’s Assistant and the Chief Administrative Officer of the County;

AND THAT the Chief Administrative Officer, in his/her discretion, refer relevant emails/correspondence to the appropriate General Manager for action/response;

AND THAT the Chief Administrative Officer, in his/her discretion, bring relevant emails/correspondence to Council through the Clerk’s office for action/response while protecting the privacy of individuals in terms of personal information;

AND THAT the Chief Administrative Officer report back to Council within six months as to the effectiveness of this process. 

Mayor Trainer
Councillor Bartlett
Councillor Boyko
Councillor Dalimonte
Councillor Grice
Councillor Ricker
Councillor Sloat



Reminder: In a disgusting display of unmitigated contempt for all the residents genuinely concerned about the privacy of their communications with their mayor, council voted NOT to allow a single resident to speak to council, and NOT to officially ‘receive’ any correspondence from residents about this issue! Only Councillor Grice and Mayor Trainer voted against this un-democratic outrage.


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