Earth to Fantino… Earth to Monte… Earth to McGuinty…


UPDATED 1536 Sept 01/07

Re: Fantino’s comments about Greenpeace’s interference with a coal ship bound for Nanticoke…

“nothing but anarchy”

“I would have seized that ship as a result of it facilitating criminal activity”

“Just think of all the resources at great cost we have had to pull in from elsewhere in the province to deal with this nonsense.”

“Using and enticing young people to break the law is mercenary, and it is despicable. it’s using young people and putting them at risk.”

“It terrorized the people on the coal ship…”

“It…put our officers in harm’s way…”

“It…put the very foundation of the provinces power supply at risk.”

“I learned a lot about the critical importance to our lifeline of having uninterupted power…and I can tell you there is serious potential for disaster when you mess with stuff like this. We can’t afford to take a chance on something that important.”

Man, that Fantino almost sounds like a real, honest to goodness police officer – if the hypocrisy wasn’t covering him like a bottle of Coke that’s been shaken just a little too much. I mean, come on…how can he even make these statements with a straight face given his record in Caledonia and elsewhere?

Let’s see…

  • Gwen Boniface and Fantino give native thugs, gunmen and rapists free rein in Caledonia to destroy infrastructure, traumatize innocent residents – native and non-native – and Fantino has never even once referred to their outrages as “terrorism.” McGuinty even spends $25,000,000 to give the criminals a permanent base of operations out of reach of law enforcement.
  • Fantino’s goons arrest law-abiding non-natives trying to put up Canadian flags, but not the natives threatening violence against us.
  • Fantino threatens elected officials over their secret deal to defame opponents of their brain-dead policies in Caledonia.
  • McGuinty’s Solicitor General Monte Kwinter dismisses all complaints against Fantino without investigating them before his own consultant has even finished his report.
  • McGuinty can’t be bothered going to Caledonia to meet with people who have truly been traumatized by more than a year of native lawlessness and terrorism – both violent and economic.
  • And…McGuinty’s Ipperwash Inquiry cover-up concludes that natives were not at fault in a violent takeover of the Army camp even though Commissioner Linden’s report describes – with breathless admiration – how native parents put a bunch of children on a bus driven by a 14 year old kid and told him to crash through the gates. For some enlightening excerpts from the Inquiry’s account of this officially-endorsed child abuse, be sure to read, DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry.

This reminds me of the Pink Floyd tune that goes: “Hello……….is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone at home?”

Don’t miss the CWUC hilarious takes on Fantino’s keen, almost cop-like powers of observation:

As Mary-Lou LaPratte said today, “How do you cure ‘Stupid?’ Indeed, how can a group of people be smart enough to become an OPP commissioner, a Solicitor General and a Premier, yet not one of them grasps the damage they are doing to our faith in our justice system with their illegitimate and repugnant racial policing policies?

To Greenpeace

Next time invite some native thugs from the Douglas Creek Estates. Guaranteed no arrests, Fantino will keep his mouth shut and his officers will arrest the coal boat captain for inciting a ‘Breach of the Peace.’  

To John Tory

Buddy, if you can’t pick up this ball and score with it, you don’t deserve to be premier.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


One response to “Earth to Fantino… Earth to Monte… Earth to McGuinty…

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,
    This is an excellent article. It definitely brings out the substance of two-tier justice.

    However, we have to call a spade a spade. Greenpeace did go overboard ( pardon the pun) in this exercise of protest. They had no right to paint remarks on the ship. They had no right to board the ship or block the sea lane. I am sure on retrospect Greenpeace organizeers know it would have been better to dock outside Nanticoke, announce the reason for their protest publicly and with the media and then leave.

    Having said that, the results of native prostests and landclaims have caused much more harm, apprehension, and ruined lifestyles than Greenpeace. Living in fear, no police protection, and constant harassment with criminal offenses against you on a daily basis, not just a few hours, is by far the most detrimental aspect condonned by both Government and police. Destruction of infrastructure, use of weapons, assaults up to and including intent to harm or kill are totally unacceptable , but these very serious circumstances are ignored and being legitimized under the umbrella of Colour of Right.

    Mr. Fantino, Mr. McGuinty, RCMP, and CSIS have all left the citizens of Ontario and Canada to fend for themselves . Peacefull protest by ordinary citizens fed up with this government and policing stance have been subjected to ridicule, libelous statements, and illegal arrest and detainment. We must insist for as long as it takes, that all citizens of this Country have fair and equitable laws, as well as equal opportunity to services that enforce these laws.

    Mr. Fantino calls the actions of Greenpeace Anarchy. What word would he use to describe the actions of Militant Natives if he wasn’t muzzled in our shameful Politically Correct Policies now in place???


    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment Mary-Lou. In actuality, the OPP did do the right thing regarding Greenpeace’s actions, so we now know they are capable of enforcing the law when they want to. Fantino’s words were an insult to everyone who has ever been affected by native lawlessness and expected his force to protect them. I live for the day when the race of protesters doesn’t matter to the OPP when determining who to protect, who to arrest and who to condemn. Regards, Mark