McHale’s letter to Brantford

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgThe following letter from Gary McHale was published Sept 08/07 in the Brantford Expositor under the title, “Strife moves to Hancock’s backyard.” It was sent in response to the illegal occupations and intimidation of land owners in the area.

Last September I booked a room at the Lions Hall to help residents of Brantford understand what was happening in Caledonia, and the effect it was having on innocent residents and builders being victimized by an illegal occupation and the threats that come with these occupations. Mayor Hancock directly interfered with my booking and had it cancelled. It appears that it is okay for native people to have a public voice but not non-natives.

On Oct. 4, The Expositor printed Mayor Hancock’s words from my taped conversation with Mayor Hancock where he stated why my rental had been cancelled. His words: “There is a real concern this would not be productive to have in our community. We’re working hard at a very tough time to have some kind of harmony between ourselves and our neighbours who we’ve lived with for a long, long time. At the moment in Brantford it’s relatively calm.”

Well, Mr. Hancock, in addition to interfering with people’s Charter rights to freedom of expression, you are responsible for misleading your citizens into believing they were immune to land claim lawlessness. Your naivete is inexcusable.

Instead of defending the rule of law and equality for fellow Canadians in a nearby town, he ignored their plight and prevented a meeting by average people like us who have been forced to take a stand for law and order as occupation after occupation occurred across Ontario.

Where is Mr. Hancock’s voice now? He had no problem taking decisive action to stifle free speech of non-natives, so why is he silent now that illegal activities have arrived in your town?

Residents of Brantford you can do one of two things – sit and wait for Hancock and others to save the day or take a stand and voice your opinion. Failure to take a stand will only encourage more occupations.

Gary McHale
Richmond Hill


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