Provoking violence in Caledonia

NOTE: Just one day after this article was posted, Sam Gualtieri was viciously attacked by native thugs in a home he was building for his daughter in the new Stirling heights subdivision in Caledonia.  

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cwuc_crest.gifThis article was inspired by a comment from a reader named ‘Cynthia’ who expressed concern about whether or not we should continue with a planned March for Freedom event on Oct 08/07 that includes a peaceful walk along public roads that happen to run through the occupied Douglas Creek Estates. Here’s what Cynthia had to say: 

Cynthia // Sep 11th 2007 at 9:29 am What appears to be most unfortunate about this next event that is planned by yourself and Gary McHale, is the lack of respect that you both seem to have toward the wishes of the residents in Caledonia.

It is the residents and businesses of this town that suffer the consequeces of these continued marches while the organizers get to go home to someplace far removed.

I do not know anyone in Caledonia who agrees with the ongoing occupation, but tensions have subsided to a degree. I would like to ask you to consider for a moment that efforts such as those planned for October 8 will raise these tensions once again. To what end? What will that accomplish? It will not end the occupation – on the contrary. It will bring more supporters to the DCE site. It will not bring any positive media attention to Caledonia, which is what we need to assist in the recovery of our businesses. It will not change the policing struction or tactics. It will not bring the situation closer to a resolution in negotiations.

What is the point? Two-tier? We know! The question becomes how does anybody go about facilitating a change to these policies if all that is being accomplished is picking at a scab to keep the wound open?

I am beginning to seriously question if your intent is to simply try and grab media attention for yourself, because I do not see how this continued pestering of the individuals on the DCE is helping anything.

Cynthia is not alone in expressing concern about ‘raising tensions’ with the native occupiers who have shown a willingness to use violence in furthering their goals. Even some people who have assisted us in the past have reservations about our planned March.

Reasonable restrictions on citizens’ rights in a free and democratic society 

We do not believe one should give up one’s rights because others may be provoked to violence. Democracy and fundamental principles of justice demand that the law punish those who threaten such violence while vigorously protecting the rights of law abiding, peaceful citizens.

There are, however, times when it is reasonable, in a free and democratic society, to restrict citizens from exercising their rights. In a letter to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services, we said the following:

“…I am a reasonable man. If the police were actively engaged in a short-lived law enforcement action (i.e. hostage taking, arresting criminals, etc.) lasting a few hours or days, it would not be reasonable for me to inject myself into the situation, and the officers would be justified in temporarily preventing me from exercising my rights. This is not the case here. My complaint is a direct result of deliberate, systemic discrimination that persists to this day in direct contravention of two Supreme Court decisions, and Ontario’s Human Rights Code. The OPP’s own investigation shows that the subject officers were willing participants in this discrimination in that they made no attempt whatsoever to protect my right to raise a flag.”

We have conclusive evidence that proves that the OPP in Caledonia had no problem with us putting up flags on public utility poles until they were pressured by the DCE occupiers to stop us, a fact that has also been communicated to the OCCPS. The audiotapes of DCE/OPP radio traffic prove that the OPP regularly take direction from native occupiers.

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-048.jpgWe all need to be clear about what is going on in Ontario: Not only have the government and the OPP destroyed our Land Titles system by allowing natives to seize any land they wish, the OPP are systemically violating the rights of non-native citizens as per the wishes of the occupiers. This is like a southern US police force taking direction from the KKK to enforce segregation or stifle black protests. It is unacceptable in Canada in the year 2007. It is not only unacceptable; it is an outrage that should be condemned by every politician and media outlet in the country. Instead, McGuinty’s Solicitor General covered up the complaints against Fantino, and McGuinty talks about ‘peacekeeping’ while people’s rights and safety are threatened by native lawlessness.

Our best chance of ending Two Tier Justice 

The best chance we have of ending Two Tier Justice in the short term is by doing as Toby Barrett and Gary McHale have suggested: take the message of Caledonia out to other people in Ontario and influence them to turf McGuinty. By doing so we also send a strong message to John Tory that we will not sit by and allow our province to descend into anarchy. Now is not the time for silently hoping that things will get better if we all just keep quiet and don’t defend our rights.

Our last March for Freedom was on Jan 20/07, almost 8 months ago. Since then, the crimes on DCE are becoming more unspeakable by the day, and occupations have occurred in Hagersville, Deseronto, Dunville, York and Brantford. How could anyone think that if we just stopped “pestering” the occupiers that things will get better? The evidence clearly suggests otherwise.

Is Caledonia healing or is it suffering from shock and PTSD? 

Cynthia argues that “tensions have subsided” and the situation can’t heal if we keep “picking at a scab to keep the wound open.” I’m reminded of a line from a Touched by an Angel episode in which one of the angels encourages a man to tell the truth about something to his wife so their relationship can be healed and enhanced:  

“Healing can only happen when you clear away the diseased and damaged parts.”

raodfire2.jpgThere can be no healing in Caledonia while police enforce laws based on race on orders from people with no respect for the law. There can be no healing while children on Sixth Line don’t feel safe in their homes because the OPP refuse to police their road. There can be no healing while criminals are protected from the law with the direct assistance of the Liberal government and the OPP. There can be no healing until those responsible for terrorizing Caledonia’s citizens – native and non-native – renounce the use of violence and apologize for their crimes. There can be no healing until the diseased and damaged parts are cut away – when Two Tier Justice is dead, and all citizens are equal before the law, subject to the promises we made to native people in our treaties with them.  

To carry on with Cynthia’s medical analogy: some might wish to believe that Caledonia is a town on the mend with a scab forming over a clean, disease free wound. We see her as a severely traumatized accident victim stuck in a car wreck suffering from a badly crushed leg and shock as she waits for help that never comes because the 911 operator won’t answer the phone.  She either survives with a badly mangled leg, loses the leg, or dies an agonizing death unless she is fortunate enough to be aided by passersby.

Are we creating tension? Are we provoking violence? Do ‘outsiders’ belong in Caledonia? Are we going where we’re not wanted?

180px-martin_luther_king_-_march_on_washington.jpgGary McHale has just reprinted Dr. Martin Luther King’s inspiring reaction to the very same concerns and criticisms confronting us today as so clearly expressed by Cynthia. The first document is a statement by Alabama clergymen against Dr. King’s marches. The other is an excerpt from his reply to their criticisms expressed in his famous letter from the Birmingham jail on April 16, 1963.  Highlights have been inserted to help illuminate the comparisons of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s with today’s struggle to restore ‘One Law for All’ to Ontario.

Dr. King’s reply to the well-meaning critics answers – with careful consideration – every question or concern you may have about having a protest march that many would condemn. Any question you might have about our willingness to risk arrest and imprisonment. Every question you might have about provoking violence by those opposed to us. Every question about the role of ‘outsiders.’ Read it with an open heart and an open mind. It explains our actions and motivations much better than anything we could write ourselves. 

The cynics and those who would try to justify landclaim lawlessness no doubt will – in an effort to deny you the wisdom of Dr. King’s irrefutable and prescient logic – put forth the feeble accusation that we are comparing ourselves to him.  I freely confess that none of the people in this struggle can ever compare to such greatness, although we certainly do compare his struggle for human rights to this struggle. We can also aspire to live up to his ideals. To refrain from sharing his message or the strength we receive from it out of fear of criticism dishonours both the letter and the spirit of Dr. King’s words, and we will not be silenced by critics any more than he was.

Photo of Dr. King giving his ‘I have a dream’ speech in Washington, from Wikipedia citation for Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Dr. King’s path shows us the way

Dr. King could have chosen the path urged by the clergymen opposed to his marches in Birmingam, that of non-confrontation and negotiation. He could have chosen a different path – one of violence – but he is remembered today, not for inflicting injustice on innocents in the name of justice, but for taking the path of peaceful confrontation that liberated an entire people. Dr. King’s approach was the right one. Let us learn from history that we must confront evil and injustice where it lives, peacefully, but directly, otherwise we are doomed to live in quiet fear and anger.

Let us learn from Ipperwash 

Condemnation of our march to and through the Douglas Creek Estates is based on the wishful belief that quiet negotiation and letters to politicians alone will destroy Two Tier Justice. The people of Ipperwash wrote a lot of letters to politicians. You can read a collection of them and the responses to them at The Ipperwash Papers website in Section ‘H.’ Politician after politician from every level of government wrote back to offer sympathy, but absolutely nothing else to people desperate for help due to native lawlessness.  

You might also want to read 34 of the hundreds of victim impact statements written in 1996 by innocent residents about the trauma they suffered. You’ll find them in Section ‘F.’ Not only did these people receive no help, and no counselling, they had to suffer the final indignity of being utterly ignored by McGuinty’s Ipperwash Inquiry. Some still suffer from PTSD to this day because their suffering has never been acknowledged. 

Are we making a positive impact with our protests in Caledonia?

girls-with-guts.jpg It certainly must be tough for people like Cynthia to believe that anything has been accomplished by our protests given that occupations have expanded and Two Tier Justice continues. In fact, a great deal has been accomplished to date, and I encourage all Caledonians to read Two Tier Justice struggle: What has been accomplished? No single protest or action will end the evil of Two Tier Justice overnight; it will take a concerted, sustained movement of committed people – inside Caledonia and outside – to accomplish this important goal.  

Do we respect Caledonians?

Cynthia says that we have a lack of respect for the wishes of Caledonians. An ongoing poll of contributors to the ‘Have your say Caledonia‘ discussion board, however, shows that 60% of board voters support our March. Let’s assume, however, that Cynthia is right, that there is little or no support for our actions. When I first started helping Gary McHale in this struggle he told me something I’ve never forgotten:

“I would have gone to Caledonia even if there wasn’t a single person in town who supported me. Why? Because it was the right thing to do.”

I feel exactly the same way. In a speech at a Caledonia townhall meeting I said that I didn’t go to Caledonia to defend Caledonians, I went to defend Canadians. The simple fact is that our democracy is under attack. Our constitutional rights are under attack. Our judicial system is under attack. Our Land Titles system is under attack. The future of Canada as a peaceful country where all citizens are equal before the law is under attack by people who believe in violence, people who are aided and abetted by a corrupt police force and government. I/we cannot and will not stand idly by and watch.

It is because we respect Caledonians that we will do everything within our power to legally and peacefully oppose those who have terrorized innocents. It is because we respect Caledonians that we will stand up for the children on Sixth Line who are afraid in their homes. We will stand up for developers who have been victims of landclaim extortion. We will stand up for the women being raped on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates. We will even stand up for native teenagers being victimized by crime on DCE although they victimize other human beings. It is because we respect Caledonians that we will stand up and speak for the rights of the native victims of Two Tier Justice as well as non-native.

We had enough respect for Caledonians to learn not to be angry because many of them are too traumatized, too afraid and too tired to continue a fight that seems almost impossible to win. We understand the extreme psychological pressures brought to bear by the police, the government and the native criminals designed to wear down resistance to their outrages.

In short, we have enough respect for our fellow Canadians in Caledonia to give everything we can to help them preserve their rights and their children’s rights for the benefit of all Canadians. 

Live in fear, or live in hope working for a worthy cause. It’s your choice.

A wise man once told me that most people live their lives in fear. Fear that things won’t get worse. Fear of the unknown. Fear of confronting injustice. Evil thrives on fear, and fear permeates Caledonia today.

justice_gavel_cdn-flag.jpegEvery institution we thought would protect us has, in fact, abandoned us to lawless thugs in the name of political correctness. Peaceful confrontation and resistance, combined with media attention is the only way to make them listen.

 If it is justice and equality that you seek for your children and your fellow Canadians, then we look forward to marching peacefully with you through the public county roads of the Douglas Creek Estates on October 8th.

BULLETIN: As this article was about to be posted, the Brantford Expositor reported allegations by a Brantford developer that the Six Nations Confederacy tried to extort money from him in return for leaving his development alone. Even worse, a Hamilton Spectator story says the Ontario government has stated that developers are on their own. They will receive no help in dealing with illegal occupations. This has effectively destroyed what little integrity remained of our Land Titles system, and confirmed the Liberal’s commitment to destroy the rule of law in our province.

It is not peaceful protesters like us who are provoking violence; it is the native gangsters, the OPP and the Liberal government who are taking the province dangerously close to the brink of anarchy. There is still time to stop this insanity by focusing media attention on this issue before the election. 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

Gary McHale, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



4 responses to “Provoking violence in Caledonia

  1. Caledonia Is Lost

    The Brantford developer you refer to in the last paragraph approached Mr. McGuinty at a campaign stop in Hamilton today and asked what can be done.

    He was told “It’s a Federal problem”.

    If so why did the Province buy the DCE, and continue to provide free services?????

    VoC REPLY: Hi CIL. Could it possibly be that the backers of the DCE project were Liberal supporters who didn’t want to lose their money? For the life of me, I can’t understand how an ‘officer of the court’ could get the idea that what he, his police force and his Ipperwash Cover-up Inquiry have done is even remotely OK. BTW, I don’t think Caledonia is lost. We’re not giving up, don’t you give up either! Besides, McGuinty’s campaign looks like it’s beginning to implode. See my next post, “McGuinty threatens CHTV...” Thanks for writing. Mark

  2. I have a sister who lives in Alberta. She has recently expressed a wish to live in the Haldimand area. I live in Northern Ontario, hundreds of miles north of Orillia. I have advised her to stay away from that investment.
    I’m sorry Mark (and Gary) , you will not get any of the political candidates to touch this.
    They are lily livered. The OPP is corrupt . It will never put itself, ever again, in harm’s way.
    So with leaders, shakers and protectors of a free society covering their asses, the little guy in Caledonia and Brantford, etc. are ostracized.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing. Throughout history, those in power have always resisted doing the right thing. It is always up to the ‘little people’ to force meaningful change. I am proud to be a ‘little person!’ The truth always rises to the top, and it will for us one day, too. Regards, Mark

    As for politicians, check out some of the stuff John Tory and Toby Barrett are saying in, “John Tory and Toby Barrett speak out on landclaim lawlessness” and “Leadership in Ontario has two names – John Tory and Toby Barrett.” The second post discusses the Conservatives’ ‘One Law for All’ platform.

    Thanks so much for writing. Do come again!

  3. I am outraged that McGuinty actually admitted that he felt the land claims issues in Haldimand/Norfolk were up to the developers to solve themselves. That must have been a slip of the tongue, as that has been his approach all along!

    This is very dangerous, our “Premier Elect” has just put the law into our own hands.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment, Donna. As you said, the government just acknowledged what it has been doing all along as it edged us closer to anarchy. As Dan McCreary, a PC candidate said today, “I’m afraid it it keeps up there’s going to be violence, because there’s no rule of law.” I wonder how many people are now going to accuse HIM of being a racist, white supremacist for speaking the truth? Thanks again, Mark

  4. I am so sorry for what is going on in Caledonia! I can’t believe what I’ve been seeing on the news and reading online. A man is in the hospital after being beaten unconcious in his own home? And the attackers are occupying a hill?? The police won’t do anything?

    Wow. I’ll be at your march on the 8th. There’s a reason they didn’t block our bridge, you know. Same reason that a Canadian flag placed at the Walmart site won’t be touched. Come put one there!!!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the thoughts, Dunnvillite. I’ve been involved full time in this struggle for a long time and even I find it tough to believe. According to witnesses the OPP watched the natives swarm the house and did nothing. When we were there last night there were still natives on the hill with the Warrior flags! The OPP refused to remove them even after an innocent man was almost murdered. This police force has lost all moral authority. It must be disbanded or radically reformed ASAP.

    I got a whole new level of respect for you Mudcats after my day on the bridge with Donna Pitcher. See ‘Day of Action – Dunnville rocks, OPP Two Tier Justice lives.‘ I look forward to seeing you at our next March for Freedom. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Regards, Mark